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Top 8 Chest Workouts for Men – Secrets to a Muscular Chest

Top 8 Chest Workouts for Men – Secrets to a Muscular Chest

Chest workouts can do more than just improving your posture – they can also help you perform several day-to-day tasks with ease. Most importantly, you will feel more confident when your physique is improved.

Chest exercises involve some effective steps that help you build not only the pectoral muscle or pecs but also some smaller muscles including trapezius muscle and latissimus dorsi muscles or lats.  All these small muscles support pectoral muscle, the largest ones in your chest.

Having broad shoulders and a muscular chest is a dream for a large share of men. But, how to achieve this goal? Well, the answer is very simple. At first, choose the best chest exercises for men and perform them regularly. Thus, you will achieve the physique you desire.

Now the question is – how to choose the best chest workouts for men? To get the correct answer, please keep on reading this article. Here, we have discussed several chest exercises for building and strengthening pectoral and shoulder muscles.

Get Set Go

So, you are ready to start this new journey i.e. to build chest muscle. Well, now that you are ready to proceed further, make sure you bring the following equipment first:

  • Flat or incline bench
  • Bar or dumbbells
  • Seated machine chest press,
  • Cable crossovers

If you are a beginner, make sure you consult an experienced trainer from the best gym. They will guide you to follow the right steps so that you could avoid injuries. Generally, you should consider lifting lightweight to minimize the risk of workout injuries, also you should not pick up weight with too much strain since it may lead to shoulder pain.

Now follow the right instructions and get a bigger and stronger chest.

Best Chest Workouts for Men – Secrets to Getting Bigger Chest

Choosing the right chest workouts determines your success in achieving the goal physique. Hopefully, this article will guide you to make the right choice as per your requirements.

1. Peck Deck

Peck Deck

A peck deck machine can help you increase your muscle mass and strengthen your chest. While using this machine, you should not add extra weight since this may increase injury risks. Also, you should avoid this exercise if you have ever had a shoulder injury.

Steps to Follow

  • Rest your feet on the floor and keep them flat
  • Sit firmly and lift your arms slowly until they reach the shoulder level (Keep your elbows at 75-degree angle)
  • Place both your elbows on the centre of the pad
  • Push the wings slowly and stop before they touch each other
  • Get back to the starting position again

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2. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press, an upper-body pressing drill, helps gym enthusiasts build strong chest and shoulders. When performing this exercise, you need to position yourself on a flat bench and keep your feet on the ground. You should also keep your shoulders, head, and buttocks on the bench.

Steps to Follow

  • Hold the barbell tightly and lift it up
  • Position it over your upper chest and chin. While positioning it, just keep your wrists and elbows straight
  • Lower it slowly and stop before it touches your chest
  • Lift the bar while keeping your back flat and wrists straight

3. Incline Dumbbell Fly

Incline Dumbbell Fly

Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly is one of the most chosen chest workouts for men. To perform this upper body exercise, you need a set of dumbbells. If you want to follow the traditional way, you need to lie on an incline bench do the moves. However, a standing variation is also quite popular today.

Steps to Follow

  • Hold two dumbbells in both hands and lie on an incline bench
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor
  • Press your head, back, shoulders, and buttocks to the bench.
  • Keep the dumbbells near your chest and keep the wrists straight
  • Pull the dumbbells inwards and press them up above your chest
  • Keep both elbows straight but do not lock them
  • Lower your dumbbells in an arc and keep them parallel
  • Push them toward the ceiling in the same arc

4. Push-Ups


Push-Ups are mainly for them who do not have time for visiting gyms daily. You can perform it at home. The best part about this exercise is that you do not require any equipment while doing this exercise. Push-Ups offer the best muscle-building benefits such as strengthening the chest, shoulders, and arms.

To get the most out of Push-Up workout, pay close attention to its steps.

Steps to Follow

  • Keep your abdomen tight, align your spine and neck in the same line and also you need to keep the elbows close
  • Keep your hands under the shoulders and slowly lower yourself with full control
  • Press up

5. Dips


A Dip that is an upper-body exercise can help you build shoulder, back, chest, and arm muscle. You need two dip bars to perform this chest exercise.

Steps to Follow

  • Hold two dip bars tightly and slowly lift your body
  • keep both your elbows straight
  • Bring your two legs close to stabilize the lower part of the body
  • Lower your body slowly. But you need to stop when your upper arms and the floor remain paralleled
  • Pause and then return to the starting position again
  • Repeat it

If you face any problem while following the mentioned steps, feel free to seek help from fitness experts. they have years of experience and they know how to support you in the best possible way during the training sessions.

6. Bent Forward Cable Crossover

Bent Forward Cable Crossover

The Cable Crossover exercises mainly target the pectoralis muscle. Those who want to build their chest, are the best candidates for this exercise. To perform this workout, you need a high pulley machine.

Steps to follow

  • Keep your one leg in front of the other
  • Hold the pulley handles firmly and pull your arms inward. Keep your hands below your shoulders
  • Slowly bring your hands together and then extend them
  • Repeat it

7. Seated Machine Chest Press

Seated Machine Chest Press

Seated Machine Chest Press is considered one of the best chest exercises for men because of its amazing benefits like building the side chest muscle, triceps, and other muscle tissues, strengthening arms, and more. Have a close look at the following procedure to know how to perform it.

Steps to Follow

  • Grab the handles tightly
  • Lift your elbows and stop when your upper arms are parallel to the floor
  • Pull the handles towards you and breathe in
  • Push the handles and breathe out
  • Pause a little before you go back to the starting position
  • Repeat this

If you have any queries like how many times do you have to repeat it, you may talk to trainers. They will give you the best suggestion as per your requirements.

8. Decline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

The decline Bench Press is almost similar to other Bench Press workouts like Flat Bench Press and Incline Bench Press. It targets the pectoral muscle, especially the lower pec area.

Steps to Follow

  • Lie straight on a decline bench
  • Hold the bar
  • Slowly lower the bar
  • Stop when it reaches to the chest level
  • Extend your arms and lift the bar. Thus, you will get back to the starting position
  • Repeat this process

Hopefully, you have found all the information you need, regarding the best chest exercises for men. If you still have any queries about the mentioned procedures, you may talk to experienced fitness experts from your nearest gym.