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Know Why Body Weight Training Is So Very Much Important

Know Why Body Weight Training Is So Very Much Important

There are numerous benefits of weight training. You might like doing cardio or might even like to pump iron, however, you can certainly give weight lifting a try. This is good for you. You will be able to enjoy a stronger body, a much better balance, versatility, mobility, etc.

What Is Body Weight Training?

Bodyweight training is a type of strength training where you do not need to use any kind of weight. Instead of using bulky equipment, this type of training uses the bodyweight that works as resistance for all your body movements. Some of the most common exercises are push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, squats, and planks.

If you are interested to know the benefits of bodyweight training, then you can go through the discussion given below:

1. It Works Across All The Levels Of Fitness

Some workouts are not enough challenging for the fitness buffs and some others are too challenging for the beginners. Weight training is a wonderful mix of both worlds. This is because you can modify it easily depending on the person who is working with it. You can add reps, shorten the breaks, accelerate the pace, and enhance a particular exercise with ballistic movements.

2. This is Quite Versatile

Some fitness fads tend to burn out quickly when the exercisers grow weary of them. The bodyweight exercises comprise of many different elements that include cardio and strength training. These prevent these workouts from becoming stale. Moreover, this also prevents these movements from becoming repetitive for the muscles. This means that you can expect an ongoing progress.

3. It Works Your Core

Body Weight Exercises

Working out is much more than just weight loss and better performance. It can help you to build the core strength that can also help you to do everything starting from alleviating the lower back pain to improving your posture. Bodyweight exercises are a terrific way that helps in engaging the muscles, gain critical core strength, and strengthen the trunk of the body. Weight training not only helps in building strength but is also a crucial way that prevents injury and helps in recovery.

4. You Can Do It Anywhere And At Any Time

How many times have you planned to work out and finally come up with an excuse not to do it? But bodyweight training takes out the excuses from the equation. You can do it any time, anywhere, indoors, outdoors everywhere.

5. It Is A Combination Of Cardio and Strength Training

Bodyweight training uses your body weight to get you to the fitness level where you want to be. But contrary to all the beliefs, it does not simply mean strength training. It is true that when you are using your body strength to exercise, you are using your muscles to lift your weight. But you can also include a degree of cardiovascular training.

You can try doing some pushups and lunges and these can also qualify under strength training. In between those exercises, you can do some high knees, burpees, and other quick bursts of cardio. You can also create a bodyweight circuit training routine for yourself, that will strengthen the cardio systems and also strengthen your muscles.

6. Body Weight Training is Also Cost-Effective

The best advantage of bodyweight training is that this is quite a cost-effective option. To do it, you will not need a bunch of fancy equipment. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of bodyweight training across the globe is not because of the results, but because you can do it without emptying your pockets.

You do not need equipment to do sit-ups and lunges. All that you will need to have is an exercise mat and a pull-up bar that will make things quite comfortable for you. If you are low on funds, then bodyweight training is an excellent alternative.

7. You Can Burn A Lot of Calories

Exercises can help you to burn a lot of calories

One of the most important benefits of bodyweight training is that it does involve a lot of strength training and thus this can also help you to burn a lot of calories as cardiovascular training does. But then it is important to understand that you need to do some very intense bodyweight training. These include a bodyweight circuit routine or high-intensity interval training. This training can help you to burn a lot of calories and can also boost your metabolism at the same time.

8. This Is Quite An Efficient Way To Workout

Another incredible thing about bodyweight training is that it is extremely amazing and more efficient than a lot of other exercises. There is a type of bodyweight training that is referred to as plyometrics that can help in improving both your strength and also your cardio fitness levels within a very short period.

This is because bodyweight training uses minimal or no equipment and therefore, you can easily switch from one exercise to the other within a few seconds. Thus, no time is lost in between and it makes things much more intense and helps you to burn calories faster and also helps you to get a good workout. One of the best ways by which you can engage yourself in bodyweight training is doing HIIT or High interval training.

This exercise mainly involves bodyweight exercises and this is like circuit training where you involve yourself in very short bursts of intense exercises with small bouts of medium intensity exercises in between. High-Intensity Interval training almost has no breaks in between and this is physically very intensive. This workout is thus an excellent way that will help you to stay engaged in bodyweight training.


Bodyweight training is one of the best training that you can do without using a piece of equipment. You can shed the extra calories without putting too much pressure on your pockets. We live in a highly stressful world. In order to be physically and mentally healthy, doing exercises is important. Weight training is something that anyone can do irrespective of their financial status. This is a wonderful mix of weight training and cardio.