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Best Travel Workout You Can Do While On A Vacation

Best Travel Workout You Can Do While On A Vacation

Vacations are known for peace, rest, and relaxation. You get time to explore nature and try to make yourself stress-free from the hustle-bustle of city life. It can be a business event, a family trip, or with friends, whatever the reason to travel somewhere one thing that keeps popping up in mind is, “Am I going to get fat?” or maybe “Will I lose all my gains? However, taking a break from work doesn’t mean you need to take a break from health and wellness. Nowadays, many hotels and resorts include fitness centers for fitness enthusiasts. If you don’t get a gym or fitness center near you, we will guide you here on how you can take care of your body without a machine while on a vacation.

Travel Tips Before You Start Exercising

Travelers often want to reap health benefits as a part of their travel plans. Therefore, taking care of yourself isn’t about cutting all carbs or dragging yourself out of the bed for a morning run. Here are some simple tips that might help you in making your vacation healthier. 

Keep yourself fit and active 

Just a week or two of no workout can give a long-term effect on your body. Studies have shown that a gap between long periods of inactivity can lead to decreased muscle mass, sudden weight gain, higher cholesterol levels, and diabetes. Therefore, a short workout during your holiday can help in boosting your metabolism. Moreover, you will stay motivated and prevent the need to catch up again when you go home. 

Experience something new from a regular workout  

If you’re somewhere lacking in motivation, vacation boosts your physical ability and may bring more excitement to the open air rather than running on treadmills. Plan your exercises in a way that will add a twist to your usual activities. Jogging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, and cycling are all fun ways to exercise without feeling like working out. You may use your sports shoe and workout clothes while traveling, so you can jog or brisk walk at the airport or railway station.

You can justify a splurge moment

While you’re relaxing on a beach, a cold cocktail, spicy food, and fried cuisine are never far off. It is really hard to resist the temptation that comes your way. Fortunately, gyms and yoga centers are popping up in holiday spots everywhere, making it easier for health-conscious buddies to burn extra calories. 

It is recommended to find a place to exercise for the week whether in an open space or a gym. Always try to choose healthy food options that will make you feel energetic for the rest of your travel plans and have more time to enjoy yourself. 

Find a balance between your vacation and exercise

You should add exercise to your vacation and not take away from it. Remember to choose how you want to spend your occasion so that you can find what works best for you without committing to a particular routine. Incorporate exercise in small ways that aren’t creating obstacles to your enjoyment.

Do more of what you want or love

Everyone wants to enjoy the vacation. You will surely want to discover the place and keep those beautiful moments in your heart. However, doing the best for yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. The health benefits of exercise can be just as rewarding as having fun on a vacation.

If you want to maintain your cardio exercises while having fun there are a variety of entertaining workouts without feeling like exercising. For Example; walking on the beach or walking on flat ground, beach volleyball, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, golf, tennis, and many other activities. 

7 travel exercises you must follow to keep in shape while on a vacation

In this article, we will discuss some exercises which you can add effortlessly to your travel program. Let us look into the 30-minute workout session that will help you stay zealous throughout the day.

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight squats are the simplest form of exercise that you can do while spending holidays and still getting the highest benefit. It is a strengthening exercise that helps in fundamental body movement and tones down the lower body. It can be performed anywhere without any equipment, that too in a limited space.

To do this exercise stand with your hands on the back of your head and shoulder-width apart. Turn out your feet slightly to open the hip joint. Lower your body as you do in normal squats until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. You can start with 20 reps for a quick warm-up. 

The benefits of bodyweight squats are;

  • Help in building lower muscles.
  • Increase strength.
  • Improve hip mobility.
  • Elevate the heart rate and burn fat.

Incline Push-ups

Incline Push up with garden bench

An incline pushup is known as an elevated form of a traditional pushup. It can be done anywhere you want. All you need is just a stable surface such as a desk, table, or wall. 

To start the exercise, you should keep your upper body in an elevated posture, feet on the floor, and hands-on the edge of the bed or desk. This incline position engages your chest muscles, arms, and shoulders as well as abs, back, hips, and legs. Make sure your body is in a straight line while you’re in a plank position.  Do it 15 reps at a time.

One-arm Luggage Rows

One Arm Luggage Rows

The one-arm luggage or suitcase row is an exercise that works on muscle groups throughout the upper and lower body. Perform the exercise by standing with your feet shoulder wide apart and holding the luggage bag as per your weight in one hand. Soften your knees, and bend forward extending your arm and letting the bag towards the floor. This exercise works pretty well on the arms, back, and shoulders. Perform the move 10 reps each on one hand. 

Air Punches

As the name suggests, air punches refer to imitating the act of throwing a punch but in the air. This exercise is also known as shadowboxing. The effect of air punches is mostly felt on the biceps, chest muscles, shoulders, and leg muscles. This exercise helps in cutting down calories especially if you add some additional movements. Air punches do not put much stress on your joints. So, you can do it anytime, anywhere. 

To perform this act, position one foot in front of the other and place your hands up by your head and clench your fists. Make sure that your elbows are rightly supported by tucking them on the side of your torso. Thrust your arm out and throw a punch in the air at a time straight out in front of you. Alternate each hand by throwing punches for a minimum of 30 seconds. 


Squats are an excellent strength exercise for increasing the power and size of your lower body muscles while developing core strength. It takes little place so you can perform this in your hotel room or an open space such as a hotel balcony, playground, or a beach. 

Get in a proper squat position while keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart. Screw your feet into the ground, keep your chest up and bend your knees pushing your hips up. Engage your core properly to descend and keep it braced throughout the exercise. Do a quick 20 reps for strengthening your tendons, bones, and ligaments around your leg muscles. You can also try jumping squats if you’re good at it. 


The plank exercise is about maintaining or holding a position for a maximum number of times. It is relatable to push-ups where one can hold on to a table-top straight without arching or piking.

Standard plank

To perform this exercise, support your body on your palms and your toes. Make sure that your back is straight and flat. Your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet. You can do it on the floor of your hotel room or anywhere by placing a yoga mat. The palms should press hard on the floor while your stomach muscles must be squeezed in.

Elbow Plank

While practicing it, blend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Make sure your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders and the back is in a straight line. Press the forearms and palms on the floor, pull your stomach and stretch out your legs to maintain the position.

Side Plank

The side planks are very effective and help in strengthening the hip, leg, and shoulder muscles. Lie sideways on a mat and align your shoulders and elbows in one line. The legs should be on top of each other. Lift your body through the hip higher away from the mat and hold the position for 20 counts.

Mountain Climber Twist

Mountain Climber Twist

The mountain climber twist is a dynamic exercise that regulates several muscles simultaneously and increases your heart rate which improves your metabolism rate while converting more calories into energy. This exercise supports your aerobic fitness, agility, and flexibility. It involves the primary muscles such as abs, obliques, glutes hips, and legs. The secondary muscles include the chest and shoulders which give a tight impact on them. 

You need to start the exercise by positioning your body in a plank posture and hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Now, bring your knee up towards the right elbow and then alternate legs in a fast motion. Do it for 20 reps until the set is complete.

Final takeaway

Getting away from monotonous life is good for the soul and moving away from the old usual workout regime is beneficial for the body. However, a vacation can be a perfect time to try something new by freeing yourself from the same usual routine. Your mind and body will find new ways to have fun by keeping them fit and energetic on a vacation.