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Different individuals have different ways of dealing with stress! Some read book, some listen to music, some go for a trip and some find a friend to lean on. However, there’s another proven way of fighting your anxieties and stress and get the upper hand – Stress-Buster Exercises! Hitting a gym and involving yourself with exercises not only builds your body but makes you mentally stronger along with bringing you out of your stress and anxieties!

Well, we are not pitching for a gym admission! According to the researches done by Harvard Health have proven that daily exercise reduces the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the human body. Moreover, the endorphin produced by exercises gives a natural high to humans and distracts them from everything else that’s bothering them.

However, it’s wise to remember that not all workout will be able to match your expectations when it comes to reducing your stress. There are a few selected workouts which are crowned as the finest stress-busters of all time! In this article, we are going to discuss the best stress-buster exercises you can start practicing.


It is no surprise that Yoga is one of the best exercises for combatting your stress and anxieties. This ancient Hindu exercise is a mind-body exercise which involves postures and poses with control over the breathing and the right amount of relaxation. Apart from de-stressing our mind, Yoga comes in handy for helping us reduce the musculoskeletal tension and spasm which can grow in the key areas of our body such as shoulders, neck, face, back, fingers, jaw, and wrists. Therefore, Yoga becomes the most reliable exercise to lessen your anxiety and stress!


Have you ever felt that Feel-Good factor after a running session or a jogging session? Well, if not felt good, you must not also have felt stressed mentally! This is because running is an exercise that works great for reducing the stress since your heart rate is elevated and thus, the endorphins are released naturally by your brain. The endorphins are the feel-good neurotransmitters which reduce the perception of stress in your head and offers a sense of euphoria to you which is often called “runner’s high!”


While the above two exercises are very much known to everybody, Tai Chi can be a term which may lift your eyebrows a bit up! Well, Tai Chi was originally innovated by the Chinese (as you can already assume by the name) for the self-defense. The exercise contains a series of movements performed slowly and with the utmost focus with a controlled and deep breathing. Tai Chi does the same as Yoga with stretching, twisting, and rotating muscles which helps the muscles relax.


You must be surprised, even shocked and thinking about how is it possible! Well, let us tell you that your daily household chores like sweeping, mopping floors, raking leaves or snow shoveling are nothing less than effective stress buster exercises. They also have a similar physiological effect like running, swimming, dancing, or walking! Moreover, you get a de-stressing bonus as you have actually completed the household chores! Fairly a win-win situation, right?


Dancing is without any doubt one of the best stress-busters! Well, it has physical involvement as well as mental happiness during practice and later. Dancing is a cardiovascular activity which works the same as running does – it enhances your heart rate and keeps the endorphin flowing. Multiple studies have shown the fact that dancing not only helps you in reducing your stress but also helps you more than the other exercises or meditating alone. Dance forms like Zumba is available at the best gyms near you just like Starmark has the service to offer its members.


Have you ever felt punching somebody or something out of stress and anxiety? If it happens to you, kickboxing is an awesome activity which can take your anger out as well as offer you a relaxation that you have been looking for. Kickboxing is a form of martial arts which engage most of the muscles of your body and release the stress out of you! It not only makes you stronger mentally, but physically as well!


Pilates is a great stress-buster exercise since most of the exercise focuses on your breathing. Pilates let your muscles and your brain relax! Just like Yoga, Pilates will also serve you with an increased mental concentration which will let you focus on positive things and reduce your stress in a great way!

These are the 7 Stress-Buster Exercises you need to start practicing today for reducing your stress and anxiety! Anxiety often holds you back from achieving heights and you look for a way to diminish the stress you are going through. In that scenario, exercise is a great way to help and these seven are the finest of them all! If you need expert consultation, Starmark is there with all the expert trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists who can help you get healthy – both mentally and physically!