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How to Reward Yourself After a Tough Workout

How to Reward Yourself After a Tough Workout

If you are working out daily, then a killer body with physical stamina is the best reward that you can give yourself. But, if you are a beginner and have started working out recently, then it might take some time for you to get the physical rewards. In order to create a workout habit for yourself, you should reward yourself immediately. The important thing is to ensure that workout becomes your second nature. This will reduce your chances of missing the workouts or give them up completely.

Ways to Reward Yourself After a Workout

Want to know about the best ways to reward yourself after a tough workout? Then make sure that you go through the steps mentioned below:

Have a Tasty But Healthy Treat

Post-workout, you can prepare a delicious low-calorie smoothie that has low-fat milk and is an excellent alternative to dairy. Along with it, you can add some berries, half a banana, and one teaspoon of peanut butter. You can also add a bit of cinnamon along with a few ice cubes and then blend up the entire thing. This is quite delicious and will provide you with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and also healthy fat that the body needs to recover. It is highly recommended that you do not buy smoothies from the store because they are full of calories and sugar.

Hydrate Yourself deliciously

Fruit Juice

You must hydrate yourself pre and post-workout. But if you want, you can have something more exciting than water. You can fill a mason jar halfway with berries, cucumber, fresh mint, citrus fruit, ginger, and watermelon. After this, you will have to fill the jar with equal parts of the seltzer and water. You can also add a splash of apple, grape juice, orange to it. This is a low calorie, delicious, and super-refreshing beverage that you can enjoy after a tough workout.

Take a Nap

A woman sleeping

Everybody likes a good nap. You can permit yourself to take a small nap on those days in which you have pushed yourself to a very tough workout. Your body will certainly thank you for providing it with an additional recovery time. Make sure that you keep this napping time less than an hour because otherwise, it will interfere with your night sleep.

Document Your Accomplishments

If you reward yourself after a workout with delicious material things, then rewarding yourself with delicious food is certainly a good option. But at times the only thing that is needed to keep yourself going is to incentivize yourself. For this, you can simplyacknowledge yourself for reaching even the smallest milestone.

If you set a goal that is a little over-reaching and that which takes more time to achieve, it can be disheartening to find that it is not providing you with dramatic results even after putting in a lot of effort in the first few weeks. The best way to track your progress is to keep a journal where you can jot down notes after every workout.

Here, you will have to record the weight that you used in each exercise. You can also take a note of the number of reps you completed without breaking the form. The important thing is to jot down how each routine makes you feel both internally and externally.

Have Some “Me” Time

Once you have completed your workout, you should reward yourself with a bit of ” me time”. A bit of relaxation is the perfect way to reward yourself for all the hard work that you have done. You can do a facemask with your best music on, binge on a Netflix series, or take a warm bubble bath. You can also enjoy reading while having your favorite meal. You can do whatever you feel like doing.

Reward Yourself During The Workout

A common fallacy about rewarding yourself for exercise is that rewards can come only after workouts. But rewards necessarily does not always have to be post-workout. You can also reward yourself during the workout by doing something you love or somewhere you love. You can work out with your friends that might bring in a lot of joy. Begin the workout with mindful stretches. This will help you to be present when you are outdoors or with your friends and will ensure that no negative thoughts come up during this time.

Pay Yourself

This may sound a bit silly at first, however, if you put in some amount to your workouts, that will surely help you. This is an excellent way to reward yourself for being sweaty. Once you have earned yourself a fair amount of money, you can treat yourself to a new gym gear like fashionable gym clothes,a running gear or running shoes. This will not only make you feel good and confident but every time you wear this, you will be reminded that you achieved your goal and will be able to do it again.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Delicious Pastries

You need to understand that food is not the enemy of fitness. You can reward yourself by fueling your body with very delicious and healthy foods. You can also treat yourself occasionally with some dessert. Above everything else, fitness is about accountability and discipline. After a workout, you should not certainly eat an entire packet of Oreos but you can certainly have one or two of this.

Have a Rest Day

It is not necessary to exercise regularly. You can also take day-offs in between. This will help you to take an adequate amount of rest and energize you for the tough workouts the next day. 


Rewarding yourself for working out is one of the best ways to create internal motivation for working out. Rewards are individual. They help you to face new routines and challenges. Make sure that you choose a reward that is most meaningful for you and also integrates it into every workout. Try to get success by sticking to your powerful habits. Rewards surely motivate you. They make you understand that you are slowly proceeding towards your goals.