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Tips for Running in the Summer/Winter

Tips for Running in the Summer/Winter

What is common among currently serving CEOs like Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and MikeTyson when they were in their prime? They woke up in the early hours and ran. Running is quite a common form of exercise.

Know Why People Run

Running is an exercise that can also be used as deep meditation. It has been said that to solve a problem, look deeply into nature. Therefore, getting up early in the morning and running outdoors has multiple benefits. It provides a workout for your body. It allows you to spend some time in nature. This heightens your problem-solving ability.

Even thirty minutes of running a day improve your cognitive functions. Your body produces mood-elevating endorphins, brain-stimulating dopamine, and natural calming serotonin which ups your game immediately.

Make Running a Habit 

It is important to practice something regularly to inculcate it into a habit. You must practice running regularly. Success is said to be a habit. 

Enjoy the Process

The most important part of habit formation is practice. It is also important to ensure that your practice is not boring. Make the most of the present situation and enjoy your running.

Try to run with a happy mindset and explore new routes. Research has shown that people who are too focused on the destination tend to be myopic to the exhilaration of the journey. It is advisable to develop a connection between each step in the journey and the destination.

A Tip to Enjoy Every Step

Running is important

Visualization is a very potent mental tool. You can visualize that every step you are taking is propelling you forward to your ultimate goal. This will help you find happiness in the journey and also stay focused on your goal.   

Do a Thorough Warm-Up Or Pre-Cooling Inside

When the weather is hot outside, try pre-cooling. Make it a point to lower your body temperature by sipping cool beverages and wearing an ice vest. Research has shown that warming up indoors in winter and pre-cooling in summer improves running performance by 3 percent. 

Start a New Season Slowly And Intensify Gradually

Give your body the time to adjust to the lower or higher temperatures. Avoid intense training sessions during the first few days at the onset of a new season. 

Train your Tibialis Anterior Muscle

Have you heard about shin splints? This is also medial tibial stress syndrome in medical terms. It is a nagging pain along the tibia or shin bone due to inflammation of tissue in the area. The tibialis anterior muscle is the most neglected area in the body.

It is simple to train. Sit on a chair. Place a lightweight on your feet. Lift the weight up by curling your toes and feet upwards and then go back to the starting position. This is one repetition. Doing 3 -4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions should be enough to balance your tibialis anterior with your calves.

Do not Ignore Recovery

Ensure that you listen to your body. Do not neglect nagging injuries. Prioritize your running schedule and allow yourself the chance to adapt your speed and distance to the conditions. The periodization program can be running hard and intensely on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

You can back off on your running intensity on Thursday and Saturday. Sunday can be used as a rest day to enable your body to recuperate. You can also head to the gym on a Thursday or a Saturday and do some upper body exercises if your legs are not adequately recovered.

Make Proper Hydration a Priority

Remember that the body gets dehydrated even at lower temperatures. It is not very difficult to remember about drinking fluids in the summer. Take special care of your hydration in the winter months. Drink at least eight ounces of water or sports drink every hour so that your perspiration systems are functioning optimally.

Use a water belt or water pouch to ensure that you hydrate yourself adequately. Make it a priority to replenish your body adequately after your running session. 

Wear Shoes That Provide Traction

Wear lightweight shoes that provide the right kind of traction and support. It is especially important if you are running on slippery or hard surfaces.

You should ideally run on surfaces that are not slippery and are devoid of mud, snow, or ice. However, in case you find yourself running on those surfaces, wearing appropriate shoes is a necessity. Look for specifically designed footwear for your conditions. For instance, footwear brands manufacture sneakers specifically designed for winter running. 

Plan Your Post-Run Routine

Running in summer

Take your time to cool down in summer with some stretching exercises. The post-run routine is more important in the winter months. In winter your core body temperature will tend to drop rapidly after you finish your run. Either finish your run near your home or you can have a hot beverage and a thick jacket available in your car prepare in advance.

Supplement With Weight Training

Remember that running primarily works the quadriceps and calf muscles of the body. Try to supplement with some weight training on weekends for your hamstrings and posterior chain muscles.

This will ensure that your body stays balanced. Most soccer players experience posterior chain problems in their advanced years. This is primarily due to muscular imbalance. Soccer legend Pele is presently confined to a wheelchair.

Do Not Chase the Runners High

As aforesaid, the obsession with an outcome does not allow you to enjoy the journey. Research has shown that the exhilarating runner’s high is often experienced when the person is not thinking about it. Putting too much emphasis on outcomes creates a disconnect that blocks the physiological processes.

Be Your Competitor

Stay away from the comparison trap. Focus on self-improvement and tuning in to your body. Find out what works best for you rather than copying someone with a successful training plan. 


Running during the winter

Running can lead to great things. It is a life hack of CEO’s, boxers, and champion athletes for good reason. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice running every day.