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About Us

About Us

At Starmark Fitness Studio, we take pride in ourselves for being able to gather the finest fitness enthusiasts, certified fitness trainers, world-class fitness equipment, and an energetic ambiance for fitness. Our result-focused exercises and immense care for each of our gym members make us one of the best multi gyms in South Kolkata. At a luxurious gym like Starmark, you are going to receive good care not only for the health of your body and mind but also the other aspects such as your leisure! We always come up at the top when it comes to your luxury and relaxation after the intense workout under the supervision of our trained professionals.

Starmark 360°

Our Mission

Our 15,000 Square Feet area inside the gym, prime location, and cafeteria put our gym at the highest level of priority for the fitness lovers in Kolkata. Starmark is on a mission to offer the organic workouts, efficient dietitians, nutritionists, and a paramount level of integrity to the aspiring fitness lovers who are looking for a luxurious gym near them in Tollygunge, Kolkata.

Our Vision

Being the most professional gym near you in Kolkata, we vision to tailor the best fitness regime and diet for our gym members. We want to create a fitness ambiance where none of our members will feel left out if for any kind of fitness assistance during the gym time at Starmark. We envision a society where every individual will lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Things to Discover at Starmark

  • Personal Care
    At Starmark Fitness Studio, we make sure each of our members gets valued. Not only we take care of each member personally but we also have a personal training facility for the members who want a personalized approach for their fitness training.
  • Friendly Environment
    You should always find a gym near you where you enjoy the time that you spend. That’s the reason why we are always a step ahead to make our gym environment immensely friendly for the individuals coming at our gyms and spending their time!
  • Motivating Always
    Motivation is something most of the fitness centers in Kolkata lack! But Starmark has managed to build a reputation of motivating the members working out in our gym. Our trainers and management always motivate the members to achieve their health!

How We Get the Job Done

We embrace a fitness regime that would help you uphold a healthier life by accessing your inner strength, flexibility, durability, and mental supremacy. We consider your age, height, weight, and medical history in order to offer you the fitness regime that suits you! Moreover, Starmark believes that every lock has a different key and that’s why we take personal care for each of our members! Some of you need nutritional requirements, some need a strength enhancement, a few require weight management, and so on… Starmark takes care of each fitness needs with a sheer ease.