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How to Restart Workout After a Break

How to Restart Workout After a Break

A lot of us were once very active in the playground and spent hours in the gym but, with time, we got stuck in the rat race so badly that we almost forgot our way to the gym. It is a common scenario with almost every working individual. As they say, it’s never late to start over; even if it’s a decade of not stepping into the gym. We are going to share some tips to restart the fitness training that will help you climb back on the treadmill, lift weights, swing kettlebell, and whatnot!

Tips on How to Restart Exercise

We all take a break from our daily routine of exercising at some point in life. Sometimes, it is due to personal hang-ups, and sometimes it is because of a physical ailment. But, the toughest part is getting back on track.

Here are a few ways you can restart your workout session.

Try not to take a long break

The best way to restart fitness training is to avoid taking a long break. If you were already into the habit of exercising, it is advised that you should get back on the gym floor, the minute you feel it’s a long time since you have last worked out. It is ok to take a break for a few days but if you wish to start exercising again it is best not to break the habit of exercising. 

Take monthly resolutions

Another way to restart fitness training is by taking small resolutions. You can start by going to the gym for 30 days to get back into the habit of exercising. Make up your mind to exercise for 30 minutes a day for a start. These small monthly resolutions will help in solidifying the habit of exercising. 

Start enjoying your daily workouts

It’s difficult to habituate something you generally don’t like doing. Therefore, to restart your workout session, you need to first start enjoying your workout sessions. Once you find joy in exercising, you will see how easy it becomes to step back into your running shoes. 

You may find difficulties in doing your old sets because you might have gained weight or are simply out of practice. But this should not be the reason why you do not enjoy doing workouts.

There are a lot of fitness centers that offer a range of fitness programs for people. If you feel you are losing interest try speaking to a fitness expert. They might have something in store for you that you will enjoy. 

Schedule your workout sessions during quiet hours

Schedule your workout sessions during quiet hours to restart workout after a long time

When you decide it’s time to start exercising, don’t let anything else change your mind. The most common mistake we make when we decide of working out is that we schedule the time of workout during busy hours. We end up skipping the session because something or the other keeps cropping in at the time of workout that needs attention. So, if you want to restart your workout session make sure you schedule the time during quiet hours. Usually, early mornings, before we start working and late evening, just after we got done for the day are considered to be the best time for working out.

Keep a count of the days you pay a visit to the gym

Another good way to restart your workout session is to either keep the count of the days you have gone to the gym or keep a count of the days you do not go to the gym. There is an easy way to keep a track of how long you have not been to the gym. You can simply mark a cross on the calendar on days you have either gone to the gym or have stayed home. It helps you analyze your habit at the end of each month. 

Get a like-minded partner

Get a like-minded partner

The most common reason why people drop out of the habit of exercising is lack of motivation. To get back into the habit of exercising and restart fitness training you need to motivate yourself. The easiest and the most effective way to stay motivated is to get a like-minded partner who can accompany you in the gym and workout with you. This way, you will have a reason to go to the gym every day and workout without feeling bored. It will help you stay committed to the habit. 

Turn exercising into a ritual

Once you start working out, make sure your habit of working out turns into a ritual. The habit of exercising should be ingrained into your daily routine in a way that it becomes a ritual. Following this ritualistic regimen should be effortless, in a way that as soon as the clock strikes 6 in the evening or the morning, you automatically head out to go to the gym without thinking of anything else. 

Try working out when you feel stressed

Daily workouts can work as a morale booster and helps you control your stress levels. Therefore, try doing a few rounds of the workout when you get stressed. You will see how effective it is. This also creates a dependency on people. So, the next time you get stressed, try working out and feel the difference. People who are used to working out in times of stress are more likely to get back into the habit and it becomes easy for them to restart fitness training. Spend on cultivating the habit than on expensive equipment

Fitness training has indeed become attractive with all those fitness equipment lying in the gym. But the equipment will only attract you to the gym for a few days. Therefore, it is important for people who are starry-eyed seeing the dumbbells and treadmills in the gym to first get in the habit of exercising. We advise you to spend more time and energy cultivating the habit than spending loads of money on expensive instruments. At the end of the day, it is the habit that keeps you going, not the instruments. 

Start loving yourself

Most people get into the habit of exercising to impress others. The best and the most lasting way is to start admiring yourself. Once we start loving ourselves, it becomes easier to get back into the old habits that are beneficial for us. So, in case you are still in two minds of whether to restart your workout session or not, we suggest, just look into the mirror and ask yourself. Do you wish to start working out for yourself? Or are there some external factors involved?

It is best if you start admiring yourself and eliminate all external factors that motivate you to restart fitness training. Because, if these external factors are motivating you, they also can be the reason for de-motivation at a later stage, if things do not go as planned.


Therefore, it can be said that if you wish to restart your workout session you need to first ensure that you do not break the habit of working out. If you feel you are being detached from the gym, you should make it a point to go to the gym at least for 30 minutes a day. It becomes easier to get habituated if we like doing something. 

Therefore, you need to enjoy your workout sessions. You also need to keep a track of how often you go to the gym by marking the days on your calendar. This will help you get back into the habit faster because you are constantly monitoring your habit. To get habituated, you need to follow the routine ritualistically. 

If you keep these tips in mind, we are sure that it will be easy for you to restart fitness training.

Once you get back on track we recommend you ensure not to fall off the habit again. With a little dedication and commitment, you can easily continue with this habit even in difficult circumstances. Good habits are difficult to form. So, they should not be given up easily.