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9 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

9 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

So, now you have made it! You convinced yourself to head towards the gym, but right after the workout of the first few days, Arrgh!!! You don’t want to exercise at all because you have got workout injuries!

Well, injuries during exercise are quite natural but don’t even plan to leave workout just because of these injuries. Also, don’t even try to exercise without curing the injuries because it can worsen the matter. Let’s begin from the beginning and find out the common reasons of workout injuries.

Most Common Reasons for Workout Injuries

If you get the injuries right after starting a workout, it is maybe because your body is not used to these exercises and it is very natural to get injured within the first week of starting a workout.

However, it is also possible that a regular gym-goer is injured. Here, the reason can be overdoing an exercise or wrongly doing an exercise or inattentively doing an exercise.

Another reason for workout injury can also be the wrong workout attire or specifically shoes.

If you are neglecting any previous injuries and continuing workout, you may get more injuries during the workout which will ultimately damage your muscles.

Before knowing the ways of preventing workout injuries, you need to know the first and foremost rule you need to follow right after you get workout injury – it is NOT TO IGNORE. You have to consult an expert right then.

Neglecting an injury by considering it as a simple one has the possibility of forming a serious problem in the future. So, do not neglect it.

Well, that’s about what not to do when you get workout injuries, now let’s move on to what to do to prevent workout injuries…

How to Avoid Workout Injuries

Workout injuries, most of the time, are the result of our negligence and a little concern can prevent us from getting so badly injured. Here are a few tips that can help you here:

1. Pre-Workout Warm-Ups

Let’s admit we hate the pre-workout warm-up! There is no specific reason, but we hate that and that’s a reason behind the exercise-time injuries.

According to the research, it is showed that no warm-up before the intense workout indicates the higher chances of workout injuries. It is because warm-up exercises make our limbs ready for the upcoming heavy workouts. When you skip this and directly go to the main workout, your body gets a sudden jerk and you get much injured.

If you want to reduce the possibility of getting injured during exercise, make sure you attend the warm-up session and get multiple health benefits.

2. Get Accurate Gym Gears

We know, as a gym-goer, you like to post #workout_scene on Instagram wearing a stylish yet uncomfortable outfit, but that can make you twice prone to workout injuries. Come on, for the sake of #insta_clicks, you can’t take such a risk.

Here, we advise you to get the correct gym-gears from the gym itself and make sure you are comfortable in that outfit. Also, check that the shoe is fitting accurately which will prevent the scopes of slipping during your workout. It will reduce the chances of getting pain during exercise.

3. Start in a Slow Pace and Increase Gradually

This rule should be followed throughout the workout. You don’t need to hurry during the workout, no matter what exercise you are doing. Be it a freehand exercise or a machine exercise, you have to start at a slow pace.

Do not attempt to get more repetitions or a higher speed at the very beginning – it is dangerous.

Even though you have completed the warm-up, attempting more repetitions or the higher speed at the first couple of minutes is never a smart idea. It is because warm-up makes your body is ready for an intense workout, but it does not make you ready for a sudden high speed or more repetition at the start. Increase the counts or speed gradually for better results.

4. Stay Hydrated

The workout will make you sweat and you will lose the essential nutrients along with sweat. In order to maintain the balance of water in your body, you will need to consume sufficient water to stay hydrated.

Lack of hydration will make the stretches and heavy exercises harder for your tissues and you will be prone to get the muscle cramps because of that. You never know a simple muscle cramp may result in serious ache in the future, but the positive side is, drinking water or glucose during exercise can prevent the body dehydration and save you from the injuries.  

5. Add Variation in Exercise

Doing the same exercise for hours can make your muscles numb and you may meet a sudden accident right after that. If you want to prevent that, you need to add some variation in your workout routine.

It will be great if you can do HIIT, but if that seems extremely difficult, you can add some variation in terms of exercise by consulting your trainer.

In case you exercise in a machine, you may try exercising on the machine at different speeds as well. This variation will help you to get a better result as well because your body will never get used to an individual exercise or speed. Sudden changes will prevent your organs from getting numb and save you from injuries at the time of exercising.

6. Stretch

Just like pre-workout warm-ups, post-workout stretches are mandatory to allow your muscles to come back to normal again. Do not go back to your daily routine without doing the post-workout stretches – it will increase the tendency of getting injured.

The logic behind this is your body is not ready to do other works right after an intense workout. You have to allow the time or rest to your muscles to come back to their original states. Stretches allow exactly that!

7. Listen to Your Body

During exercise, it is good to keep the fitness goal in mind, but it is equally important to listen to your body. When you feel like your body is giving up, allow yourself to take rest. Yes, you always don’t need to force your body to carry on exercise.

Remember, if you do not enjoy the exercise, you will hardly get satisfactory results; however, forceful completion of the exercise does not mean you are enjoying it at all.

Also, your body may need rest because it is weak from inside – exercising in this situation will enhance the chances of injuries, but taking rest can prevent those.

8. Get a Massage from Professionals

In case the injury is not a major one, but you are still unable to work out because of uneasiness in the muscle, you can go for a massage. It is a great way to rejuvenate your muscles and make those muscles stress-free. After the massage, you will feel that your pain is almost gone and you can move your limbs freely again.

Make sure, you get the massage from the professionals because any wrong stroke during the massage can intensify the workout injury.

Alternatively, if your injury is a serious one, get the medications and first-aid from a doctor.

9. Get a Personal Trainer

If you are exercising under the supervision of an expert, you are less prone to get injuries during your workout session. Believe it or not, you will get much better results in terms of achieving your fitness goal when you exercise under a professional than working out at home with google results.

A professional trainer in the best gyms in Kolkata understands your body and recommends your exercise according to that and also assists you in achieving your fitness goals.

On the other hand, Google will show you a lot of exercises; however, you will hardly have any information about the alternative ways of doing that exercise if you are facing any difficulties in doing that.


So, workout injuries are very normal and you need to be a little more careful before exercising, which will help you in avoid the workout injuries.

Now, you have seen that it’s not that difficult to prevent the injuries during exercise – you only need to have a few healthy habits. That’s all! Yes, it will be enough to keep you less prone to get injuries during your fitness routine. So, concentrate and take care and achieve easily your desired fitness goal.