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The facilities offered at Starmark Fitness Studio are one-of-a-kind. We understand that a complete fitness center should never be limited to the workouts and exercises; thus, we expand our services to satisfy the members with our lavish facilities that they can enjoy at our fitness studio! Starmark is often called the best multi gym in Kolkata for added amenities and we always stand tall to the expectations our members have with us.

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Rather than depending fully on the calorie restriction, it’s more effective to combine the exercise with a healthy diet for losing weight and maintaining it. Even certain diseases can be prevented and their effects can be reversed by the exercise. It’s great to do exercise for lowering the cholesterol and blood pressure which are the two main reasons for the heart attack. Even for lowering the killer diseases like breast cancer or colon, exercise is a great help. When you exercise, it builds self-confidence and well-being in you which reduces the rates of depression and nervousness. Starmark manages to bring together the finest fitness trainers and equipment in order to create an intuitive routine for weight management workouts. The better you manage your weight, the more we succeed!

Lavish Cafeteria Starmark is counted among the elite fitness centers in Kolkata not only for its elite-class fitness programs, but the healthcare organization is also focused on the overall environment and leisure after their gym time. That’s the reason we have a large cafeteria at our gym in order to leverage our members to have healthy and tasty foods and beverages along with chitchat with fellow members.
Centralized AC and Healthy Ambiance Being the best multi gym near you in Kolkata, Starmark makes sure that the members get the finest ambiance inside the gym. With centralized AC, stylish interior, and a great music system in our gym, we create a healthy environment that helps our members flourish. Each member of Starmark will always find the luxury that we talk about.
15,000 Square Feet Gym Area None can beat us when it comes to offering the room to breathe to the fitness trainees. Our whopping 15,000 Square Feet area inside the gym makes sure none of our members get suffocated or feel claustrophobic during their gym time! Fitness requires open space to emerge and we serve the space to you for embracing your fitness!
Imported Equipment When we say that we have the World-Class fitness equipment, we do not say it only for the sake of attracting eyeballs! Being the most efficient and the largest gym in Kolkata, we have managed to arrange each fitness equipment totally imported and of the highest standard which will make the fitness faster and workout easy for our members!
Certified Trainers One of our finest efficiencies lies in the guidance we cater to our members. Each of our fitness trainers is certified which make it too easy to enhance your fitness level considering the expertise of our trainers. The knowledge and experience of our fitness trainers eliminate the scope for any accident or harm to your health during workout.
Flexible Timing We understand your dilemma of the busy schedule yet the craving for fitness and good health. Often the fitness seekers miss out the gym time just because of their busy schedule full of work! Well, when you exercise at a topnotch fitness studio like Starmark, you get a flexible timing from 5 AM to 2 AM everyday in a week!
Secure Personal Lockers As said before, Starmark is not only your nearby workout station but also a place to put your trust on. We provide personal lockers to each of our members where they can keep their belongings without any fear of losing it. If you are from Tollygunge and nearby areas, make sure you are visiting your nearest gym in Kolkata – Starmark for your fitness needs.
Separate Steam Room, Shower Room, and Changing Room We define the term – luxury! If you are looking for a luxurious fitness center near you in South Kolkata, make sure you pay a visit to Starmark just to witness the arrangements we have made! We have developed separate steam rooms, shower rooms, and changing rooms for men and women just for the sake of our members’ health, relaxation, and privacy!
Separate Massage Rooms for Men and Women Massage works like magic if done well after an intense workout! At Starmark, we have gathered the finest masseurs who are able to give your muscles a relief after the hours of sweaty and penetrating workout. We have professional male (for men) and female masseurs (for women) to offer time to relax the mind and body of our gym members.
Free Secure Car Parking Area When we claim ourselves the best gym in Kolkata, we mean it. Starmark not only cares about the members’ inside experience but also cares for our members’ experience outside the gym. That’s why we have a free car parking area for our members with the utmost security. We make sure none of our members face any difficulty during their time at Starmark.
Quality Food Supplements We have expertise and experts for each and every necessity of the fitness lovers. Food supplements often play a pivotal role in embracing your health but are often difficult to find! But you don’t need to rummage for the supplements when you are at the finest multi gym in South Kolkata. Starmark has top-quality food supplements for your healthcare and fitness!
Best Dietitians and Nutritionists
Group and Personal Training At Starmark, we put the highest priority on members’ convenience. We make sure that you get 100% comfort while exercising and achieve the best result. That’s the reason why we offer both Group and Personal training to our members so that you can enjoy the glow of good health. Those who are not comfortable in group training can reach us to avail personal training sessions.
Best Dietitians and Nutritionists Our professionally acclaimed dietitians and nutritionists also make your fitness journey easy with balanced foods and diet. We make sure that your effort inside the gym does not get ruined just because of an unhealthy nutrition or imbalanced diet. Our expert dietitians and nutritionists leave no stones unturned to keep your health at optimum level.