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Workout during menstrual cycle

Is it Safe to Exercise during Menstrual Cycle?

Are you wondering whether to workout while having your periods or not? Find out whether it is safe to exercise during menstrual cycle or not.

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Most Common Weight Lifting Mistakes

The Most Common Weight Lifting Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Take a look into some of the weight lifting mistakes that people commit while doing strength-based training and learn how to avoid them.

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Best Biceps Exercises

Best Biceps Exercises That You Need to Familiarise Yourself with ASAP

If you want to get those strong muscles for boosting your strength, then you need to take a look at our guide of the best biceps exercises.

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Eating a healthy diet

How to Aim for a Healthy Diet?

Starting a diet is easy, but maintaining it, is not. This is about to change when you follow a flexible plan for a healthy diet. Take a look.

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What is the Afterburn Effect?

Afterburn effects makes sure that your body is still burning fats after your workout routine is over. Learn about it in detail from here.

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Showering After a Workout: Is It Good or Bad?

For those who are wondering if showering after a workout is necessary or not, we bring out all the answers to that.

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