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8 Unique Exercises with TRX – The Ultimate Suspension Training for Weight Loss

8 Unique Exercises with TRX – The Ultimate Suspension Training for Weight Loss

It is the instinct of human beings to choose the difficult way just because they believe the easy method will not be that effective. When it comes to exercises or specifically weight loss, we go for the most difficult exercises which include heavyweight or strenuous exercises. We don’t even pay attention to the TRX Suspension Training just because it looks too casual.

In doing this, we forget to realize that sometimes easy workouts can also help to get an almost equal result – at least when it is the suspension training with the TRX bands, it can help you to lose some more pounds.

Know What Experts Say about TRX

TRX training will work for you no matter what fitness target you have with so many health benefits that it can offer. If you want to get a flat belly, or stronger arms and legs or big muscles, adding TRX in your exercises can be extremely helpful.

The theory works behind TRX training is – the additional resistance it provides

makes your ordinary exercises more effective. Now it’s quite clear that you will need to put some more effort to do your traditional exercises because of that extra resistance.

But, not to worry as all your efforts will count here, so you will get better results. All you need to go on and twist your old exercises and get twice results.

Why TRX is Different and Better

It engages your whole body which is not very common for other exercises. In most of your exercises, either your upper body or your lower body is active. In TRX training you get the chance to engage the inactive part too. Now that sounds cool! Right?

So, if you want a solid workout and want to be the biggest loser (in terms of weight of course!), you just need to grab the nylon-made ineffective-looking band and start the workout.

You can change your overall physique with TRX straps and it’s a perfect tool if you want to fit in your old trousers or just want to flaunt your abs or muscles. So let’s give it a try.

Top Exercises with TRX

Now moving on to the exercises, you will find nearly 300+ exercises using TRX suspension training Kit. It is because the TRX allows you to do your old exercises in multiple new ways to achieve even better results. If your target is to shed some weight, you have to try the following exercises.

TRX Plank

TRX Plank

You can follow the steps mentioned below to complete this exercise.

  • First, lie on the floor by putting your feet in the bottom loop of the TRX system.
  • Keep your elbow on the floor with shoulder-width apart (as you do in traditional planks)
  • Now, raise your body keeping your weight on your arms and feet and make a straight line with head, back, hips and legs. It is more like an elevated plank pose.

In the beginning, you may struggle to do this and you may not place your elbow on the ground – you can simply put the palms of your hand to complete this exercise easily.

You can stay 45 seconds in this position and then get down. If you want you may repeat this, but make sure to keep a gap of 15 seconds after the initial plank of 45 seconds.

If you want more challenge, you can bend your knees to touch the ground and bring your heels closer to your hips at the time of plank.

It is an excellent workout for your whole body and it strengthens your hands, especially forearms along with your legs. Plank is always effective for your belly, cores, abs, and obliques specifically but when you plank with TRX, you will get a solid fat-free build-up of your belly and a flexible back.

TRX Atomic Pushup

TRX Atomic Pushup

You will need to perform the following steps to complete this exercise:

  • Start with the elevated plank pose putting both legs in the bottom loop of the TRX.
  • Now, lower your body.
  • Push your body upwards and bring your knees towards your chin.
  • Immediately back in the elevated plank position.

You can do this for 10 times or 45 seconds and take a break of 15 seconds. During TRX workout taking this break of 15 seconds after every 45 seconds of exercise is mandatory to heal the limbs which are holding the handles.

Push up is an important part of our weight-loss schedule and TRX bands allow you to complete this exercise in a better way to get much pressure on your fat areas. Atonic push-ups activate your full body and release stress from the muscles quickly. Your shoulder blades are much active during this exercise and you will notice the flexibility in arms and shoulders after a short time along with the flattened belly.

TRX Jump Squats

TRX Jump Squat


Well, if your dream is to get stronger hips, and you are disgusted with the squats and its variations, you can add suspension training with TRX in your workout session. You will be shocked by the results and after a few days, you will try to customize the squats. You may go through the following steps to do jump squats with TRX.

  • Stand facing the TRX system and hold one handle in each hand. Your feet will be kept shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, squat down folding your knees so that your knees and hips are in line. You can squat even deeper so that your butts can pass the knees.
  • At the time of going back to your initial position, jump in the air before landing on the floor.

Continue to do jump squats for 45 seconds and take a break of 15 seconds and repeat this cycle 3-4 times. Jump squats will shape up your butts and thighs. As you will be holding the TRX band with all your efforts, you can reduce the flabbiness from your arms too.

TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest Press

You can perform chest press by following the method given below:

  • Stand facing away from the middle point or the anchor.
  • Hold the handles (one in each hand) of TRX by extending your arms forward.
  • Now, walk backward to arrive in a high plank position (body to feet in a diagonal line).
  • Fold your hands from the elbow and lower your chest to the level of your elbow.
  • Push backward until your hands are completely extended.

Performing it 3 sets of 10 will be much effective for weight loss. Along with strengthening your chest, back, and spine, this exercise can tighten your core muscles because of the use of TRX. Also, it is an important exercise to keep your full body in coordination.

TRX Single Leg Lunge

TRX Single Leg Lunge

Go through the method given below to perform single leg lunge with the TRX:

  • Stand facing the anchor point of the TRX and hold the handles (one in each hand).
  • Fold your left leg from the knees.
  • Now lunge down so that your hips and knees are in one line and while doing this extend your right leg on the front side.
  • Try to come back in your initial position with the support of the foot of your folded leg.
  • Try to do 2-3 sets of 15 single-leg lunges with each leg.

It can reduce the flabbiness from your thighs and make your calves stronger. Your ankles will be more flexible after practicing this. Along with this, another benefit of this Lunge is it will reduce the joint pain too.

As you will be doing this with the TRX kit, your upper body will get a great stretch which can reduce the fat from biceps too.

TRX Lateral Lunges

TRX Lateral Lunges

If you feel that single-leg lunges are too easy and you are not at all feeling the pressure, you can try lateral Lunges with your TRX. The steps to complete this exercise are:

  • Face the anchor point and stand straight holding the handles in each hand.
  • Keep your feet widen while standing.
  • Now, fold the right leg from the knee and lower your hips keeping your body weight on your right heel.
  • Lower your hips as much as you can as there is no certain limit for this.
  • At the time of lowering your hips, stretch the left leg on the left side.
  • Immediately go back in the standing position and repeat this with the other leg.

Do it at a fast pace for 45 seconds and allow yourself to recover for 15 seconds and repeat this time cycle twice. It will create pressure hips, hip flexors and glutes much more than single leg lunge and it will help you to tone these areas. Plus, your calves, shins and ankles muscles will be stronger by shedding he bunches of fat from them. The pressure of TRX will shape up your chest too.

TRX Hamstring Curl

TRX Hamstring Curls

For this exercise, you will need to:

  • Lie down on your back while you will be facing the anchor point.
  • Now raise your leg and put your feet on the loops of the TRX system.
  • Now, lift your hips slightly to fold your legs from the knees and drag your heels towards your belly.
  • Do this for 3-4 minutes with a gap of 15 seconds after exercising for 45 seconds.

This exercise frees up your knee joints from all types of pain along with strengthening your hamstrings.  After doing this exercise for 15 days, you will be able to walk, run and jump with more ease. The additional resistance from the TRX system will engage your cores and glutes too which is an added advantage of this exercise.

TRX Bicep Curl

TRX Bicep Curl

For TRX Bicep Curl,

  • Stand facing the anchor point and extend your hands fully on the front side.
  • Hold one handle in each hand keeping the palms upwards.
  • Now, lean on the backside by making a diagonal line to the floor.
  • Push your body upwards while folding your hands from the elbows.
  • Again lower your body and immediately push your body upwards.
  • Do this for 2-3 minutes maintaining the gaps of 15 seconds after exercising for 45 seconds.

The TRX suspension band offers a great level of challenge to your biceps which helps you to release the fat. Toning is not just the advantage of this exercise; you will be able to build some muscles in your biceps too with this exercise.

What Else?

Now, you have probably understood that the TRX suspension training is that particular gym equipment that looks un-glamorized but has uncountable benefits in terms of weight reduction. Along with the exercises with TRX, you will need to maintain your diet and avoid junk foods. You may schedule your water drinking too during your workout session for better results.

It may look easy but you will need guidance for TRX suspension training and you can contact the best gym in Kolkata to know multiple other exercises with TRX system and lose some more fat. Indeed, TRX is the equipment, which remains unused by most of the fitness freaks but in reality, it can provide you twice results because of the extra resistance in it.

But you can be an exception to start TRX suspension training and motivate others to start adding this extremely beneficial equipment in their old exercises to get some variation and of course to arrive in better shape quickly along with other time efficient exercises.