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The post-workout massage has long been in the trend. People have been enjoying the benefits of the massage from a very prolonged period right after their workout session gets over! However, if you have been missing an awesome massage therapy after an intense exercise, here are some really worthy reasons to avail massage after your workout. Not only, your muscles will relax and you’ll get more energy, but you’ll look better! These are the benefits of the post-workout massage, in a nutshell!

Despite the fact that massage therapy is linked with relaxation or pain-relief, a lot of fitness enthusiasts and experts believe that the advantages of post-workout massage go beyond these obvious benefits. Considering the inclusion of massage in the overall health program, we, at Starmark Fitness Studio, also have a range of massage therapies for our members who have just finished their workout.


Without further ado, we’ll quickly jump into the main topic and describe the benefits that a body massage would avail you.


If you have a body massage right after your workout session, you’ll recover quicker than before. It’s not an assumption, it’s a fact proven by profound research conducted at Ohio State University in 2015. The study found an astonishing fact that bodywork and massage after an intense physical activity resulted in reduced scarring!

For quick healing and getting ready for the next exercise, muscles require good oxygen circulation and cell redevelopment. Thus, the post-workout massage quickens the recovery by sending better blood flow to the recovering muscles.

Not only the gym-goers will be helped by the massage therapy but the post-exercise massage also helps the sportspersons to improve their physical condition after a muscle-strain or something similar. Let your muscles relax with a full body massage once or twice a week.


Inflammation is quite normal after an intense workout session. But you need to find a way to decrease the inflammation; and the post-workout massage works like magic in this situation. The Men’s Fitness has earlier specified that you need to get a massage for ten minutes or longer after your workout sessions owing to the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Inflammation causes when a tissue gets damaged in your body and white blood cells come to the rescue for protecting your body from further infections or damages. Despite being a protective reaction, over-inflammation or misdirected-inflammation can end up causing muscle stiffness or some other serious issue!

The regular gym-goers might have already faced inflammation once or twice (or more in some cases). The next time you come in contact with an inflammation, try the post-workout massage to enjoy good health.


Those who are prepping for an upcoming sports event or competition should always relax their stiff muscles and joints to achieve the flexibility which will be crucial for avoiding injuries. With a massage after your workout, you can achieve and maintain the flexibility and avoid any harm to your health!

Inflexibility is often considered as one of the major reasons for injuries and physical harm. A weekly deep tissue massage after your workout in order to increase the flexibility in you. Moreover, work on the areas of your bodies which require extra attention in order to recover from any muscle stiffness.

Massage therapy can offer you more than just relaxation. During the chronic pain or any other physical issues, massage therapy can work like magic. In order to enhance your flexibility and athleticism, Starmark’s different massage programs can help you cure and perform at the optimum level.


It may not be believable but the post-workout massage boosts your energy along with the relaxation. As per the research, done by Deep Recovery, massage releases mitochondria, which is considered to advance the endurance performance by improving the oxygen utilization rate of the muscles.

In simpler words, it can be said that a body massage sends more oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen to your muscles directly means that you will enjoy an increased energy level in your body along with better endurance. This is the reason why experts recommend having a nice massage right after your workout. The faster recovery will not only help you feel relaxed, but it will also make you feel like hitting the gym very quickly!


You must have remembered what we’ve mentioned earlier regarding the inflammation and its harmfulness for your health! The inflammation is harmful to your health because it reduces the blood flow to the muscles for healing properly. Now, when it comes to post-workout massage, it will enhance the blood flow to your muscles and avail you all the health benefits you are missing without availing a good massage therapy.

A little research on blood flow will inform you of the reasons why it’s vital for your health. A healthy blood circulation system will benefit all your body organs and let you look and feel energetic and young! The benefits go on with better workouts, better immunity system, increased energy, and potentially fewer headaches.


The daily chaotic urban life alongside the work pressure often create a significant amount of stress and anxiety which become one of the major concerns for our mental and physical health. Too much stress is also capable of negating the impact of regular exercise. So, in order to reduce stress and anxiety, there can be no better time than after a workout.

Though regular exercise is already a great therapy to reduce stress, you may still find yourself in need of an extra relaxation after an intense weightlifting workout or HIIT Workout session. A post-workout massage would surely wash out the tension you are carrying every day.


During the process of reduced inflammation and better blood circulation, post-exercise massage also helps in releasing the pain and improving your mood. Depending on the reason for the pain, you can get great relief by a massage since it helps in relaxation and flexibility. Massage offers such benefits because of the release of serotonin in the brain which is the chemical responsible for a good mood. The workout takes out a lot of energy from our body and leaves us in sweat! After a session of a relaxing massage, you can surely get out of the gym with a happy heart and cheerful mind.

Massage is surely therapeutic, but in order to enjoy the health benefits of the massage, you need to avail the service on a regular basis. Starmark, being the leading multi gym in Kolkata, extends its offer of the finest post-workout massage therapies which would surely help you get relaxed and hit the gym with a wonderful mood.