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Exercises for pain relief

Exercises for pain relief

Pain affects millions of people around the world. Sometimes pain can be chronic and its treatment leads to high medical costs and lost productivity. Medicines like pain killers are often ineffective in the long run and tend to cause several side effects. Therefore, many people choose exercises to relieve pain. Most of these exercises can decrease inflammation and reduce overall pain. However, exercises often need to be done with the help of cardio, relaxation, strength, and stretching.


Stretching can be used for treating back pain. It can reduce muscular tension that can support the spine. Back pain can also minimize disability pain and improve the range of overall mobility and motion. The usual suggestion that is used to relieve back pain is that one first needs to wear comfortable clothing such that movements are not constricted. Long stretches lasting for around 30 seconds are essential for improving the range of motion and strengthening muscles. If one stretches at least 2 to 5 times then muscular elongation is guaranteed and it improves the range of motion.

Deep breathing and visualization

In deep breathing, you have to lie on the back and sit down comfortably on the floor or the bed. Relax your feet and shoulder and place your hands on the stomach. After these two steps, you need to shut your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. Release all the air and take out the air from the mouth. It is vital to understand that you need to continue breathing with the nose. With each breath, you need to feel that belly rises with each breath. This exercise should be repeated before going to bed.

There are several types of shoulder stretches depending upon the location of neck and shoulder stretches. Lateral flexion stretches range from ear to shoulder. The neck can be bent on one side such that it touches the ear to the shoulder. Scapula stretch happens when one rests one arm against a doorjamb or a wall. Pulling the head forward and stretching the hand at the desired time is necessary. Flexion stretches range from chest to chin. Corner stretch is felt under the collarbone and it can be done by facing the corner of the room.

Lower pain back exercises

Lower back pain and chronic pain among adults can be minimized considerably with stretching exercises. There are partial pain relief crunches that can be beneficial for the back. Partial stomach crunch is very helpful in eliminating pain associated with spondylosis. In this exercise, just lie from the back and bend your knees. Tighten your stomach muscles and raise your arms and head around the chest. You need to lower your back towards the floor. However, while doing this exercise you must breathe out while raising your shoulders. It is also necessary that these moves should be repeated at least 8 to 12 times. It is essential to remain cautious that these exercises are done in a proper form otherwise results can be counterproductive.

Hamstring stretches

This form of exercise can relieve pain in the back of the leg. This stretch becomes beneficial if a fitness band is used. While doing hamstring stretches lie on the backside and bend your knees. The next thread is to use a towel below the ball on the unbent leg. Gently pull the towel or fitness band back and straighten your knees. Continue this stretch for at least 30 seconds and repeat the exercise at least 5 times.

Back extension press-ups

This exercise is suited for back pain. The first step is to lie on the stomach and move your hands below the shoulders. Lower your hands down and then feel the shoulder lift away from the floor. Once the step is complete, keep the hands below the shoulder by setting the elbows. Continue to do this for the next few seconds. The common back extension presses ups include the sphinx position. In this form of exercise, one has to start lying on the stomach and begin exercises by raising the upper body and keeping the pelvis on the floor.

Standing back exercise is one of the most common exercises which can be done in any place. It should ideally begin with press-ups on the floor. One needs to arch backward for three seconds and just repeat the first step with press-ups. Ideally, one should repeat the exercise five times.

Cat postures should begin by creating an arch in the lower back. Just raise the abdominal area towards the top but keep the head bowed down. This should be done for around half a minute. Repeat the first step multiple times.

Knee to chest exercises helps relieve muscular pains in the leg. It should begin by raising both legs together flat on the ground. Then, raise the knee in the upward direction and try to pull your chest with your hand. Continue doing this exercise for 30 seconds and repeat the starting position. However, while doing this exercise the right and left legs should be alternately moved.

Water exercises

Several types of water exercises can be effective in reducing pain. Knee to chest exercises is good for the lower back. Just bend one leg and outstretch it and hold one hand onto the other side of the pool. Leg raise exercises require stretching exercises with the help of one leg. This exercise is beneficial for muscles in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.

Wall-facing stretch exercises are often called the exercises requiring a posture where hands rest on the side of the pool and legs can be outstretched or supported by water. This is vital for relieving pain in the back. Even joints in the back can get pain relief if it is done correctly. Pool walking exercises are those exercises due in which leg muscles can get major pain relief. Moreover, it does not exert any strain on the buttocks and knees. People suffering from arthritis can get respite after doing these pool walking exercises.