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Know How Weight Training Can be Beneficial for Women

Know How Weight Training Can be Beneficial for Women

Without strength training your exercise routine is incomplete. But unfortunately, a lot of women believe that if they lift weight, they would become muscular like men. This is not true because women do not produce as much testosterone as men. Testosterone is a hormone that helps in muscle growth. Since women do not produce this hormone as much as men, so there is no chance of them developing muscles like that of men.

Strength training will help in toning your body and will make you look 10 to 15 years younger. Research shows that adult women look and feel great when they weight train.

Why Women Should Lift Weight?

If you increase and maintain an adequate amount of muscle weight, it will keep your body fat at bay and improve your overall fitness. This fact is all the more true as you age. You can build muscle mass with these weight training programs. But even today, the number of women participating in the weight training program is quite low. Women who spend time in gyms spend more time on cardiovascular training and much lesser time on weight training. 

There are several physical and mental weight lifting benefits for womenassociated with weight training and if you are interested to know about these benefits in details, you can go through the discussion below:

Burns More Fat And Calories

Weight lifting benefits for women

Strength training should be added to your workout plan. This is because if you only do cardio with a diet, it might lead to fat as well as muscle loss. If you train with weight, you will be able to burn fat and calories within a very short period. When you strength train,your body remains in fat-burning mode for a very long time, even after you have left the gym. This is referred to as the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect. If you do low-intensity cardio, this does not happen.

Will Help in Toning your Body

If you lift a weight,you will be able to get a toned and a sleek body. Toned muscle is building lean muscle mass. Research says that if a person can do mixed training wherein she can do cardio and strength training, she will be able to burn more fat and will also be able to develop lean muscles. Weight training helps you to build lean muscle mass, irrespective of the shape of your body and you look fit and fabulous. You will be able to get excellent curves as you will have the right amount of fat and muscles as per your body shape, type, and age.

Reduces the Risks of Osteoporosis

Proper weight training can help in increasing spinal bone mineral density. If you couple this with an adequate amount of dietary calcium, it can certainly prove to be the best defence against osteoporosis.

Reduces The Risks of Injuries

Strength training also reduces the risks of injuries and when you strength train, your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments will all be strengthened. The production of collagen is also increased to a great extent. Collagen is the primary fiber of the connective tissue. When you lift weight,  it increases. This training makes your bones much less fragile and the muscles are much stronger. It, therefore, reduces the chances of injuries.

Makes You Physically Stronger

Weight lifting benefits for women

It increases the strength and reduces your dependence on others for assistance. Doing household chores will also be much easier. You will be able to lift kids, laundry, and groceries much easier. If your strength is increased to the maximum, routine exercises and daily tasks will be much less hectic.

Improves Bad Posture

Bad Posture is something that most of you feel very guilty about. If you lift weights, you will surely be able to improve your posture. You need to ensure that you follow the correct way to strength train. If you lift weights, it will help in building both the muscles and the bone strength. Thus you will no longer bend or slouch.

Reduces Your Chances of  Heart Diseases

Weight training helps in improving cardiovascular health in several ways. This includes lowering the LDL which is bad cholesterol and increasing the HDL which is good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure. If you add cardiovascular exercises to strength training, the benefits are certainly increased.

Helps you to increase Flexibility

Weight lifting benefits for women

If you lift weights, you will be able to improve the flexibility of the muscles. This is because the repeated contracting and stretching motion not only helps in building muscles and bone but also helps to improve flexibility. You should target the various parts of the body and strength training along with other stretching exercises to maximize the benefits of lifting the weights.

Improves Sports Fitness

Sports fitness depends on bone and muscle strength, endurance capability, and also quick reflex. If you want to be fit in a particular sport, it is necessary for you to strength train and also do cardio along with as it will help you to improve the level of performance. Weight lifting will also develop the overall stamina, muscle power and reflex.

Improves your Attitude and Fights Depression

Strength training and exercise decrease depression because exercise produces certain mood-improving neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The women who strength train feel more confident and are also much more capable. It helps in reducing the level of your stress and also fights depression.

Improves the Quality of Sleep

If you spend a lot of time in the gym working on your body, you will sleep like a baby. While you are sleeping the muscles will rebuild and rejuvenate themselves. Research also says that older men and women who find it difficult to sleep are able to sleep much better after weight training.


It is time that you get rid of the fact that you are a woman and therefore you should not lift weights. Nothing can be better than improving your mental and physical fitness over a considerable period than doing weight based training. It is time to start weight training now for a healthier future.