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5 Bad Gym Habits You Need to Change Right Now!

5 Bad Gym Habits You Need to Change Right Now!

When accomplishing your fitness goal is the one and the only plan behind joining a gym then why should we waste time in chit-chatting with other gym members and getting accustomed to some wrong habits during exercise session? No, your behavior and activities are not blamed here, instead, you are just suggested to change a few bad workout habits while visiting your nearby gym regularly.

There is no doubt that you are striving hard and shedding sweat to get a well-shaped physique, balance your Body Mass Index (BMI) and burning your long-stored stubborn calories. However, you just need to bring passion and seriousness while doing a workout in any evening or early morning gym near you.

Remember, your wrong habits and laziness during workouts can spoil the mood of your gym trainer, make you demotivated and divert your direction from setting board in a fitness target. So, be motivated and focus while keeping your footsteps on the stairs of your nearby fitness center.

Bad Gym Habits and Ways to Get Over Them

Focusing on your fitness regime and goal is not only the thing you need to do, but you need to change some bad habits which may cause trouble to others and also ruin your image in front of your gym mates and the fitness trainers.

There are some bad habits that are needed to be changed when you are practicing workout in the best multi gyms of Kolkata or other cities because your habits and behaviors present your persona in front of others. Take a clear look at a few wrong gym habits and the tips of fitness experts to fix such problems:

1. Using Phone during the Workout Session

In this generation, people are becoming more and more tech-savvy, and they cannot live without technology for a minute. But we all know the health issues because of this habit and tech-addiction.

While visiting a gym or practicing workouts, some people have a very bad habit of talking or chatting over their phone or tabs. If you are also one of them then immediately stop this habit. This will divert your fitness goals and the money invested in your workout session will be in vain. Hope you don’t want that!

Keeping yourself busy in using the phone will demotivate you from the workout sessions and you will never achieve a fruitful fitness target because of this bad habit. So, reduce mobile usage as much as possible when you are doing exercise.

Yes, phone calls are necessary but when you are going to a gym keep your phone aside or in a bag. Just take necessary calls if required because your health management is your responsibility. If you do not put much heed in that then you will not get the result for several years.

2. Staring Long at the Gym Machines While Someone is Using it

If you have taken admission to a gym then make sure you have to share the machines with other gym members and you also have to keep patience when others are using any machine or equipment.

Some people have a very bad habit of stalking or staring long at the machines when someone is practicing workouts. Waiting is all right, but making your fellow gym mate uncomfortable by staring at him or her for a long time is not a courtesy.

Everyone in your nearby multi gym is just to fulfill their fitness aims like you. So, you need to understand the thing without being selfish and rude. Take your time while using any equipment or machine and also make the same scope for others without chasing them.

Ask the trainers of the gym to find other machines for you if you are in a hurry or perform some stretching, warm-up and manual workouts when you find a treadmill or cycling machine busy.

3. Stinking or Wearing Smelly Clothes during the Fitness Session

It’s quite natural to shed sweat while doing any kind of exercises whether you are practicing manual workouts or running in a treadmill. No problem! You are there to sweat more and shed more because it is required to remove toxins from your body.

Now, if you sweat then it is quite obvious that you will stink and your gym mates along with fitness trainers will feel annoyed to come near you because of the bad odor. There are bad habits such as, repeating the same smelly clothes every day in the gym without washing them and not carrying deodorant or perfume in the gym.

Don’t think much guys! You really don’t have to put much effort, just wash your gym garments and wear other comfortable clothes while going to a gym. Remember, this is not only for others but also for you because you should never forget the way to maintain hygiene and stop infections in the craziness of accomplishing your fitness aim.

Also, carry a towel and a pocket deodorant with you while going for your workout sessions to diminish the bad odor from your body. If you visit any reputed multi gym in Kolkata like Starmark Fitness Studio, you will get separate shower rooms where you can easily take bath after your workout session and change your clothes to feel fresh. Moreover, you can keep alternative shoes and clothes in your personal locker of the gym.

4. Not Wiping the Gym Machines after Using

You are not only the one who runs the treadmill or strokes legs in a cycling machine. There are other people as well who wait to practice it after you. It is often seen that a few people use the machines for a long time and after that, they don’t wipe out the sweat dropping from their hand or body on the machine.

Do you feel, how awkward and disgusting the person can feel who will use the same machine after you? Try to keep yourself in his or her place and now say how you will feel. No, the motive is not to show your fault because of this habit but the main fact is to get you acquainted with the knowledge of gym etiquettes which all fitness freaks should follow.

Be in your manners by wiping out your sweat by any cloth piece or your towel after using the machines. Remember, if you show your conduct and care for the hygiene of others, your gym mates may also care for you whenever you need. The big multigyms in Kolkata and other places always provide you a towel that you can use personally to wipe out your sweat and the machines engrossed with your sweat.

5. Chewing Gums While Practicing Workout in Gym

Yes, fitness experts suggest chewing gums and hard sugar-free candies to cut the flabby areas of your face, remove double chin and create an attractive jawline but not during the workout session.

The idea is to get a sharp jawline and balanced cheeks but without damaging the other parts of your body or creating a breathing problem. As per the expert health coaches, you need to breathe in and breathe out during workout sessions. But while chewing gums, you are missing that thing and not breathing naturally. This will never give you a positive fitness result and also create trouble in your respiratory system.

So, apply other ways to cut fat from your face by doing face gym and double-chin exercises. If you really want to chew something for having a toned face, chew fennel seeds or sugar-free gums. Fennel seeds are better than gums because it will help you digest naturally and the long hours chewing process will definitely help you with a chisel-shaped jawline.

Whatever you are chewing, don’t chew it during workout sessions. Do it after going out of the gym or other times because having normal breathing is the mandatory thing for practicing exercise and gaining fruitful results.

Ending Note

Whether you are an aspiring fitness freak or a professional fitness trainer in a reliable multi gym of Kolkata, mistakes are common for all. You don’t need to repent for such follies, just be smart enough to change the wrong gym habits to get better results and make the ambiance of workout soothing. Health experts suggest to enjoy workouts but do not get demotivated from the target that you have already set for your health.