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Best Yoga Asana for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Best Yoga Asana for Shoulder and Neck Pain

We live in an age where people spend most of the hours haunched over the screen. Neck and back issues have become the most common ailments that people deal with. The best approach to all of these is a better desk setup. There are also other things that you can do to get this sorted. Yoga brings in a host of new solutions to the various modern-day physiological issues.

Reasons Why Shoulder and Neck Hurts

Shoulder and Neck Pains mostly occur when the soft tissues on the upper part of the body get injured. This can result from several reasons that might include inflammation, physical stress, emotional stress, etc. 

These often lead to stiffness or arthritis. If the pain is too much, you can certainly take the help of the doctor. You also have the option of making certain changes to the lifestyle. These include taking plenty of rest, elevation and muscle relaxation, and also hot and cold compresses.

Another way that will allow you to relax your muscles is through yoga. This is because it is a physical activity that is too intense and will keep you moving. Moreover, these movements are also quite gentle and therefore there is no chance of causing a further strain.

Various Neck Injuries

Neck injuries

Most of you are sitting in front of the computer these days and therefore Neck Injury is quite common. You can go through the points below to know about the various Neck Injuries:

1. Cervicalgia

This happens because if sitting in the wrong posture and also taking stress for a longer period. This injury hurts the cervical spine. Stiffness and spasms are two symptoms. If you stress it in one way, this will help you to manage the Neck Pain.

2. Neck Sprain

This usually happens due to repeated physical strains and heavy physical activities. This is the reason why this strain is common with athletes. Symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, and stiffness.

3. Shoulder Pain from Sleeping

If you sleep in an uncomfortable position, you might get short term Shoulder Pain. It is true that in most cases it does not last for a long time. But treating this is important.

4. Pinched nerve in the neck

This is formally referred to as cervical radiculopathy. It includes symptoms like radiating pain as well as the weakness of the muscles. Physical therapy, stretching, and yoga can also help when there are any of these symptoms.

5. Torticollis

It results from the muscles that are extremely tight in comparison to the other side. This means that you tend to tilt your head on one side more than the other side. This can also be treated by doing the various yoga poses. This will help in exercising the muscles that are there on the other side of the neck.

Various Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injuries can be really painful. Yoga for Shoulder Pain will be helpful. The most common types of Shoulder Injuries are:

1. Shoulder Tendonitis

This happens when the rotator cuff gets inflamed when the muscles and the tendons are found on the shoulders. This normally happens when the shoulder is overused at the time of running or during other sports.

2. Shoulder Arthritis

When the cartilage within the shoulder joint gets affected, then shoulder arthritis occurs. This usually happens when the large ball and the socket joint or the glenohumeral joint is affected for some reason.

3.  Subacromial Impingement

This is a very common shoulder problem that occurs. This normally occurs when the tendons that are there around the shoulder cuff get irritated.

Best Yoga Asanas for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Child Pose

The most effective asanas for Shoulder and Neck Pain are given below:

1. Eagle Arms

This is a pose that stretches the muscles of the arms, upper back, shoulders, and neck. You will have to sit in a comfortable position with your neck properly elongated. Then reach out on both arms because they are at shoulder height and width. You need to then bend the right arm upwards towards the head. Then you need to sweep the left arm under the right.

Now you need to bend and wrap the left arm around the right one. The most important goal is to have the palms touch. If you want to gain that flexibility, it might take time. Therefore, if the palms are not ready to reach, then you need to grasp the wrist of the right arm with the left hand.

You will have to take a deep breath. Then you have to lower down the shoulders away from the ears. Now pull the hands away from the face. Then you need to turn the gaze over the left shoulder. You need to be in the same position for at least 5 breaths. Then work up to 10 breaths.

2. Ear to Shoulder Neck Rolls

This stretch will work the neck and also the shoulder muscles. You will have to sit on the floor comfortably. If you want, you can also sit on a chair with the shoulders relaxed and the spine straight. Now you have to draw the chin towards the chest. Then after that, you need to roll the right ear towards the right shoulder.

Now place the fingertips of the left hand on the left shoulder. Then place your right fingertips above the left ear. If you put pressure on both the touchpoint, it will determine the depth of the stretch. After completing about five breaths, you need to switch the sides and then repeat. You will have to then roll your head from side to side and then repeat it.

3. Child Pose

This is a good beginner yoga pose. This is a pose that will allow a nice back, shoulder, and neck stretch. You need to first get on the mat for all fours. After that, you need to lower your hips slowly on to the legs. Once you are there, you will have to lower the top of the body and put the forehead on the mat.

You can also add some extra stretch to the shoulder. To do this, you have to stretch your arms and shoulders in front of you. You can also bend the elbows and then rest the elbows on the mat. You need to hold this pose for at least five deep breaths. This will release stress from the shoulders as well as the back.


If you try out the various yoga asanas, then you will be able to relieve yourself from the Neck and Shoulder Pain in the most natural way. Yoga for Shoulder pain will treat your Shoulder Pain most naturally.