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Alternatives to Push-Ups

14 Easy and Effective Alternatives to Push-Ups That Offer Best Fitness

Have you been practicing push-ups for a long time and want to try something new? Let’s try some new alternatives to push-ups to make exercise interesting.

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Best Travel Workouts

Quick Travel Workouts That You Can Perform Without Using Any Equipment

Missing out on your workout regime while traveling will no longer be an issue with these hassle-free travel exercises. Find out about them in this space.

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Top 8 Winter Workouts to Burn Calories That Won’t Feel Like a Workout

If you are not willing to exercise during winter, here are the top 8 winter workouts that will feel like fun activities and still burn your calories.

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Elliptical Workout and Its Benefits

Elliptical Workout – How to Reap the Benefits of This Multi-Purpose Exercise?

Learn how to do an elliptical workout and get yourself insured from any possible gym injuries while still extracting the benefits of a fitness regime.

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Biggest Fitness Myths

13 Biggest Fitness Myths That Have No Relation to Reality

Do you want to start a workout but relying on the myths? Know the top 13 fitness myths and debunk them with the real and proven facts given by experts.

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Yoga Workout for Better Sleep

Try These Simple Yoga Workouts to Sleep Better – Beat Insomnia Today

Not having enough sleep? Yoga can help! Just spend 15 minutes before going to bed with 8 simple and painless Yoga workouts and get better sleep.

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