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Five-minute strength workout plan just for you!

Five-minute strength workout plan just for you!

Who does not want a fit body? But the problem with today’s generation is we do not have the time we require to invest in having a fit body. Many health experts have designed different workout session plans to meet our busy schedules. The main objectives of these sessions are to achieve the most without having to spend a lot of time. We are all aware that the scarcity of time is the major reason behind our ill-health. In this article, we will talk about how you can strengthen your full body by doing a five-minute workout session. 

You must be wondering if a 30-minute workout schedule is reduced to five minutes, will it at all be effective. The answer to your question is yes. When it comes to exercising, it doesn’t matter how many reps you are doing in a day. What matters is whether the exercise is being done correctly or not. If you can do it right, then a five-minute workout is as effective as is a 30-minute workout. And in case you are doing it wrong, even a 30-minute workout won’t help.

Session Plan for a five-minute strength workout

Here is the perfect 5-minute workout session plan for you. We are sure you will benefit from it if you can follow it to the book.

Hindu Squat

Hindu Squat

Hindu squat is an exercise that helps in building the lower body. You can include the Hindu Squat in your five-minute workout session. It is highly effective in building muscles.


  • You need to first stand on your feet with your shoulders wide apart.
  • Remember to breathe in while you are squatting down.
  • It would help if you made sure that your heels are up in the air and your arms are back for balance.
  • When you are squatting up, remember to breathe out. Keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Just remember, if it’s a 5-minute workout session, you should not exceed the rep more than 20 seconds.



Pushup is another interesting exercise that can be included in the 5-minute workout session plan. If you are concerned about your abs getting out of shape, this is the best exercise for you.


  • You need to extend your legs and place your hands firmly on the floor.
  • You need to make then sure your body remains parallel.
  • You need to slowly lower your chest until it is about 1 inch higher from the ground.

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack- five-minute workout session

Jumping jack is a free-hand exercise. It helps in improving the flexibility of the legs and shoulder muscles.


  • You need to jump and spread your legs. Clap your hands together.
  • Jump again and slap your hands on opposite sides while you bring your feet together.
  • Repeat these steps at regular intervals of 30 seconds.


Burpee- five-minute workout session

Burpee is an exercise that is similar to the pushup. The only difference is in Burpee, you first stand with your shoulders wide apart and then bend your hips towards the floor in a squat position.


  • You need to touch your feet down and then revert to your original position.
  • Your hands should be placed down, and your legs should be parallel to your hands so that you are in a pushup position.
  • Then instead of bowing down as you do in pushups, you need to get back into the standing position.
  • You need to repeat this set in fractions of 20 seconds each.


Planks- five-minute workout session

You need to get into a pushup position and rest your forearms on the floor. Make sure your body is straight, and you are bracing your abs.

You need to repeat this position and hold your body in that position for 20 seconds.


Chair-up- five-minute workout session

This is an exercise for those who spend most of their time sitting on a chair. It helps you relax your hip muscles and spine.


  • You need to place your hands and hold the base of any wooden chair. Ensure the chair is a bit heavy and doesn’t get moved by your weight when you place your hands on the base.
  • Walk your legs forward so that your body is suspended.
  • You need to lower your body towards the floor then.
  • Make sure you bend yourself to the extent that your upper arms become parallel to the chair.
  • Hold for five seconds in that position, and then push yourself upwards again.
  • Don’t forget to repeat this exercise in sets of 2 to 3 at a stretch of 20 seconds each.

Final Takeaway

When you compile all these exercises together in sets of 20 to 30 seconds, you will see your body showing results. Therefore we can say that your five minutes workout session will include Hindu Squats, which you need to do for 20 seconds in one set, Pushups for 20 seconds in one set, Jumping Jack for 30 seconds in 1 set, Burpee 20 seconds in each set, planks 20 seconds in one set and chair-up 20 seconds in one set. Then it would be best if you repeated these sets thrice, followed by a break of 30 seconds in between.

If you practice these exercises regularly for five minutes a day, we are sure in no-time you would notice a visible difference in your health. You will feel more relaxed and stress-free. And most importantly, if you have a desk job, this 5-minute workout session will keep your muscles active. If you have back pain or have knee pain, these workouts will decrease the intensity of the pain.

Taking five minutes out of a busy schedule is not at all difficult. Suppose you think about the advantages of doing physical exercise regularly in the long run. Spending five minutes with you in a day will not only keep you fit physically but will also keep a check on your stress levels.