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Why are warm-up exercises a must before you start working out feature image

Why Warm-Up Exercises are Must Before Workout

Here are some of the best warm-up exercises for you that will help you prevent injuries during your workout sessions apart from reducing pain.

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Fun exercises that help you stay fit without going to a gym feature image

Fun exercises That Help You Stay Fit Without Getting Bored

We are aware that not everyone likes to workout, but here are some popular fun exercises that will make your workout sessions interesting.

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Easy ways to figure out how much weight should you lift

How to Figure Out How Much Weight Should You Lift

Lifting more weight than your body can resist can lead you to an injury. So, here’s how to figure out how much weight you should lift.

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The Top 5 Alternatives to a Pull-Up Rod

Top 5 Alternatives to a Pull-Up Rod

Pull-up is a great way to develop back muscles. we are going to suggest alternative ways of doing a pull-up without using a rod.

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5 Common exercises that help you gain weight

5 Weight Gain Exercises to Gain More Muscle Mass

Start your weight gain journey with these weight gain exercises that offer the quickest result. Start your training and put on weight quickly.

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Make your Off Days Productive With Active Recovery

Make Your Off Days Productive With Active Recovery

Do you workout 7 days a week? Do you think this will make you healthier? You are wrong! To Get Fit, You Need Active Recovery. Know What It Is

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