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Want to Build Chest Muscle? 7 Best Chest Workouts to Do

Want to Build Chest Muscle? 7 Best Chest Workouts to Do

So, you are one of them who go to the gym and do the chest workouts on a regular basis. Probably, this makes you feel you are gaining the best outcomes. But, have you ever wondered whether the workouts you are performing are the most beneficial ones or not?

To find the right answer to such questions, you can stay tuned with us. Once you go through this article, you will get all the required information regarding the best chest workouts and how they can be beneficial for you.

Top 3 Benefits of chest exercises

Chest exercises come with the following benefits:

  • Improve your posture
  • Lengthen and strengthen the chest muscles
  • Help you stay fit

Now that you know the major benefits of chest exercise, you must be thinking about doing it on a regular basis. But how do you understand which are the best chest exercises for you? Hence this article. We are here to guide you to choose the best workouts for chest.

Best Chest Workouts to Build Perfect Pectoral Muscle

Before we start discussing different types of chest workouts, let us tell you that all the below mentioned exercises are suggested by fitness experts of Starmark Fitness Studio, the biggest gym in Kolkata, India. We have conducted thorough research and talked to a few trainers in this gym so that you will get the right information, you need. Now check these out to get all the required information.

1. Machine Decline Press

Machine Decline Press

Some machines such as hammer strength allow gym enthusiasts to move every arm independently. This is a great way to strengthen your chest muscles. By doing a Machine Decline Press on a regular basis, you will be able to improve your posture.

How to Do It?

Before you start performing this exercise, you need to adjust the machine seat and check whether the handles are aligned with your chest’s lower portion. Make sure, your back is rested on the resting pad. Once you set up the machine, now it’s time for you to perform this exercise.

  • Press the handles and don’t stop until your hands are extended
  • Hold this position without locking the elbows
  • Get back to the starting position and repeat it

Let us tell you one thing – when you follow the above-mentioned steps, you are likely to feel a stretch in the chest muscles. There is nothing to worry about it since it’s normal to feel that way.

If you have any questions like how many times should you repeat it or how frequently should you perform it, you may talk to experienced trainers who have years of experience and profound knowledge.

2. Dumbbell Floor Press

Dumbbell Floor Press

According to a large share of gym enthusiasts, the Dumbbell Floor Press is one of the best chest exercises for all.

Well, unlike the other chest workouts, you do not need any bench while doing this exercise. You can do it on the floor. You just need to follow the right rules if you want to avoid workout injuries.

How to Do It?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Hold two dumbbells tightly and lay on the floor
  • keep your feet flat
  • Drive with the heels and squeeze the glutes
  • Lift your dumbbells
  • Lower them with full control

Every exercise has its own rules and this one is not exceptional. One of the major rules of the Dumbbell Press is to keep the elbows at a 45-degree angle. By doing so, you will be able to keep the shoulders safe. To get the best health benefits out of dumbbell workouts, you need to follow all the rules properly.

3. Flat Bench Press

Flat Bench Press

Do you wonder, why is it on the chest workout list? The reason is that it will help you strengthen your muscles in the best possible ways. Those, who want to build muscle, are the right candidates for this exercise. This easy-to-learn exercise involves lifting weight while lying on a bench. To know more, please follow this guide.

How to Do It?

You will get the best benefits out of Flat Bench Press only when you follow the right process or obey all the instructions, given by your trainer. To know the right steps, have a close look at the procedure mentioned below.

  • Lie flatly on the bench and keep your feet on the floor.
  • Drive the shoulder blades down into your bench
  • Lift the dumbbells and squeeze the handles tightly
  • Lower it and repeat it a few times

Do you want to know how to avoid shoulder injuries while performing this workout? Well, the secret lies in maintaining the right angle between your elbows and the floor. Just keep your elbows at least at a 45-degree angle and you will be safe.

4. Chest Fly

Chest Fly

This is one of the best chest workouts and is often suggested by a large share of trainers. This exercise involves creating tension by the movement.

When people hear the words “Chest Fly”, they usually assume that it is all about flapping the arms, as suggested by the name. But flapping is not the right way to follow, rather squeezing is the secret here. This exercise involves squeezing of the arms slowly and lifting light weight.

How to Do It?

Chest Fly, one of the most popular workouts for chest, involves some easy steps such as:

  • Lie on the flat bench
  • Grip a couple of dumbbells
  • Lift the weight up above your chest
  • Move your arms and hands through an arc
  • keep your elbows at a specific angle

But, do not try to do it forcefully since it may hurt your shoulder. Rather, go as deep as you can or as your shoulder mobility permits.

5. Batwing Fly

Batwing Fly

So, you have already performed a dumbbell fly about a thousand times. But, have you ever tried Batwing Fly? If you are a beginner, then let us tell you that keeping the weight light is the secret to this exercise. Lifting too much weight can severely damage your muscle. So, stay alert and follow the right steps. Also, you should take some break or try some alternating between the neutral and overhand grips in order to get the best benefits out of this chest workout. 

How to Do it?

Batwing Fly involves the following steps:

  • Sit on the incline bench
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Keep your chest straight and strong
  • keep your arms at a lower position and lift lightweight.

Choosing the right workouts for chest will be easier when you seek help from trainers. Just conduct thorough research and find the right expert to get the best support.

6. Plyometric Push-Up

Plyometric Push-Up

Plyometric Push-Ups are not for the beginners. They are actually an advanced exercise that works your triceps, chest, shoulders, and abs. This exercise is suitable, especially for them who have well-developed strength in the upper body.

When you start performing Plyometric Push-Ups and do other chest workouts on a regular basis, you will be able to jump higher, run faster, and change your direction more quickly. 

How to Do It?

At first, you need to get into the proper position – push-up position. Once you get into the right position, you may follow the below-given steps:

  • Stretch your hands a little bit until you get into the right position
  • Keep your body at a straight line
  • Lower your chest
  • Press up so that both your hands come off the floor
  • Repeat it

Please consider seeking help from fitness experts, if you find any difficulties while following the mentioned steps.

7. Suspended Push-Up

Suspended Push-Up

Suspended Push-Up, which is a bodyweight exercise, is performed either on gymnastic rings or a suspension strap system. It mainly targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders. Like the previous one, this is also not for beginners.

How to Do It?

Steps which are involved in Suspended Push-Up include:

  • Hold the handles of a TRX strap tightly
  • Drag your hands in front of your chest
  • Keep your body at a 45-degree angle from the floor
  • Stretch your hands and lower the chest toward the floor.
  • Stretch your hands as far as your shoulder mobility allows

Performing Suspended Push-Ups is not that easy as it sounds. Make sure you seek help from trainers while doing this exercise.

As we have already mentioned, one of the best ways to improve your posture is to perform workouts for chest on a regular basis. But since you can get the most benefits when you choose the right workouts for chest, you should be wise while selecting them. And we hope our guide to the best chest workouts has helped you in making a decision.

Should Women also perform Chest Workouts?

Chest Workout for Women

Is it necessary for women to do chest exercises routinely? Well, the answer is yes. Like men, women also cannot neglect chest muscles because of a range of health benefits that includes improving the shape of breast and overall strength and posture.

Now that you have read all about the best chest workouts and their benefits, it’s time to consult trainers and start your training sessions as soon as possible.