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About Starmark, the Best Fitness Center in Kolkata

Starmark Fitness Studio is the one-stop fitness center where each of your fitness needs will be fulfilled. Our fitness studio comprises of the best equipment, exceptionally talented and certified trainers, lavish facilities, and an array of different exercises. Being accoladed as the finest gym near you in Kolkata, we serve the best experience of a gym and fitness. Our cardio workouts, weight management workouts, CrossFit workouts, strength enhancement workouts, personalized care and training, Yoga techniques, Zumba workouts, TRX workouts, Power lifting, and much more activities are included in our fitness center that make you incredibly healthy, both physically and mentally.

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About Starmark

Workouts Offered by the Best Gym Trainers

Our offers cover each and every possible aspect of your health and fitness. We fix fitness with fun and that’s why our offers are unignorable. Explore the offers and choose one for you.

  • Weight Management Workouts
    Gain or Lose Weight Naturally with Weight Management Workouts.
  • CrossFit Workouts
    CrossFit Workouts
    Enhance Your Strength and Endurance with Various CrossFit Workouts.
  • Strength Enhancement Workouts
    Unleash the Beast in You with Our Strength Enhancement Workouts.
  • Zumba Workout
    Zumba Workout
    Groove on Beats and Make Yourself Fit with Our Zumba Workouts.
  • TRX Workouts
    Become a Resilient Athlete with the Kettlebell and TRX Workouts.
  • Zumba Workout
    Weight Lifting
    Lift Weight and Transform Your Body with Personalized Care and Training.
  • Scientific Yoga
    We Mix Science and Yoga and Offer You the Scientific Yoga Techniques
  • Zumba Workout
    Cardio Workouts
    Burn Calories and Have Better Metabolism with Our Cardio Workout.
  • Food Dietitian
    Get help from our expert food dietitians and keep your food habits healthy and fitness-focused.
  • Massage
    Relax your muscles after an intense workout. Our masseurs are professional and trained.
  • Powerlifting
    Unleash the beast in you with the finest powerlifting workouts at Starmark
  • Massage
    Spinning Class
    Spin the wheel to fitness and burn calories in an organic and fun way!

Premium Facilities At The Premium Multi Gym In Kolkata

Facilities that we offer to our members are something that make us different from the rest of the fitness centers. Have a look at some of our top facilities which are rare to find in the industry and are capable of offering you the finest ambiance and ease along with your fitness activities.

Separate Steam Rooms Get Refreshed After Intense Workout with Separate Steam Rooms for Men and Women.
Separate Shower Rooms Clean Out Your Exhaustion and Have a Shower in Separate Shower Rooms for Men and Women.
Separate Massage Rooms Get Professional Massage and Relax Your Muscles in Separate Massage Rooms for Men and Women.
Cafeteria Have a Little Chitchat and a Cup of Coffee and Lighten Your Mood in Our Cafeteria.
Free and Secure Parking
Free and Secure Parking Free Car and Bike Parking Facility for Our Members with the Topnotch Security Considerations.
Best Nutritionists and Dietitians
Best Nutritionists and Dietitians The Best Nutritionists and Dietitians in Our Fitness Studio Build a Healthy Food Habit.
Certified Trainers
Certified Trainers Each and Every Trainer is Certified which Eliminates the Concern for the Quality of Training.
Separate Locker Room
Separate Locker Room We Value Your Security and Provide You with Personal Lockers to Keep Your Belongings Safe.
Huge Area
Huge Area A Total Amount of 15000 Square Feet Area in Our Fitness Studio Gives You Room to Breathe.
Imported Equipment
Imported Equipment Imported Equipment in Our Fitness Studio Offer You the Elite Vibes during Workouts.
Flexible Timing
Flexible Timing Our Flexible Timings Help You Schedule Your Exercise at Your Preferred Time.
Quality Food Supplements
Quality Food Supplements Get All the Quality Food Supplements in Our Fitness Studio at an Affordable Price.

Why Starmark is the Best
Gym Near You

Care Each of our fitness trainers stays by your side from the very moment when you join our gym. Our friendly and professional training stuff and management help you throughout your fitness journey.
Contrivance Each of our fitness equipment is world-class and of imported. Our tools are designed to offer you the best experience and make you fitter than ever. That’s what we do being the best gym in Kolkata.
Convenience. Convenience is something we never fail at. We are available for workout during 5 AM to 2 AM everyday in a week. So, you can get your work done and visit Starmark at any convenient time.
Community We are not a gym; we are a family with like-minded fitness lovers who are always there to help one another whenever the need is. So, get assured of getting the best fitness assistance from Starmark!

How To Start Your Training At Starmark
the Largest Fitness Studio in Kolkata

Contact Us If you have come across the name – Starmark Fitness Studio and willing to join our gym after seeing the outstanding workout programs and luxurious facilities, you need to contact any of our executives just a phone call away from you.
Visit Our Gym After an initial discussion regarding your fitness needs and willingness to join the best gym in Kolkata, you require paying a visit to our gym in order to discover the activities going on at Starmark. You can have a face-to-face discussion.
Talk to the Experts At Starmark, we make sure each of our members is satisfied with our gym, its infrastructure and training process. So, you can talk to our experts regarding your fitness goals and our contribution on achieving the fitness you are aiming at.
Decide Your Package Once everything is settled, it’s time for determining the package you want to go for. We have a range of lucrative package filled with health-focused and result-driven workout programs. Choose the one that fits you.
Collect Your Kit and Enroll Once you decide your package and enroll yourself as the member of our gym through our KIOSK system, you need to collect your gym kits from us. The kits will include an attractive gym bag and gym shaker. Also, you’ll get to attend 4 PT class without any cost!
Start Your Workout Now, you are ready to go! You will be provided a date to join our gym and start your daily workout for your way towards the fitness. From the very day, the finest multi gym in South Kolkata will be working and planning hard to make you fit!

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Frequently Asked questions

Once you get to know about Starmark, you may contact us via email or phone number (preferred) given on our website. Once you talk to us and discuss your fitness goals and current health issues (if any), you need to visit our gym in Tollygunge, Kolkata (Near Navina Cinema Hall), view our packages, choose the one that fits your needs, make the payment and claim your membership at Starmark.

There are a number of training packages we have which include various fitness programs under different price ranges. But in order to know the pricing, you need to visit our gym in person. We are not disclosing the pricing openly at the moment. Once you visit our gym, you can have a better discussion regarding your fitness needs and goals. Based on your requirement, you will be suggested the package that suits best with your needs.

At Starmark, we have managed to gather the highest number of exercises that range from different categories. If you visit OUR SERVICES page, you will get to see the fitness programs we offer along with the diversity of them. However, a few mentionable exercises are Yoga, Cardio, Weightlifting, Zumba, CrossFit, TRX, and Body Transformation workout.

We leave no stones unturned to give you the best gymming experience at our fitness center. At Starmark Fitness Studio, you will get a range of different and unique amenities that can hardly be found in any other multi gyms in Kolkata! Amenities like personal lockers, separate steam rooms, shower rooms, changing rooms, and massage rooms will help you enjoy your time at Starmark. Moreover, we offer free and secure car parking area, large cafeteria (with a range of tasty and healthy foods and beverages), and centralized AC at the Gym. Moreover, our imported equipment, certified trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists help us retain the title of being the best fitness center in town.