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Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Women usually train to get leaner and fitter. Kettlebell training offers the benefits of weight training along with cardiovascular training. 

Kettlebell Training Burns More Calories

The Kettlebell exercises engage the full body synergistically like cardio. Kettlebell training not only burns more calories than traditional barbell exercises but also burns almost the same amount of calories as high-intensity cardio. 

Here is a list of the best kettlebell exercises for women.

1.Kettlebell Farmers Carry Supersetted with Two Arms Overhead Kettlebell Lunge

Kettlebell Exercises for Women

A superset is a pair of two exercises done back to back to increase the intensity of the workout. Kettlebell farmers carry improves the grip strength and engages the trapezius muscles of the upper body strength. You can take a brief walk to warm up and then start your kettlebell workout with the kettlebell farmers carry as your first exercise. 

Muscles engaged: 

  • The kettlebell farmer’s walk is a full-body functional exercise primarily focusing on Trapezius, forearm flexors, quadriceps, and calves.
  • The two-arm overhead kettlebell lunge is a full-body movement but targets the shoulders, quadriceps, calves. It also engages the serratus muscles and increases mobility for the overhead squat.
  • These two exercises done back to back delivers a challenging workout for the cardiovascular system. 

Exercise execution: 

  • Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and hold one kettlebell in each hand at your sides. 
  • You can either walk with the kettlebell or you can do a stationary farmer’s walk by lifting one leg off the ground and bringing your knee to hip height. Then you can bring the leg down and lift the other leg to hip height and bring it down. This completes one repetition. 
  • Continue alternating sides. Ensure that you are standing tall with your chest and back upright.
  • After completing 15 repetitions for each leg start doing the two arms overhead kettlebell lunge.
  • Bend over slightly and snatch the two kettlebells first to shoulder level and then lift them up and overhead. 
  • Maintain that static position and take a big step forward while keeping the torso straight. 
  • Lunge down slowly. Push back up to the initial position and do the same on the opposite leg. Alternate between legs.
  • Do 15 repetitions with each leg.
  • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat the superset. 

2. The Turkish Get-Up

Know about Kettlebell exercises

The Turkish get-up engages the core muscles and is a movement that mimics getting up from lying in the ground. The ability to do the Turkish get-up movement carries over directly to getting up from a ground position in grappling sports. According to research, a hip fracture results in the most serious of all consequences. Therefore, getting up from a fall has an application in everyday life too.

Muscles Engaged: 

Engages the full anterior chain while primarily engaging the Rectus abdominis, serratus, obliques, quads, and shoulders.

Exercise execution: 

  • Lie on your back in a starfish position with your legs straight out at a 45-degree angle and arms out at a 45-degree angle.
  • Bend your right leg and place your right foot flat on the floor a few inches from your butt and outside your hip. 
  • Bring your right arm which is holding the kettlebell straight up toward the ceiling, keeping your knuckles pointing straight toward the ceiling.  
  • Raise the weight above the chest until the arm is straight but not locked at the elbow. Push into the left forearm to sit up. Rise onto left palm, lift hips off the floor, and slide left leg behind body until kneeling on the left knee with shin parallel to the top of the mat. 
  • Sweep left foot back behind the body to come into kneeling lunge with both legs bent at 90 degrees. Push through your feet to stand bringing feet together under hips. Reverse the entire movement to return to start. 
  • Repeat with the other side. 

3.The Kettlebell Push Press 

Increases explosive shoulder strength with synergistic help from the hips and legs.

Muscles engaged:

Primarily front delt and traps with synergistic help from the lower body and core.

Exercise execution:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a kettlebell with your palms facing in, arms bent, with the kettlebell in a rack position resting on your chest.
  • Bend your knees just a few inches and explode up from the ground to straighten the legs and press the weight straight up overhead.
  • Bring the kettlebell back to your chest in a rack position, bend your knees, and repeat.

4.The Kettlebell Thruster

Kettlebell Exercises

The Kettlebell thruster is a power exercise for legs and shoulders and challenges the cardiovascular system significantly if done for 15 repetitions and above.

Muscles engaged:

Builds balance and power from the ground up while primarily working the explosive strength and coordination of the legs, core, and the deltoid-trapezius complex. 

Exercise execution: 

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart in a stance which will enable you to explore.
  • Hold a kettlebell with the left hand in a rack position and focus on exploding the kettlebell upward using strength from the feet.
  • Extend the right arm in front of you while making a fist with your right hand. 
  • Keep your chest high, sit into your heels to get into a squat position. 
  • Explode back up using your legs and shoulders to press the kettlebell overhead. 
  • Complete 15 repetitions with one and repeat with the other arm.
  • This completes one set.

5. The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is an explosive posterior chain movement and probably the most popular kettlebell exercise.

Muscles Engaged:

Primarily engages the posterior chain and the forearm flexors.

Exercise execution:

  • Start with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, hips back, knees slightly bent, leaning forward at 45 degrees holding the handle of a reasonably heavy kettlebell with both hands.
  • Your arms should be extended straight toward the floor and the kettlebell should be between your knees. 
  • In one fluid motion, power up the kettlebell keeping the arms straight.
  • The power should come from your posterior chain.
  • You can alternate the kettlebell swing with the kettlebell squatting and pressing movements even if it means doing the kettlebell swing for a very high number of sets in a workout.

6.The Curl to Squat and Press

Muscles Engaged:

The curl to squat and press works the biceps, quads, and shoulders in one exercise. This exercise requires a very patient and smooth execution.

Exercise execution:

  • Start by taking a kettlebell in each hand with arms extended toward the floor with the palms facing away from the body. 
  • Take a comfortable squat stance and squat down.
  • Sitting in the squat position, curl the kettlebells to shoulder level. 
  • Then squat up and press the pair of kettlebells up overhead in one smooth motion.
  • Doing 15 or more repetitions of this movement is a challenging aerobic workout too.

7. The One Arm Kettlebell Floor Press Supersetted with the Single-Leg Kettlebell Row

Muscles Engaged:

This superset of two exercises done back-to-back uses your arm extensor muscles in a lying position to press the kettlebell up and then requires you to get up, balance yourself on the leg and perform a row which engages your core and works your body’s pulling muscles i.e. your back, biceps and forearm flexors. 

The Kettlebell Floor Press Exercise Execution: 

  • Lie face-up with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 
  • Hold a kettlebell with one hand with the bell above your elbow and place the other hand on the ground to the side with the palm facing down. 
  • Press the kettlebell above your chest and then bring it back down to the starting position. 
  • Complete 8 repetitions with one arm and repeat with the other arm.
  • Move to the next exercise in the superset

The Single-Leg Kettlebell Row Exercise Execution:

  • Start by standing up with feet shoulder-width apart while holding a kettlebell in each hand, palms facing the body. 
  • Transfer your body weight onto the left leg, extend your right leg behind body and lower your torso and weight toward the ground. 
  • Keep lowering yourself till you feel your upper body and right leg are parallel to the floor. 
  • Maintain this position and perform 15 repetitions of kettlebell rows with both arms.
  • Repeat the entire movement from the start while keeping your right leg on the floor.  
  • Catch your breath and move back to the kettlebell floor press.


So here is our list of the best Kettlebell exercises for women. The exercises done correctly will whip you into top shape in no time. So without further delay start with the kettlebell exercises now.