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Improve Your Gut Health With These Foods

Improve Your Gut Health With These Foods

There are as many as 40 trillion bacteria in our bodies and most of these are present in our intestines. They are together known as gut microbiota. They are extremely important for your health. There are also certain bacteria present in the intestines that will be able to contribute to several diseases.

The foods that you eat impacts the type of bacteria that are present inside you. There are certain digestive problems like gas, constipation, and diarrhoea that affects millions of people. There is as much as 15 per cent of the people in western countries facing severe gut sensitivity that is also referred to as irritable bowel syndrome.

Understanding What Is Gut Health

Gut health refers to the balance of the microorganisms that are present in the digestive tract. You need to look after the heath of the gut and also maintain the right balance of these microorganisms. It is important for physical and mental health and also for the overall immunity of the organism.

The bacteria, yeasts, and viruses that are present in the gut are also referred to as the gut microbiome or the gut flora. Certain microbes are again good for human health. Some are essential for human beings. There are, however, some others that can be harmful especially if they multiply.

Food That Is Good For Your Gut Health

Often there is confusion about what to eat and what not to eat. There is a lot of information available about healthy food online. It can, therefore, be a little tricky about the foods that you should eat and what are the foods that you should not eat.

1. Yoghurt

This is a very good source of good bacteria. This friendly bacteria is also referred to as probiotics. To have a tasty breakfast, you should have a full-fat version of yogurt along with some fruits. Yogurt drinks contain a large number of bacteria that are good for your gut health. It is true that in comparison to yogurt, yogurt drinks have a higher amount of probiotics but these also contain a higher amount of sugar.

2. Kefir

This is a probiotic made by fermenting milk. This is packed with good bacteria. This originated in the mountainous regions between Asia and Europe and Russia and Central Asia. You can also add it to the smoothies and the soups. You can also simply use it as a base for salad dressing. Just add a bit of lemon juice to it.

3. Miso

Miso Soup

This is made of fermented soya beans and rice or barley. This also contains a range of goodies that include enzymes and healthy bacteria. You can also use a savory paste that can be used as a good dip, dressing, and soup. You can also use its marinade for tofu and salmon. This is a staple Japanese diet and is appropriate for you if you want to avoid dairy. It has been observed that places, where people use miso as their staple food, have better gut health in comparison to the people who do not eat this.

4. Sauerkraut

This is fermented cabbage that has been finely chopped. Sauerkraut is also a great source of fiber, vitamins, and probiotics. This is best known as a very good German dish but you will also find versions of the same dish in both Eastern as well as central Europe. It is highly recommended that you choose a product that has not been pickled in vinegar. This is because such foods no longer have the same benefits. This is most delicious when you serve it with sausages. You can prepare it at quite a reasonable price at home.

5. Kimchi


This is a Korean specialty. It is made of fermented vegetables. It has the benefits of probiotics bacteria along with a lot of vitamins and fiber. This is a wonderful side dish that you can have with meat, eggs, or salads. Just as we say “cheese” at the time of taking a photo, similarly the Koreans say “kimchi” at the time of taking photos.

6. Sourdough

This is considered to be quite a fashionable food at the moment. This is made by fermenting the dough. This can be digested more easily in comparison to regular bread. Moreover, it also releases energy slowly. This also makes an excellent toast.

7. Almonds

Almonds have excellent probiotic properties. This means that they are an excellent treat for the gut bacteria and are rich in fiber, fatty acids, and also polyphenols. When you are feeling a little hungry, you can certainly munch a few of them.

8. Olive Oil

The gut bacteria prefer a diet that is rich in fatty acids and polyphenols. Both of these are present in the olive oil. Olive oil helps in reducing the inflammation of the gut. You can use it for dressing the salad and you can also drizzle it over the cooked vegetables. It also helps in easing the problems related to indigestion. It also benefits the pancreas because it lowers its requirement to produce digestive enzymes.

9. Kombucha


Water is extremely crucial for maintaining good gut health. But apart from water, you can also drink kombucha. This is a fermented tea drink that is believed to have been originated in Manchuria. Manchuria is filled with good bacteria. The taste for this sharp and vinegary drink can be used as quite a refreshing drink. You can either drink it without mixing it with anything or if you want, you can also mix it with spices and fruits. It is also an excellent base for cocktails.

10. Garlic

This has both antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. It also helps in keeping the bad gut bacteria within control. This also helps you to balance the yeast in the gut. You can use it as a flavoring for savory dishes. There are certain properties present in garlic. These act as a source of fuel and allows the bacteria to do their job well. This helps in increasing the function of the gut.

11. Ginger

If you eat fresh ginger, it will help in the production of stomach acid and it also helps in stimulating the digestive system. Thus, food can move through the gut easily. You can add freshly grated ginger to soups, stews, stir-fries, and also smoothies. If you want to make some fresh ginger tea, you will simply have to pour boiling water on the grated ginger.


Maintaining good gut health is essential. Therefore, eat the foods mentioned above and you will surely be able to maintain excellent gut health.