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Best exercises for athletes

Athletes are different from other human professionals. This is because athletes compulsorily need to be fit and follow at least some fitness programs to remain healthy. Thus, exercises are a must for athletes and they may include either aerobic or anaerobic or a combination of both. However, the athletes are not a monolithic lot, as … Continue reading “Best exercises for athletes”

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Best Exercises for Neck and Spine

The neck and spine are one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. This is the reason, pain in either neck or spine can be extremely disturbing and, in some cases, can ruin the quality of life by making every movement painful. Therefore, many exercises can support the spine and reduce pain in … Continue reading “Best Exercises for Neck and Spine”

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High Protein Diet Benefits and Risks

Many health-conscious people in the world believe that a protein-rich diet is always beneficial. Similarly, people who want to shed extra fat and kilos consume protein-rich food without knowing the benefits and risks associated with it. The fact is the overconsumption of proteins can lead to death due to kidney failures. It is always recommended … Continue reading “High Protein Diet Benefits and Risks”

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Risks in weightlifting

Bodybuilding has become very popular and fashionable nowadays as people have become more health-conscious than before. Bodybuilding however is neither easy nor free from risks. The main source of risk is weightlifting. Weightlifting risks are not entirely unavoidable because bodybuilding is incomplete without it. It is worth noting that some of these risks are due … Continue reading “Risks in weightlifting”

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Aerobic vs Anaerobic exercises

Hey, are you looking for a blog relating to strength training or thinking about whether to go to strength training classes?

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Safe Exercises for Lungs

Healthy lungs are the key to a healthy life. It is because of the lungs that we breathe and remain alive. Therefore, keeping lungs healthy extends one’s longevity under normal circumstances. Lungs mainly become impaired due to excessive smoking, pollution, or respiratory disorders. Asthma, pneumonia, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) are the main diseases … Continue reading “Safe Exercises for Lungs”

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