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Small Space Workouts

Small Space Workouts

Exercises are one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. It also helps in minimizing the chances of diseases by reducing the risk of occurrence. It primarily helps in weight control and also promotes psychological well-being, besides having a plethora of other benefits. However, many people cannot go to gymnasiums or join expensive health classes due to financial or time constraints. Therefore, many are choosing small space workouts in their own apartment to get similar benefits of exercises and workouts. Small spaces can indeed act as substitutes of gymnasiums, provided the number of people in a home are less. 

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is most suited for toning down lower and upper parts of the body. It is a major fat blaster for those who want to reduce their fat. In small spaces, daily jumping rope can be immensely beneficial for legs, stomach and heart. One leg, double leg and even double ditch are some of the ways of using the jumping rope. Jumping rope can be beneficial for heart because it can quickly raise heart beat and burn calories quicker. Muscle toning can be achieved with the help of jumping rope since stringent exercises can help in targeting lower body and build lean muscles. Additionally, jumping rope helps in improving coordination. Coordination in feet improves significantly after doing jumping rope exercises. Since jumping rope exercises are good for reducing weight, fat reduction becomes easier and faster.


Kettlebells can save both space and time, and are extremely good for workouts. According to a 2010 study, kettlebells have the capacity to burn 400 calories within just 20 minutes. In case you are interested in either full-body strength or any type of cardiovascular exercise, then kettlebells are the most suitable option. Additionally, kettlebells can also be helpful in reducing body fat and promoting body toning benefits. Unlike traditional weight lifting machines, kettlebells do not need large spaces and are also less expensive. However, one should not put too much weight on kettlebells, since it can lead to serious injuries. Conversely, one should not put less weight on kettlebells as it would be of no use. It is worth noting that kettlebell is not suitable for all types of cardio exercises. 


Yoga alone is capable of substituting almost every type of exercise that requires gymnasium. There are fat reducing yoga, breathing exercises, extended side angle and vinyasa which are performed by millions. You can easily do Yoga by watching YouTube videos and there is no need to go to any gymnasium. Most Yoga postures can be done at homes and are not time-taking either. The notable advantages of doing yoga are it improves balance, flexibility and strength. It has the capability to heal or provide pain at the back. The cat-cow pose especially is suited to get relief from such types of pain. Arthritis is another major disease that can be managed by doing yoga. It benefits cardiac health and helps in sleeping better. Yoga can also improve mood, increase more energy and bust stress for a large number of people. Though Yoga can be done at home, if done outside it can provide a supportive community, thereby, reducing loneliness. 

Body weight workouts

These types of workouts do not require dumb bells, barbells or any type of resistance bands. You can do such exercises at home in a small space by doing moves such as mountain climbers, push-ups, lunges, squats and planks. Push ups are beneficial for arms and chest.  Lunges and squats are beneficial for both buttocks and legs. In case one wants to tone down abs, then both mountain climbers and planks are suitable. These body weight workouts are suitable if one wants to burn calories. In such a scenario, it is advisable to take rests between 20 to 30 seconds. 

Suspension training

Most personal trainers and indoor fitness experts recommend suspension training. Suspension training are straps made up of nylon. These exercises are appropriate for homes having less space. There are over hundreds of types of training which comes under the classification of suspension. There are dozens of exercises of suspension circuit which includes 10-to-20-minute routines. Even in bedrooms, sturdy pole and beam suspension circuit do not require less than two pounds and are therefore quite compact. 

Indoor cycling

This is one of the most beneficial indoor exercises. A small bike can be bought and you can do exercises by watching a cinema or listening to music. Riding on a road can be simulated easily with the help of an indoor cycle. It is worth noting that a person by cycling for just 30 minutes can burn around 200-300 calories. 

Wall push ups

There is no need to hit the gymnasium if one does wall push ups. Wall push ups are helpful for better blood pumping in small spaces. Parallelly, the body can be rotated while raising hands into the air. This can be helpful for burning calories and can be useful for toning ankles, knees and buttocks.

YouTube workouts

For indoor exercises, the world’s most popular online video platform YouTube has several thousand videos. Therefore, these videos can offer a range of exercises that can be done from home in a limited space. There are certain popular video channels such as Fitness Blender and Hasfit for different home exercise regimes. 

Ab crunches

In small homes, ab crunches can be used to perform exercises. It is one of the greatest exercises to increase main strength by using just a small area. Ab crunches can be done to perform the exercises by slightly bending the knees. Moreover, one can perform the exercise by lying on the floor. So, in case you want to do six pack abs, then these ab crunches can be useful.

Stair step ups

These stair steps up can be helpful for toning muscle groups which includes hamstrings and glutes. During the exercise, it is necessary to advance step up and increase weight during lifts. However, stair step ups are of limited benefits and needs to be complemented with other exercises too.