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13 Biggest Fitness Myths That Have No Relation to Reality

13 Biggest Fitness Myths That Have No Relation to Reality

If you are concerned lately for your health and thinking to start a workout, the fitness myths are what make you extremely bothered. These myths are like the age-old dictums, and these are obviously never proved. So, if you want to start workout just pat your back and go for it; Let the myths not kill your concern for fitness. If these myths are holding you back, you should know the real and proven facts right now, and we are here to assist you in knowing the reality. Take a look at the common myths and debunk them with reality.

Top 13 Fitness Myths to Stay Aware Of

Being aware of the fitness myths is important to avoid any misconceptions you currently have about workout. Remember, trusting these myths can also devastate your health and fitness! So, take a look at the most popular myths regarding fitness.

1. Pain is Important

It is the weirdest myth among all, and you have definitely heard that. It means the workout is all about pain. After a workout, you are having pain means that you have the most effective workout. Also, it means that the muscles are now growing. Due to this reason, many people want more exercise during pain.

This one is completely baseless because beginners sometimes do not get pain after a workout session, and it is all because of the high level of stamina in them. There is also a probability that your muscles are stronger, and you can tolerate the heavy exercise.  It is the reason why you are not having any pain. So, it is totally normal if you don’t have pain.

Remember that doing exercise during pain is not a smart idea, so don’t try to exercise during pain. If you are having pain regularly, you may need proper monitoring. You will need to skip the exercise and consult a doctor about that.

2. More Sweat Equals to More Weight Loss

Another myth about fitness is more sweating is a sign of weight loss. And if you are not sweating enough, your workout is not that effective. Moreover, the myth also tells that sweating indicates a fast weight loss. Following this myth, many people, during their workout, try different ways (like turning off the AC, running, and high speed in exercise) to sweat. Females are especially seen to be obsessed with this, and they often try the slim belts to sweat. It is believed that fat in the form of sweat is coming out of the body.

It is also not beyond question because sweating is completely a biological reaction, and sweat is a combination of salt and water excretes of the human body, not the fat. If you drink insufficient water, you will sweat less irrespective of how long you exercise. Many people do not sweat even in overheat conditions, and on the other hand, some others sweat excessively even in a moderate temperature. It is not at all related to fitness or fat burn. You will still lose weight without sweating.

3. Diet Does Not Matter until you are Exercising

According to this belief, you can consume anything, but that will not affect weight until you are not skipping the exercises. As you are going through the heavy exercise, you will be able to control your weight irrespective of what you eat. Also, it will be alright to consume oily and junk food as you have a walk 30 minutes on a treadmill or some other machines. In case you feel that you have eaten much, you can do a little more exercise for effective results during weight loss.

Several trainers crush this myth in multiple ways. Gym instructors have given their opinions that weight loss and living healthy depends on the combination of exercise and diet. They are extremely specific about it, and they mentioned it is approximately 30% exercise and 70% diet, which leads to a healthy and fit body. If you keep eating junk foods, your results will always be below the expectation level. It will not matter how much you exercised; your weight will not be reduced.

4. Target Fat Reduction is Alright

Another opinion regarding fitness is that before starting a workout, if you can decide how much fat reduction you need, you will get a better result. It is because your target will help you to decide which exercise you will need to do. It is believed that by doing this, a person stays more focused during the exercise.

However, the reality is that you and your friend will not have the same amount of fat in the same body parts. Until and unless you identify the fatty body part for weight reduction, there will be a chance of selecting the wrong exercises. So, targeting the specific weight to reduce will be of no use. Also, fat cutting from different body parts takes different times, so try not to target.

5. Workout Routines for Men and Women Have to Be Different

Another weirdest belief is that the workout routine of males and females has to be different. It’s like females are from some other planets, and even though a man and a woman have the same problem, their workout routine has to be different. Also, it is believed that a woman may look manly if she weightlifts or does bench press like men, she will tend to look manly. Therefore, the number of plates or the time of running, all has to be reduced for females.

It is sometimes true that most of the women start exercising to reduce fat, and men mainly want to gain muscles by doing the exercises. In this matter, their workout routine has to be different. But when they have a similar purpose, they can have similar workout routines. Sometimes females need to do more weightlifting than men to gain muscles. A gym instructor will schedule their workout according to their structures and requirements. It is a meaningless belief that building muscles will affect her appearance, so you don’t need to worry!

6. Crunch Is the Best Exercise for Core and Abs

If you want to shape up your cores and abs, you have to do crunches, and following this myth, especially the teenage females tried uncountable crunch, to get a figure to wear the crop tops, but they ultimately ended up in pain.

The fact is doing the same exercise with multiple repetitions is not a smart idea. It will lead to stress in one particular muscle. In case you want to shape your cores or abs, you do not have other options, and you have to try multiple exercises. If you target anyone, whether it is crunch or sit-up or anything else, it will be less effective. Even if you target six-pack abs or eight-pack abs, you have to rely on different exercises other than crunch.

7. Cardio is the Best for Weight Loss

Another misconception regarding fitness is that there is nothing better than cardio if you are looking for weight loss exercise. Also, it helps to reduce stress and to strengthen the immune system.

In reality, the combination of aerobics and cardio is a smarter way to be slim faster. If your goal is to get a toned body soon, you simply cannot rely on cardio only. Cardio is undoubtedly good exercise, and cardio has uncountable benefits too, but to cut fat from your body, you have to include variation here. According to the trainers, a person will get better results by combining cardio with other workouts like Zumba, aerobics, and jump rope.

8. Excessive Weightlifting Will Make You Bulky

If you tend to do much weight lift, you have definitely heard this one. Weightlifting can make a person bulky in the future. It’s because weights convert the fats into heavy muscles, and if you are unable to continue the exercises in the future, your muscles will disappear, and fat will come back in those body parts.

It is a false belief because, in reality, the weights will make you stronger. But if you fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, you will probably look bulky. It’s simple; you can’t expect your muscles to stay normal by consuming unhealthy foods and stopping the exercises.

9. Pre-Workout Stretches Are Mandatory

It is opined that the pre-exercise stretches are mandatory because it prepares the body for the rest of the exercise. Also, the stretches are said to remove stress from the body to prevent you from any injuries during the workout session.

But the fact is warm-up is more necessary to reduce the stress from the muscles. You can even run for that warm-up. Alternatively, you can do other free hand exercises for this purpose, which will be completely natural. You do not necessarily need to do the stretches before going into the main workout.

10. No Exercise in Empty Stomach

It is advised to exercise in an empty stomach for better results and to follow that many girls and boys opted for exercising in early morning to get more effective results.

It is definitely not a proven fact because there are several opposite examples. There are multiple proofs that after exercising on an empty stomach, you may feel dizzy, and you may have blackouts too. Actually, your body needs the strength to continue such a heavy workout. In fact, you need to eat at least something, even though you are not doing pull-ups or bench-press because the food will provide energy for your workout session. So before having any workout, it does not matter how light it is, you have to eat something.

11. You Can Eat Only the Egg Whites, but Egg-Yolks Will Make You Fat

Egg yolks contain excessive fat and other harmful elements, and therefore, it is not healthy if you want to be healthy. But egg whites are healthy enough, and it will be alright to include this even though you are on a diet.

This myth is debunked by a lot of people saying that boiled egg is always alright, and you can consume egg yolk too. But frying the eggs in butter or oil will be extremely unhealthy for anyone.

12. You Can Have Better Results in Machines than the Free Weights

Machines will serve you better as you can adjust the weight there. Also, you will have the least injuries as you will be able to increase or decrease the speed or weight as per your capacity. On the other hand, free weights will make you sick.

Free weights, in reality, can make your muscles stronger, which will result in better shape of your body.  At the time of doing your daily works, you will be able to understand the differences. Actually, you need to use the combination of machines and free weights during the workout session, which will allow you to have visible results.

13. Exercising till Evening Will Affect Your Sleep

According to this myth, exercising in the evening is mentioned as harmful. It is because you will not be able to sleep at night if you keep exercise till late in the evening. As a result, you will be weak. Following this myth, people try to exercise during the morning.

It is a fact that morning exercises are good, but you will still get several people exercising in the evening and getting adequate sleep too. The reason behind this is the exercises reduce your stress, which helps them to have a better sleep at night. So do not worry if you are not a morning person. You will get effective results by working out at night.

These are the common myths regarding workout, which the trainers have marked as baseless. If you are still in a dilemma, you can contact the multigyms near you and get assured by the trainers that these sayings are far from reality. So, if you want a healthy lifestyle, you will need workout – there is no second opinion regarding this. Now you know the reality, so we can assume that the myths will not hold you back from starting a workout. Just prepare yourself for a better lifestyle with start workout to stay fit.