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6 Best Exercise Machines to Boost Your Fitness

6 Best Exercise Machines to Boost Your Fitness

More or less every fitness expert gives a hard pass on the exercise machines and equipment in comparison with the freehand exercises, bodyweight workouts, and free weights. Well, this irreverence is quite justified since most of the gym equipment is terrible!

Basically, the issue that appears at this stage is time! Most of the exercise machines focus only on one body part at a time which makes it crystal clear that you need to spend hours with the equipment to work on all your body parts! When it comes to fitness, we have learned that time efficiency is an integrated key to achieve optimum health. According to various popular fitness trainers, the fitness workouts should make use of most of our body parts in this fast-paced world where the time-consuming workouts just don’t fit the equation.

Some may argue that exercise machines are full-proof and possess no harm for the person who’s training. But there’s a fine chance that you may still get injured while using the equipment incorrectly. Using gym equipment repetitively with wrong chair settings or improper weight amounts may result in serious injuries which can damage your muscles and joints.

However, you should not abandon the workout machines since they still carry a great significance for building your body and health. Not all of the equipment is worth appreciation, but the following seven exercise machines surely deserve applause.

Lat Pull-Down

A strong back will not only aid you in reducing the risk of injuries or standing taller but it will also make you look ravishing when you’ll flaunt your back!

Every professional multi gym in Kolkata will certainly have a Lat Pull-Down machine, considering its effectiveness on shaping the latissimus dorsi muscles (in other word, Lats). These muscles are located on your back and they cover the posterior of your ribcage. One of the finest benefits of Lat Pull-Down is how it stimulates the pull-up! Now, the pull-up is considered to be one of the best upper body strength workouts which can be practiced for an exceptional result.

Pull-ups are certainly not the easiest workout to practice and perform since it requires a lot of strength. Thus, if you think you can just nail the pull-ups, you’re day-dreaming. The Lat pull-down, in that case, will help you gain the strength which will make you capable of performing the perfect pull-ups without even realizing.

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps

Pull-Up/Dip Machine

Surely, Pull-Ups are tough but Bodyweight Dips will also not stay behind in terms of toughness. There is more resemblance between the pull-ups and bodyweight dips since both of these are killer upper body exercises and come first when it comes to strengthening the back muscles.

The combo machine we are talking about will allow you to work on both of the Pull-up and Bodyweight Dips by dropping the bodyweight percentage which is actually being lifted. This particular equipment will help you maintain a good shape since your whole upper-body gets the strength. This machine is made for the fitness lovers who want to work on low-weight and high-rep sets and who are starting off their fitness journey!

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps

Seated Row Machine

Seated Row Machine also works on your Lat just like the Lat Pull-Down! The only difference is that Seated Row Machine focuses more on the mid-back because the machine allows you to pull the weight towards yourself horizontally. Moreover, this intuitive workout machine works on the back of your shoulders, rhomboids, and biceps. If you are the person who sits on the desk for the whole day, this machine is a blessing for you since you are possibly losing strength in your postural muscles while sitting the entire day and the whole day of sitting on the desk can also cause you pain and discomfort.

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press exercise is a workout that will get multiple muscles to work at the same time. The Chest Press Machine works outstandingly well to isolate the pectorals (the chest muscles) and anterior deltoids (In simpler words, the front of shoulders). And the finest advantage of the workout is it will not put much strain on your shoulder or wrist as the push-ups do. On the other hand, if you have any hand/wrist issue or carpal tunnel, chest press machine would be the best alternative to your push-up and bench press workouts since chest press machine also targets the similar muscle groups like the push-up and bench press.

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps with mid to heavy-weight stack

Seated Leg Press

You’ll get a modified squat position with the leg press machine which has comfortable back support. This machine works on your hamstrings, quads, and glutes without putting much extra strain on your knees and the lower-back. Moreover, this machine will allow you to change your chair setting to regulate the depth or strength of the press/squat you want to do. What’s more, is you can also modify your weight as required!

Considering the fact that big muscle groups like your hamstrings, quads, and glutes are worked by this machine, it is recommended to count it among the first lower body exercises you do at your gym. On a lower-body day, you should start light and go heavy with time!

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps at a light to mid-weight stack

Hamstring Curl

The hamstring is counted among the most difficult muscles to isolate as well as considered to be one of the muscles which are extremely tough to work effectively and safely. But the hamstring curl machine will allow you to do both with ease which is undoubtedly priceless for anybody who is a newbie in the resistance training and looking for growing the size and strength of their hamstring.

Many ladies naturally have stronger quads compared to their hamstring. This machine will surely be the best gym equipment for those ladies (and the others) since this machine forces the hamstring to work without letting the quads take over. Hamstring Curl should always be incorporated into your workout plans to shape the backs of your legs and strengthen them.

Recommended Workout Pattern: 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps

These are the exercise machines which should always be your companion at the gym in order to work on all your body parts and save time during the process. Most of the exercise machines may not be well-fitted with the whole-body exercise but these are the machines which will never fail you to shape your health and fitness to the optimum level.

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