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How Meditation Can Help You to Stay Fit?

How Meditation Can Help You to Stay Fit?

Meditation is the journey inward. It is your journey towards your true inner self at the present moment. It is also about finding happiness inside you. 

Argument Against Meditation

The argument against meditation was that the studies did not use control groups or placebos. Therefore, participants had temporary relief. Moreover, this could have been provided by other techniques. These include relaxation, massage therapy, listening to humorous comedic speeches. These also induced laughter, working out, etc.

Human Beings are Social Animals

As human beings are social animals, therefore, rarely does a person in a group undergoing therapy of any kind give any negative feedback about any stress relief procedure. So, many sceptics argued about the lack of scientific proof that meditation is superior to any other relaxation technique. 

Arguments for Daily Meditation

According to a recent study published in Biological Psychiatry, it has been found that meditation has a permanent positive effect on a person. This is because it rewires the brain to be happy.

What do the Researchers say?

Man Meditating

The researchers concluded that the changes in the brain contributed to the subsequent reduction in inflammation. The study, therefore, concluded that general relaxation techniques do help reduce stress. But the relief is only temporary. The practice of meditation for three consecutive days permanently rewired the brain. This also helped in improving the cognitive function of reducing stress levels.

After 120 days of the core activity of the study, the group which had practised mindfulness meditation showed significantly lower levels of unhealthy stress-related inflammation. This is in comparison to the control group which was given relaxation therapy. Additionally, very few of the mindfulness meditation group were continuing the practice of mindfulness meditation. 

The Need to Meditate Daily

As aforesaid, the practice of meditation takes us closer to vibrating in the same frequency common to all living and non-living beings in the universe at large. The daily practice also enhances our meditative skills. This also rewires our brain towards health, wealth, as well as happiness.

Meditation Is a Skill That Improves with Practice

Meditation is a skill that unites a person’s mind, body, and soul to the mind, body, and soul of the universe. It, therefore, helps the person discover his or her true self. You can improve this skill with practice, like any other skill. Most people, however, tend to neglect it due to its simplicity. People normally associate problem-solving with expensive and complicated solutions.

Human Beings Are One with the Universe

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All beings, living or non-living, vibrate at multiple frequencies. Traditional Yogis or teachers believe that a human being is capable of vibrating at a certain frequency. This is also common to all the living and non-living beings in the universe. That requires the great practice of meditation. Very few human beings are capable of achieving such levels of meditative powers.

There are a number of advantages to meditation. To know about them, you can go through the points below:

1. Meditation Makes the Person More Empathetic Towards the Environment

Once a person begins to feel that he or she is as much a part of the universe as much as the universe is a part of him. He or she realizes the frivolity of selfishness. Thus he or she responds to his environment with positivity and gets positivity in return from his environment.

The regular practice of meditation enhances this relationship and the human being and the universe at large begin to vibrate beautifully as one being. The human being realizes that whatever is happening is happening for the good. The bad situation that may have occurred now is temporary.

2. Enhances Problem Solving Ability and Reduces the Fear of Dealing with Adversities

Research on both transcendental and mindful meditation has shown that once a person realizes that whatever is happening is happening for the good, he or she can see positivity and opportunities even in both problems and also adversities. Most of you know that stress is the body’s response to unforeseen adversities. Meditation rewires the person to see that he or she has nothing to fear. Adversities do not exist in his or her book.

3. Allows a Person to Realize his Intrinsic Values

Meditation allows a person to travel inward towards his or her core spiritual being in the present moment and find happiness there. Research reports on meditation also point to the fact that meditation improves self-image. Additionally, it brings about a deep sense of self-worth. A 2015 study found that regular practice of meditation significantly decreases the likelihood of developing mental health issues. 

4. Reduces and Even Eliminates Diseases

Recent survey reports on meditation show that both adults and children who practice meditation have significantly fewer instances of physical and also mental disorders. A study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health concluded that mindfulness meditation also significantly reduces the body’s pain sensations. 

5. Improves Relationships

Research has shown that couples who meditate have significantly fewer chances of separation or divorce. This is in comparison to couples who do not meditate. The feeling of unity between the couples is also greater. Moreover, there are fewer instances of arguments and resentful behaviour. They not only feel one with each other but also at one with the universe at large.

6. Helps You to Deal with ADHD

According to researchers, meditation improves attention and also focus. A recent study on ADHD patients showed that meditation practice significantly reduced their hyperactivity. It also enhanced the control of their impulses. Further brain examinations found that patients who meditated had more gyrification. This also helps the brain to process information faster and improve selective attention and focus.

7. Improves Sleep

Meditation is Important

Recent studies have shown that meditating at night helps people with insomnia and sleep disorders. According to a 2011 study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the quality of sleep of subjects who practised bedtime meditation was significantly much better than people who did not meditate. 


Meditation benefits us in an array of ways. We, therefore, suggest that you keep it simple. Try to allocate two 5 minute sessions per day. One session once you wake up and another session before you go to bed. Additionally, you will also have to remember to do it daily. It is important to keep your base requirement at two five minute sessions. If you want, keep total ten-minute commitment every day. This will keep you from stressing out about meditation and additionally, you will also end up doing it.