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Top Pain-Free Exercises by Experts to Prevent Injuries

Top Pain-Free Exercises by Experts to Prevent Injuries

Intense workouts and simple physical activities are good for your health but remember the idea is to create good habits and a better lifestyle by living healthy, so don’t face injury or damage because of wrong movements.

It is quite obvious that people find the best multigym in Kolkata where safe and apt training is provided by proficient gym trainers but some exercises are too intense which can lead to body pain. Moreover, if you slip out by chance then it may be the reason for internal and external injury. So, be careful while practicing workouts and in this matter, pain-free training can help you to get relief.

How to Prevent Injuries During Workout?

According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 0.2% of people are admitted to hospital because of wrong weight lifting or workout style but four times more people are admitted because of common injuries like bathroom slipping, etc. So, if you practice exercise carefully then you will never experience pain or injury.

Now, experts are there to teach you how to do pain-free training without facing any injury or damage. So, let us find out the solution to prevent injuries during a workout by doing some pain-free exercises.

1. Knee Exercises

Knee Exercises

Most of the knee injuries are caused just because of wrong moves during exercise and improper tracking of the knee joint which leads to lower back pain and knee pain. Health experts say, your knees should move in one direction while walking, running or practicing physical activities but it winds up in moving to another direction due to lack of body balancing and strength.

Weak glutes are the main culprit in providing knee injury and pain because if the glutes are not strong then they may give load on your back and your knee which hold an entire load of your body. While doing squats, poor ankle mobility condition results in pain.


Now, you may ask, how to prevent injuries during a workout? What are the exact solutions of aforesaid problems? Try to develop a strong butt to save your knees from getting much load. If you build up strong glutes then your knees will track correctly. For that you should take training from proficient trainers of a gym near you and start doing some exercises regularly like:

  • Glute Bridges: It will help in strengthening your glute muscles.
  • Hip Thrusts: Your butts will become flexible and strong to hold the weight which usually falls on knees by this workout.
  • Frog Pumps: Balance between your knee cap and feet with coordinate properly by this exercise.
  • Lunges: Not only legs but this exercise will work on your entire bottom part.
  • Squats: Squats help in strengthening the muscle of your body.
  • Step-Ups: This exercise will develop the strength of your legs and other muscles.

Note: While practicing squats, your knees should not collapse inward because that may result in stress on your joint and patellar tendon. So, take experts help from the best gym in Kolkata to practice the aforesaid workouts and squats.

2. Hip and Lower Back Exercises

Hip and Lower Back Exercise

Sometimes you experience pain in the lumbar spine and cervical spine of the lower back which is the reason for incorrect set-up and movements while doing exercises like deadlifts and squats. But you need to learn how to do workout safely while strengthening your lower body and relief your hip pain.

Too high or too low deadlifts may result in hip injury and it may also stress your spine which may result in lower back pain. Never make your back round or arch-shaped because it can stress your entire back portion from the spine to hip.


Experts suggest fitness enthusiasts stand and sit straight. To get a straight posture and reduce hip or lower back pain, hinge style movement and posture-building exercises are necessary to practice such as:

  • Yoga: Practicing yoga may help you in increasing flexibility, and toning up the fat of your body. Moreover, yoga will help you build a good posture and prevent injuries. This is the safest workout that reliefs pain.
  • Deadlifts: It helps you forming a better posture, burning fat, improving grip strength and strengthen lower back muscles. Single-leg deadlift helps in balancing your leg movement and prevent injury.
  • Glute Bridges: Correct steps of the glute bridge helps in balancing the strength of your body, increasing strength in your glute and relieving you from lower back pain.
  • Hip Thrusts: It develops your glute size and strength. It also relieves the hip and lower back pain.

If you learn how to do workout safely with the help of the fitness experts then you will never face any injury and damage. Moreover, you will never perform any wrong step while practicing these physical activities.

Pro-Tip: If you find deadlifts difficult then you can place boxes, dumbbell or barbells that will help you limit the range of motion which will help you stay in position. No need to pull weight from the floor if you have severe back pain.

3. Shoulder and Arms Exercises

Shoulder and Arms Exercise

People experience shoulder pain, wrist discomfort and elbow strain due to the wrong sleeping pattern. Some people do not keep their elbow, wrist, and shoulder stacked during shoulder and bench press which cause instability in their shoulder joint and pain in their arms. Some people are affected with spondylosis because of these wrong movements. Sometimes bending the wrist in a wrong style may be the reason for pain.


Start practicing warm-up exercises and grip dumbbells, kettlebells and bar correctly as per the instruction of your fitness coach. No need to pull and lift heavy weight if your hands are not capable to lift heavyweights. Try floor press instead of bench press to get rid of muscle pain of shoulder and hands. Here are some exercises you can practice like:

  • Push-Up: It is a kind of stretching exercise that brings strength in your hands and it also increases the muscles of your hand. Practicing it in correct way may help you get relief from shoulder pain and arms pain.
  • Shoulder Press: If you have chronic shoulder pain or spondylosis then shoulder press is one of the best solutions for you. This exercise also strengthens your shoulder and triceps. Moreover, it provides you a good shape in the shoulder.
  • Bench Press: This exercise mainly works on your full upper body by increasing strength. It also helps you building muscles.
  • Triceps Extensions: It will help you in getting a good shape in your triceps but too much weight-lifting workouts may cause stretch marks in your arms, so be aware of that. Ask your fitness trainer before you start practicing this push-up workout regularly. Also, don’t lift too much weight if you are a novice fitness lover and starting this exercise.

4. Pull-up Exercises for Bicep

Pull-up Exercise for Biceps

Along with shoulder pain, many people face wrist discomfort and pain in tennis elbow, so you may ask, how to do workout safely to avoid such pain and other problems? If you think that applying ointment on your pain can relief you then you are wrong because it can easy your problem for a temporary time period. Some correct steps of exercises can help you harness strength and relief you from the crucial elbow and upper-body pain. However, practice those exercises safely, otherwise, you will face injury and your pain will increase more.


  • Weight Lifting: Start lifting lightweight just for 2-3 seconds and lift the weight up and gain bring that down for five times. This mild exercise may relief your arms and shoulder pain.
  • Face-Pulls: This workout help building thick upper back. It is an arch workout, so it will help you build strength in your shoulder and relief you from chronic pain.
  • Bicep Curls: Bicep curl can increase the size of your biceps but if you practice this exercise in an intense way then you may experience pain. So, try to practice this exercise slowly so that you don’t have to face much pain.
  • Barbell Rows: This exercise helps in building a big back portion and bring flexibility in your body. Ask your fitness coach about the actual weight that you need to lift up. He or she will guide it as per your level, height, and weight. Lifting heavy weight may cause injury or pain, So, try to be aware while practicing this exercise.

Tips to Relief Muscle Pain after Exercise

You may find soreness in your muscles or feel other types of pain after practicing lots of exercises. So, what to do for reliving that pain? We are here to help you with a few tips to relief you:

  • Take a warm shower after exercising to relief pain.
  • Swimming and light walking are the best solutions to relieve you from pain after exercise.
  • Use an ice pack and apply it on the sore muscles that are caused due to acute injury. It will relief you from the pain.
  • Go for a spa or massage when you experience such pain.
  • Practice stretching to reduce pain.
  • Take a medical checkup if you are experiencing much pain.

Ending Note

Now you may have understood how to do pain-free training with the help of fitness experts. We hope the aforesaid instructions will help you get relief from the pain you experience during or after the workout.