A diet plan that can make you fit like magic! Intermittent fasting is the hottest term in the diet world and you can know everything about this diet plan here.

Over the recent few years, people have gone gaga with the term – Intermittent fasting. A diverse range of individuals like bodybuilders, personal trainers, fitness influencers, and celebrities are abuzz with the benefits of this eating pattern to lose fat! Well, if you are unheard of this technique, let us help you with all the required information.


The first and foremost point you need to bear in mind is that Intermittent fasting should not be considered as a diet! Let’s consider this as an eating pattern. More specifically, it is the process of cycling in and out of the eating and non-eating periods. Despite the fact that people have lost weight through the Intermittent Fasting approach, it still should be considered as a lifestyle more than anything else. You can reap some far-fetched health benefits with this particular fasting included in your routine.


Different methods of this fasting practice can be availed which are as follows:


In this process, you divide the 7 days of a week into 5 days and 2 days. While you are going to follow your normal eating pattern for 5 days in a week, the other 2 days are your fasting days where you will still eat but you need to keep the calorie consumption between 500-600 calories.


In this particular Intermittent Fasting method, all foods will be restricted for 24 hours. You need to follow this routine once or twice a week.


The 16/8 fasting process allows you to intake all your daily calories within 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours! You can follow this routine every day or a few times a week.


This method quite closely resembles the 16/8 process but does have a significant difference or uniqueness. In this process, you need to have a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning which will keep your hunger pangs at bay while you will still be on the diet!


There is more than one reason why you should include the Intermittent Fasting in your diet plan. Once you know the reasons, you will be bound to avail the benefits offered by this particular fasting and diet program. Let’s have a look at some of the most viable reasons to choose this diet plan over others.


Among the key components of the fat loss program, one of the most vital aspects is the calorie restriction. So, the intermittent fasting can help you lose your fat by sustaining the calorie deficit which will be achieved by eating between the pre-decided time frames.


Those days are over when you had to prepare 5-6 meals every 3 hours. Through the Intermittent Fasting method, you can have fewer meals in a larger quantity! If you are super-busy with your work schedule and find yourself stuffing food in the last minute, this can be the best trick to avail.


The foremost reason behind the diet failures is not having wrong foods, the main reason is that individuals on the diet fail miserably while sticking to it in a consistent manner. This workout makes the whole diet about nutrition and less about the actual eating behaviors.

Diets seem easy at first but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, it becomes tougher whereas the Intermittent Fasting may seem tough at the beginning but becomes easier with time.

So, the above is all about the Intermittent Fasting and the benefits of it. If you are willing to get into a fit shape and want an easy diet plan to help you achieve the goals, Intermittent Fasting can be a viable option. However, the weight loss programs are also there which would help you lose your fat in the gym. Now, follow the fasting and find your fitness in the best way possible.


Know about the 3 top reasons for overeating in our article. If you are overeating, it’s time to stop this habit to take care of your health.

Maybe all of us are aware of the feeling of overindulging during our meal session but nobody knows the reasons for overeating! This starts from just an acquitted hunger pang and leads to our helplessness in controlling our appetite which ultimately leads to a lot of overeating and its penalties! That feeling of lethargy, laziness, bloating, queasiness, and many more go on!

Most of the people would not mind the feeling of overweight once in a while especially when the food is worth eating. If the food is tasty enough and it is consumed occasionally, it is fine to lose control over your taste buds and stomach for the particular time. But the problem occurs when overeating becomes a practice for you and you start feeling the side effects of it more often.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the reasons and situations which are responsible for your overeating habit and future regret. So, be cautious while engaging in the following practices.


Can you guess, what is the most exciting aspect of a party? Well, different individuals would take different names but the one common aspect will be the foods. Most of the weight watchers start planning and anticipating for the delectable foods which will be available at the party!

They plan to indulge those delicious foods in the most quantity. In that quest, they often skip their lunch and even breakfast to make space for the yummy foods! That’s how the overeating process begins – We never intend to miss a single dish of the party which is why we make space by skipping breakfast and lunch. Consequently, in order to fill the void, we pack ourselves with an excessive amount of food at the party that is considered a viable reason for overeating and lethal for health!


You might be lacking the nutrition in your body if you find yourself constantly thinking about food and going through hunger pangs in a day. It may be possible that you are trying to control your appetite by indulging healthy and clean foods, but it is also very much possible that you are striping your body of nutrition.

You need to understand one firm fact that fruits and salads at meal times are not enough to stay healthy. Following this routine will make you way hungrier than your imagination.

Intaking too many refined carbs is also capable of making you feel hungry at a rapid rate which will lead you to the binge eating. The reason behind this is refined carbs may provide initial energy but eventually cause a spike in insulin in the human body which leads to the dip in sugar level leading to a craving for food very soon and overeating at last!


You may start overeating and feel uncomfortable later on owing to the reason that the suitable portion sizes may differ from one person to another. Not knowing the correct portion size for you can cause the issue. You must have a fair knowledge of your portion size and stick to it even at a party you are attending. Filling your plate with all the available dishes and gathering them in your stomach is the worst thing you can do to your health.

Even the simplest meal can be of great enjoyment when taken in the proper proportion. Without following the proper quantity or proportion, you can fall into a great danger of overeating which can end up with various health issues which are beyond your imaginations.

So, these are the top three vital reasons for overeating issues. As you have an idea now about the reasons for your overeating, you can start working on resolving these issues and eat in the best quantity that your body requires for functioning. So, we believe you would consider this article and improve your daily life. Moreover, if you require any further assistance regarding fitness, you can always visit our gym for the best fitness assistance.


Know how to boost energy level with diet plan. You can increase your energy by following these efficient diet plans crafted by the industry professionals.

A healthy and balanced diet is the secret to a higher energy level in your body. It has been noticed that most of the individuals find it too difficult to attain the required energy to do their daily jobs and make it to their homes without falling asleep at the end of the day. Thus, it becomes critical to boosting your energy level to get every work done with the highest level of energy. Well, there are fine ways to boost energy level with diet! You need to make a few tweaks on your diet and access to a never-ending energy Level.

Chronic Fatigue and low energy levels can ruin your life and the solution of coffee and tea is limited in terms of battling against the drowsiness you experience each and every day. As it concludes, your daily diet plan plays a pivotal role in keeping your energy level intact during a day. In this article, we are mentioning the top five ways of making a few tweaks in your nutritional habits to achieve the energy level you dream of!


Intermittent Fasting is getting a tremendous response these days. The buzz has been made because the researches have shown that the fasting process can help you lose a considerable weight of yours with the effective eating approach involved in it.

According to Dr. Jason Fung, author of ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting’, there are multiple considerable benefits of Intermittent Fasting! The benefits, according to Dr. Fung, includes the normalization of insulin sensitivity in the body and the ability to reverse the Type 2 Diabetes! Insulin resistance is one of the vital factors of metabolic syndrome which is a cluster of conditions linked to diabetes and hugely connected to chronic fatigue.

You may see great development in your energy level with a diet plan of this 8-hour window eating approach.


For arguing the advantages of having an early supper, Dr. Rhonda Patrick attracted a good amount of attraction very recently! She is drawing on the work of a researcher named Dr. Satchidananda Panda who discovered that the meal timing plays a hugely critical role in controlling the circadian rhythm.

You need to finish the last meal of yours within the early evening rather than indulging yourself with snacks until you get to the bed. This can help you have a better and tight sleep at night along with helping you achieve your main target – keeping you energized throughout the day.


While there are many arguments are going fierce regarding whether or not the carbohydrates are good for the human body, one fact will be intact – Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the human body. The recent studies have made one thing very evident that the unrefined, whole carbs in the diet contribute to a great extent to the individuals who need improved health and greater energy levels!

For instance, the human brain requires glucose. And the brain makes use of 20% of the overall glucose present in the human body under normal circumstances. And the glucose is produced through the whole carbs. Therefore, it’s quite clear that you need a decent portion of whole carbs with each of your meals which includes meals like brown rice!

In these proven ways, you can boost energy level with a diet plan to the fullest extent. When you follow this diet plan, you are going to forget about the drowsiness felt after an intense time spent at your workplace.

If you are not sure about what to do with your diet plan despite this guide, we have crafted especially for you, a consultation with an expert dietitian or a fitness center can be a viable way out to get out of your tiring dilemma.