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Best Workouts at the Best Gym Near You in Kolkata

Starmark is best known for its care for the fitness seekers and efficiency in a diverse range of workout programs that are designed to embrace and enhance the fitness level of individuals. Fitness lovers across Kolkata label us the single most professional and dominating fitness center in Kolkata for the variety of workouts we offer and the fine results those bring out for your health and fitness.

Our workouts focus on various aspects of fitness from the durability to endurance, strength, flexibility, and weight loss! We talk to you, discuss your fitness goals and present health issues and recommend the finest fitness programs that bring you to your goals!

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Workouts That Never Fail

Weight Management Workouts

Rather than depending fully on the calorie restriction, it’s more effective to combine the exercise with a healthy diet for losing weight and maintaining it. Even certain diseases can be prevented and their effects can be reversed by the exercise. It’s great to do exercise for lowering the cholesterol and blood pressure which are the two main reasons for the heart attack. Even for lowering the killer diseases like breast cancer or colon, exercise is a great help. When you exercise, it builds self-confidence and well-being in you which reduces the rates of depression and nervousness. Starmark manages to bring together the finest fitness trainers and equipment in order to create an intuitive routine for weight management workouts. The better you manage your weight, the more we succeed!

CrossFit Workouts

Being the best gym in Kolkata near you, we always try to make sure that you get a diverse range of workout programs which includes the CrossFit Workout considering its immense benefits for your fitness level.

CrossFit is one of the most efficient ways to get fit. And more importantly, anybody is capable of doing this workout. This fitness program coalesces an array of functional movements into a scored and timed workout! Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Gymnastics, Squats, Weightlifting, Rowing, Running, and a line of other movements are associated with this workout. The CrossFit workout is recommended to practice for three consecutive days, rest for one day and then practice for three more consecutive days. This routine should be maintained.

Strength Enhancement Workouts

If you want to improve the tone and strength of your muscles, then all you require is confronting your muscles with the Strength training (which is also called the Resistance Training) exercises for two or three times a week. The strength enhancement workouts would not only enhance your strength but also will help you get various long-term health benefits to your general metabolism, bones, and muscles.

At Starmark Fitness Studio, we take pride in offering the health-focused strength enhancement workouts which never affect your health with any side effects! Moreover, our professional and certified trainers will always be there to guide you throughout the workout process in order to make sure none of our members make any harm to their body during the workout process.

Zumba Workouts

Zumba is one workout that is often not found in most of the gyms in Kolkata and other metropolitans. But Starmark lives up to its reputation and brings the finest Zumba instructors to get your trained with incredibly intuitive Zumba workouts. Our goal lies in offering you the utmost level of fitness wrapped in the rare but effective workouts.

Zumba workout is a workout that focuses on the lower-boy and integrates the Zumba routine and aerobic steps with the Latin Dance Rhythms. The people who do their workouts with the toning sticks can go for the Zumba Toning as that’s made for the group of people. Through the Zumba workout, you can strengthen and work on your arms, thighs, and abs along with the other muscles of your body.

Kettlebell and TRX Workouts

Kettlebell and TRX workout is a suspension training which makes use of the weight of your body for exercise to build balance, strength, flexibility, and core stability at the same time. You need to work for maintaining the center of gravity with Kettlebell and the TRX would encourage a plank position for exercise. With the gravity and body weight, a person can finish the exercises.

We, at Starmark, stay extremely focused on providing the finest training for the Kettlebell and TRX workouts. Our certified fitness trainers explain every little detail of the workout process to the members who join the workout program in order to ensure that none of them make any mistakes during the workout as TRX workout can harm their health if done wrong!

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting is a usual form of strength training which is practiced for the strength development and for the development of the skeletal muscles. The force of gravity is used by this workout in the form of the weighted bars, weight stacks or dumbbells for opposing the strength generated by the muscles through the eccentric or concentric tightening.

Moreover, Starmark offers you an extensive body transformation workout program which works on the right transformation of your body in line with your wish! Be it fat loss or weight gain, our fitness trainers along with the dietitians and nutritionists create a fitness regime and a planned diet for you which take you towards your destination of fitness. When our weight lifting workouts join force with the perfect diet plans, it not only transforms your body but transforms your health and personality!


Powerlifting is such a strength-based workout program that focuses on a single aspect – putting more weights to the bar and lifting the bar. Basically, there are two kinds of individuals found in the world of fitness and gym – one who focuses on shape and aesthetic, the bodybuilders and the others who are all about weight on the bar, powerlifters. Starmark takes an immense care of the powerlifting process and the powerlifters during the workout. The professionalism of Starmark’s certified professionals always lets the workout get completed under an efficiency and without any health risk. When you do the heavy lifts like bench press, squats, and deadlifts, the only thing that matters is an expert guidance for the workout process.

We, at Starmark, push your limits and make you do the unthinkable with our motivating trainers, friendly management, and outstandingly crafted environment. These qualities may be missed in most of the multi gyms in Kolkata you heard of!

Scientific Yoga Techniques

A great fitness depicts an active body and a healthy mind. And the Yoga can make you fit in both ways. The neuroscience that applies to the Yoga is enough to explain which the Yoga is required to be practiced regularly for an effective reduction in the stress and building a perfect balance in the body. Yoga can also help you focus on something deeply which has perhaps been overlooked before.

Dr. Mithu Storoni (Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, and a Yoga Teacher) has enlightened the science lied behind the stress and Yoga. That’s why it’s always a great facility to go for Scientific Yoga for gaining a healthy lifestyle. Thus, we offer each of our Yoga asanas wrapped with a scientific cloak! Starmark always puts its efforts in finding the scientific reasons for practicing the Yoga techniques and also trains the members with the techniques which are scientifically proven.

Cardio Workouts

Cardiovascular fitness helps us develop and nurture our heart’s capability of pumping the oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. And the Cardio Workout helps us develop Cardiovascular and Aerobic fitness!

For the cardio workout, one requires a continuous reasonable level of intensity for a specific time duration. During the time, the cardiovascular system will be able to refill the oxygen in your body to the working muscles. The common cardio activities are cycling, walking, swimming, jogging, rowing, stair climbing, and jump rope.

At Starmark Fitness Studio, we include each and every cardio activity onboard in order to ensure your fitness and metabolism. Our cardio trainers stay by your side during all the workout procedures and make sure you don’t take a wrong step while doing the workout.

Spinning Class

Inside our large Spinning Studio, we conduct extensive spinning classes that include the stationary bikes that focus on your endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity, and recovery. Also, known as flywheels, stationary bikes are used at multiple levels of speed and resistance. Moreover, trainees are asked to cycle in different positions for improving different muscles.

Spinning Classes come with a range of health benefits for the trainees. With regular spinning studio exercises, you can lose weight, burn calories, and have better BMI chart readings. Moreover, Spinning class exercises are also great in reducing body fat percentage and improving blood-glucose levels.

With a knowledgeable and efficient trainer, energetic music, and great lighting effects, we make sure our Spinning class remains entertaining and effective. Considerably, the finest of the cardio exercises, Spinning Class should be your destination for a fun workout. We offer the best spinning class regime in Kolkata.

We Mix Fitness with Science

The fitness workout is basically the combination of both art and science. So, you may call it a scientific art. While we need to care for the time restrictions, personal preferences, and training responses, there’s also an entree to a huge amount of time-tested scientific methods.

Often following a written program is the only way left for us. And there’s nothing wrong as the doctors suggest us to follow. But often, it’s best to run our own scientific training experiments in order to achieve our goals and get control over our own training. That’s why people in the fitness industry label us as the best multi gym in Kolkata!