7 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Spinning Exercise You Should Know

Did you know spinning workout can help you with more health issues than you can imagine? Go through the top health benefits of Spinning exercise.

Exercises are taxing – they make you work hard, bring out your sweat, and exhaust you at the end of the day. Without any doubt, workouts are really helpful for your mental and physical health. But most of the individuals skip exercise because they don’t want to go through the exhausting exercise session when they already spend their day exhausted in works. They do know that every good thing (exercise is surely the best thing) comes with a price but somehow they do not want to pay the price by loads of lifting and sore muscles.

But what if we say that there are some workouts that are fun and do not mentally exhaust you! You may not believe this but there are some exercises that may make you sweat but will surely refresh your mood and your mental strength is what matters to keep you going with exercises.

But What is That Fun Exercise?

There are a few fun exercises that you may do like Frisbee and Zumba dance, but here, in this article, we are talking about Spinning workout! Yes, you may have heard the term spinning studio from some gym-goers but here we are going to explain everything about Spinning workout and especially focus on the benefits of Spinning exercise. So, let’s start.

What is Spinning Workout?

The term ‘Spinning’ refers to a specific brand of indoor bicycles, which are licensed and distributed by Mad Dogg Athletics, an American Health and Fitness Company. With a spin bike (or cycle), you can start pedaling and that will go on for some time. Generally, in a typical spinning class, there is a spinning class instructor who instructs how to pedal along with the gestures and postures along with the music. That’s what makes the spinning studio so fun to be at. Now, as you might have a picture of the spinning workout, let us move to the benefits of Spinning workout.

7 Benefits of Spinning Exercise

Being a fun exercise, spinning workout can be highly effective since the people exercising would actually love to do it! That’s why almost every multi gym includes this workout on their list. However, the fun part is not the benefit we are talking about. We are going to explain the actual health benefits of spinning exercises. So, let’s take a quick glance.

Exercise for Everyone

Everybody can Do Spinning Workout

The benefits of this workout help a wide range of people in terms of their lifestyle, fitness and health. Whether you are just a beginner, trying to drop a few pounds or a pro, looking for improving the performance, the spinning studio is the best place to get it done. Regardless of age, lifestyle or gender, spinning exercise can be a healthy opportunity for everyone. That is the reason why spinning workout is more unique, dynamic, and accommodating, compared to other workouts.

Have Fun While Burning Calories

Burn Calories in the Most Fun Way with Spinning Exercise

Burning calorie would always top the list of the spinning workout benefits. Well, if the calorie burn is the foremost benefit of spinning exercise, surely the fun of doing the exercise is going to take the second spot! It’s like ‘two birds, one stone’ as your gym time would be full of enjoyment while you are riding your spinning bike along with the loud and energetic music. Well, if you are not convinced about the calorie-burning part, a little data would help you to know things better. According to the study at Harvard Health, a 1-hour long ride on an average intensity on a spinning bike can help you burn around 420 to 620 calories. And when you compare it with some workout like Hatha Yoga, which burns around 240-356 calories per hour, you can discover the benefits of spinning workout yourself.

Now, when the fun part is concerned, there’s no better feeling to cycle with a room full of people along with an instructor while the music is loud! The unified excitement and dedication is something that will motivate you to do better.

Get a Healthy Heart

Spinning Exercise Benefits - Healthy Heart

Also can be performed as anaerobic exercise, spinning workout can help you pull up energy from the reserves and develop muscular stamina over a time period. However, this workout also offers the benefits of the aerobic workout since you will get both cardiovascular and endurance training while you are at the spinning studio. Heart health is one of the greatest concerns and also one of the top benefits of spinning exercise. Also, this workout helps you to improve the health of your lungs – with the regular spinning workout, you can develop controlled breathing which will ultimately help you with anxiety.

Go at Your Own Pace

Spinning Exercise can be done at any speed

Whether you are a slow goer or likes it to be at a better speed, both are okay with spinning exercise. Whether you are going to have a high-intensity spinning exercise session or just want to recover from an injury with a slow-paced workout, you can do everything with the utmost comfort with the spinning bike. You can chat with your instructor during the workout in order to talk about your issues. The instructor may not detect your fitness level promptly; so, it is advised to talk it out loud without being ashamed of speaking in front of everyone. However, if you feel awkward, you can also tell your instructor in private.

Less Pressure on Workout Breaking Point

Benefits of Spinning Exercise - low pressure on knees and feet

When compared to the other similarly effective (or less effective) cardio workouts, spinning exercise is proven to put less pressure on your knees and feet which is a great boon for those who have recently faced an injury but still want to continue their spinning class. One of the best benefits of spinning exercise is that it is highly effective without making you feel like it’s a big deal! So, with the freedom of working hard on the spinning bike without thinking about hurting your feet or knees, you can focus on the workout and the results without any potential injuries. Well, needless to say, that’s one of the huge benefits of spinning exercise, isn’t it?

Builds Lean Muscle

Spinning exercise helps in building lean muscle

It won’t take much longer for the exercise to show its physical benefits to you on the mirror. Among the benefits that you can find quite early with spinning workout, one of those is lean muscle development. Moreover, along with the progress with the workout, when you will start losing the stubborn fat from your body, the combined result of minus fat and added lean muscle will surely make you jump in joy!

The primary lean muscular definition that you will get from the spinning workout would be in your core and leg muscles since those are the parts that are mainly used while exercising at the spinning studio. However, if you want to work on your upper body as well, make sure you are mixing some cross-training elements into the program!

Better Mental Strength

Get better mental health with regular spinning workout

Yes, spinning exercise also works like magic when it comes to your mental health. And this is one of the best benefits of spinning exercise. Following two are the main benefit of spinning workout on mental health:

Spinning helps you build a ‘can do’ attitude along with the overall mental strength. There can be good and bad days while you are riding but you need to follow the routine properly by pushing yourself through the tough times. The mental self-disciplinary aspect is one of the greatest advantages of spinning class.

When you warm up and cool down before and after riding, you relax. Before and after putting yourself through the strenuous spinning class, the relaxation works like an intoxicant for your brain and mind.


We, at Starmark Fitness Studio, provide the most fun spinning session to our members which have been helping them to get fit and enjoy the class at the same time. And that should be the aim of a spinning class. The benefits of spinning exercise are long-lasting and organic but when the fun is mixed with the discipline, it makes the workout more effective than ever. We have the certified spinning instructors who always cheer up the members during the spinning session. Moreover, our music and lights make the environment really comforting for our members and energize them.

So, if you want to stay fit but want that in a fun way, nothing can beat Spinning Workout! Talk to your nearest gym and get admission to the spinning class.

6 Insanely Healthy Benefits of Steam Bath After Workout

Why do you think top gyms have post-workout steam room facility? Is it just a luxury? No! The health benefits of steam bath after workout can surprise you!

Workout is essential – it makes us fit and healthy. That is the reason why there are countless gyms, blooming throughout the world. Well, we all seek for getting the best benefits of exercise. But have you ever given it a thought that there may be something that could accelerate the boons of workout? Is there something more we could do that would make the exercise even more effective for our health? If you are wondering what are we talking about, let us make it perfectly clear – we are talking about the benefits of steam bath after workout!

After the intense workout, dropping sweat and pumping muscle, you go to the locker room of your gym and start toweling off. But the steam room is there, waiting for you to explore, daring you to drop even more sweat and welcoming you to amplify the health benefits!

Tons of researches have been done, articles have been written about the benefits of steam room and that’s why you would find a steam room in almost all of the top gyms just like we have at Starmark. But there are a lot of questions that are popping up in your mind right now like does a post-workout steam bath really worth the time or effort or what does this steamy and sweaty thing even do?

Well, we are here to answer your queries and lead you to the right path. So, take a look below.

What is Steam Bath?

Before explaining the health benefits of steam bath after workout, let us help you understand the whole concept of a steam bath or steam room for those who don’t have much idea. As you can assume already, the steam room is a room full of steam! That was easy, wasn’t it? But that’s a REALLY short answer to it. To explain more, we can mention two things: the steam room’s temperature stays around 110-115° F and the humidity level is set around 100%! Usually, a special plumbing along with an electrical generator is used to create a hot and sticky climate inside the room.

How to Reap the Full Benefits of Steam Bath – Using Steam Room

Well, you must be really curious at this point regarding the benefits of this ‘therapy’ but there are some things you should be aware of before using the steam room post workout. Once you know how to use the room for good, you would be able to gain all the benefits without having anything gone wrong. So, let’s discover.

Stay Hydrated

The steam room takes out loads of sweat from your body which makes you dehydrated. That is the reason why you should have water before entering for the steam bath and carry a bottle of water along with you inside to take a sip whenever you feel the need during your relaxation time!

Shower First

In order to reap the maximum benefits of steam bath, it’s essential to take a shower before going for a steam bath. You need to make sure that you wash off all the dirt and sweat from your body and make your skin clean enough to absorb the moisture.

Short Session

Don’t stay for long in the steam room. Break the whole time in short sessions of 10-15 minutes and take breaks in between the sessions. Also, once you are finished, make sure you are taking a cold shower in order to boost your blood circulation and cool down your body.

Now that you know about steam bath and how to take a steam bath, we will move to the main part where we are going to elaborate about the benefits of post-workout steam bath.

Benefits of Steam Bath After Workout

Steam bath offers more benefits than we can imagine. Along with the exercise, a little time spent in the steam room can make you realize its potential.

Skin Detoxification

Skin Detoxification as a result of steam bath

A steam room is highly helpful for skin detoxification since it opens up the pores on your skin and loosens the dirt clogged in them. That is the reason why one of the most popular facial forms in almost every spa includes steam. For those who need a little extra glow, steam bath works like magic since it also moisturizes your skin along with detoxifying it.

Improved Circulation

Benefits of Post-Workout Steam Bath - Improved Blood Circulation

Many people face this issue of always having cold feet and hands. On top of that, it’s bad when you have muscle cramps or achy muscles (which are common issues for the people who exercise) in general. In all cases, proper blood circulation is highly necessary. Well, you are guessing it right – staying active and having a regular steam bath after workout are great to achieve that proper circulation. With more heat, the blood vessels tend to open up, which allows easier travel for the blood in your body. This also helps in much speedier healing from a tough exercise since the oxygen reaches to where it’s needed much faster.

Better Breathing

Better Breathing - Steam Bath benefits

Well, breathing is an essential part of exercise since you need to breathe properly during and after your workout in order to avoid injuries and have better results. But for those who have breathing issues like allergies or asthma or even stuffy nose, breathing can be an issue. Well, here comes the benefit of steam bath after workout – it clears up the congestion in your lungs and nasal passages by warming up the mucous membrane. So, in the end, you get to breathe way better with regular steam bath than you used to.

Ease Sore Muscles

Ease Sore Muscles - Post-Exercise Steam Room Benefits

One of the most common problems exercisers face is the sore muscles. The days of pain in the muscles makes it really hard to do any other work. Especially when you are just starting out or resuming workout after a long time, the muscle soreness can appear. But if you take post-workout steam bath, it will help you muscles to relax. Along with the stretching and recovery days, you will be healed and up for the next workout session sooner than you can even imagine. In simpler words, a steam bath is just like a warm blanket over your sore muscles.

Burn Calorie

Calorie Burn - Steam bath after exercise

Yes, steam room also helps you burn your calories! While an average person burns almost 100 calories in 30 minutes on the weight floor, some exercises like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) can take it up to 1000 calories. But when you go to the steam room, it accelerates the calorie burning and helps you burn up to 20% more calories (as per some studies). Since your heart rate is pumped and your body is working hard to remain in the normal temperature, the calorie burn happens so smoothly. So, if you want to burn calories, the steam room is a great destination after workout.

Bonus: Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Can I lose weight with the steam bath? This one question (asked in multiple different ways) breaks the internet. Well, the one-word answer is YES! But if truth to be told – most of the weight would be water weight. As you dehydrate, you lose some weight but as soon as you eat or drink again (pretty obvious), you put on the weight again. So, it’s up to you whether you would consider weight loss to be really one of the benefits of steam bath after workout.


So, these are the benefits of steam bath after workout. Now, you have an overall idea of the steam bath and its benefits. We would still recommend asking a specialist in your gym to help you with the steam bath. From our end, an ultimate suggestion would be to stay hydrated! And if you see any sign of dehydration in your body, make sure you get out of the steam room, rehydrate yourself.

9 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

Do workout injuries make you afraid to go to the gym? Don’t worry, here are a few tips to avoid workout injuries and stay safe during the exercise.

So, now you have made it! You convinced yourself to head towards the gym, but right after the workout of the first few days, Arrgh!!! You don’t want to exercise at all because you have got workout injuries!

Well, injuries during exercise are quite natural but don’t even plan to leave workout just because of these injuries. Also, don’t even try to exercise without curing the injuries because it can worsen the matter. Let’s begin from the beginning and find out the common reasons of workout injuries.

Most Common Reasons for Workout Injuries

If you get the injuries right after starting a workout, it is maybe because your body is not used to these exercises and it is very natural to get injured within the first week of starting a workout.

However, it is also possible that a regular gym-goer is injured. Here, the reason can be overdoing an exercise or wrongly doing an exercise or inattentively doing an exercise.

Another reason for workout injury can also be the wrong workout attire or specifically shoes.

If you are neglecting any previous injuries and continuing workout, you may get more injuries during the workout which will ultimately damage your muscles.

Before knowing the ways of preventing workout injuries, you need to know the first and foremost rule you need to follow right after you get workout injury – it is NOT TO IGNORE. You have to consult an expert right then.

Neglecting an injury by considering it as a simple one has the possibility of forming a serious problem in the future. So, do not neglect it.

Well, that’s about what not to do when you get workout injuries, now let’s move on to what to do to prevent workout injuries…

How to Avoid Workout Injuries

Workout injuries, most of the time, are the result of our negligence and a little concern can prevent us from getting so badly injured. Here are a few tips that can help you here:

1. Pre-Workout Warm-Ups

Let’s admit we hate the pre-workout warm-up! There is no specific reason, but we hate that and that’s a reason behind the exercise-time injuries.

According to the research, it is showed that no warm-up before the intense workout indicates the higher chances of workout injuries. It is because warm-up exercises make our limbs ready for the upcoming heavy workouts. When you skip this and directly go to the main workout, your body gets a sudden jerk and you get much injured.

If you want to reduce the possibility of getting injured during exercise, make sure you attend the warm-up session and get multiple health benefits.

2. Get Accurate Gym Gears

We know, as a gym-goer, you like to post #workout_scene on Instagram wearing a stylish yet uncomfortable outfit, but that can make you twice prone to workout injuries. Come on, for the sake of #insta_clicks, you can’t take such a risk.

Here, we advise you to get the correct gym-gears from the gym itself and make sure you are comfortable in that outfit. Also, check that the shoe is fitting accurately which will prevent the scopes of slipping during your workout. It will reduce the chances of getting pain during exercise.

3. Start in a Slow Pace and Increase Gradually

This rule should be followed throughout the workout. You don’t need to hurry during the workout, no matter what exercise you are doing. Be it a freehand exercise or a machine exercise, you have to start at a slow pace.

Do not attempt to get more repetitions or a higher speed at the very beginning – it is dangerous.

Even though you have completed the warm-up, attempting more repetitions or the higher speed at the first couple of minutes is never a smart idea. It is because warm-up makes your body is ready for an intense workout, but it does not make you ready for a sudden high speed or more repetition at the start. Increase the counts or speed gradually for better results.

4. Stay Hydrated

The workout will make you sweat and you will lose the essential nutrients along with sweat. In order to maintain the balance of water in your body, you will need to consume sufficient water to stay hydrated.

Lack of hydration will make the stretches and heavy exercises harder for your tissues and you will be prone to get the muscle cramps because of that. You never know a simple muscle cramp may result in serious ache in the future, but the positive side is, drinking water or glucose during exercise can prevent the body dehydration and save you from the injuries.  

5. Add Variation in Exercise

Doing the same exercise for hours can make your muscles numb and you may meet a sudden accident right after that. If you want to prevent that, you need to add some variation in your workout routine.

It will be great if you can do HIIT, but if that seems extremely difficult, you can add some variation in terms of exercise by consulting your trainer.

In case you exercise in a machine, you may try exercising on the machine at different speeds as well. This variation will help you to get a better result as well because your body will never get used to an individual exercise or speed. Sudden changes will prevent your organs from getting numb and save you from injuries at the time of exercising.

6. Stretch

Just like pre-workout warm-ups, post-workout stretches are mandatory to allow your muscles to come back to normal again. Do not go back to your daily routine without doing the post-workout stretches – it will increase the tendency of getting injured.

The logic behind this is your body is not ready to do other works right after an intense workout. You have to allow the time or rest to your muscles to come back to their original states. Stretches allow exactly that!

7. Listen to Your Body

During exercise, it is good to keep the fitness goal in mind, but it is equally important to listen to your body. When you feel like your body is giving up, allow yourself to take rest. Yes, you always don’t need to force your body to carry on exercise.

Remember, if you do not enjoy the exercise, you will hardly get satisfactory results; however, forceful completion of the exercise does not mean you are enjoying it at all.

Also, your body may need rest because it is weak from inside – exercising in this situation will enhance the chances of injuries, but taking rest can prevent those.

8. Get a Massage from Professionals

In case the injury is not a major one, but you are still unable to work out because of uneasiness in the muscle, you can go for a massage. It is a great way to rejuvenate your muscles and make those muscles stress-free. After the massage, you will feel that your pain is almost gone and you can move your limbs freely again.

Make sure, you get the massage from the professionals because any wrong stroke during the massage can intensify the workout injury.

Alternatively, if your injury is a serious one, get the medications and first-aid from a doctor.

9. Get a Personal Trainer

If you are exercising under the supervision of an expert, you are less prone to get injuries during your workout session. Believe it or not, you will get much better results in terms of achieving your fitness goal when you exercise under a professional than working out at home with google results.

A professional trainer in the best gyms in Kolkata understands your body and recommends your exercise according to that and also assists you in achieving your fitness goals.

On the other hand, Google will show you a lot of exercises; however, you will hardly have any information about the alternative ways of doing that exercise if you are facing any difficulties in doing that.


So, workout injuries are very normal and you need to be a little more careful before exercising, which will help you in avoid the workout injuries.

Now, you have seen that it’s not that difficult to prevent the injuries during exercise – you only need to have a few healthy habits. That’s all! Yes, it will be enough to keep you less prone to get injuries during your fitness routine. So, concentrate and take care and achieve easily your desired fitness goal.

8 Unique Exercises with TRX – The Ultimate Suspension Training for Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with the same exercises? Time for a twist! Add these 8 TRX exercises in your regular workout routine and lose weight.

It is the instinct of human beings to choose the difficult way just because they believe the easy method will not be that effective. When it comes to exercises or specifically weight loss, we go for the most difficult exercises which include heavyweight or strenuous exercises. We don’t even pay attention to the TRX Suspension Training just because it looks too casual.

In doing this, we forget to realize that sometimes easy workouts can also help to get an almost equal result – at least when it is the suspension training with the TRX bands, it can help you to lose some more pounds.

Know What Experts Say about TRX

TRX training will work for you no matter what fitness target you have with so many health benefits that it can offer. If you want to get a flat belly, or stronger arms and legs or big muscles, adding TRX in your exercises can be extremely helpful.

The theory works behind TRX training is – the additional resistance it provides

makes your ordinary exercises more effective. Now it’s quite clear that you will need to put some more effort to do your traditional exercises because of that extra resistance.

But, not to worry as all your efforts will count here, so you will get better results. All you need to go on and twist your old exercises and get twice results.

Why TRX is Different and Better

It engages your whole body which is not very common for other exercises. In most of your exercises, either your upper body or your lower body is active. In TRX training you get the chance to engage the inactive part too. Now that sounds cool! Right?

So, if you want a solid workout and want to be the biggest loser (in terms of weight of course!), you just need to grab the nylon-made ineffective-looking band and start the workout.

You can change your overall physique with TRX straps and it’s a perfect tool if you want to fit in your old trousers or just want to flaunt your abs or muscles. So let’s give it a try.

Top Exercises with TRX

Now moving on to the exercises, you will find nearly 300+ exercises using TRX suspension training Kit. It is because the TRX allows you to do your old exercises in multiple new ways to achieve even better results. If your target is to shed some weight, you have to try the following exercises.

TRX Plank

TRX Plank

You can follow the steps mentioned below to complete this exercise.

  • First, lie on the floor by putting your feet in the bottom loop of the TRX system.
  • Keep your elbow on the floor with shoulder-width apart (as you do in traditional planks)
  • Now, raise your body keeping your weight on your arms and feet and make a straight line with head, back, hips and legs. It is more like an elevated plank pose.

In the beginning, you may struggle to do this and you may not place your elbow on the ground – you can simply put the palms of your hand to complete this exercise easily.

You can stay 45 seconds in this position and then get down. If you want you may repeat this, but make sure to keep a gap of 15 seconds after the initial plank of 45 seconds.

If you want more challenge, you can bend your knees to touch the ground and bring your heels closer to your hips at the time of plank.

It is an excellent workout for your whole body and it strengthens your hands, especially forearms along with your legs. Plank is always effective for your belly, cores, abs, and obliques specifically but when you plank with TRX, you will get a solid fat-free build-up of your belly and a flexible back.

TRX Atomic Pushup

TRX Atomic Pushup

You will need to perform the following steps to complete this exercise:

  • Start with the elevated plank pose putting both legs in the bottom loop of the TRX.
  • Now, lower your body.
  • Push your body upwards and bring your knees towards your chin.
  • Immediately back in the elevated plank position.

You can do this for 10 times or 45 seconds and take a break of 15 seconds. During TRX workout taking this break of 15 seconds after every 45 seconds of exercise is mandatory to heal the limbs which are holding the handles.

Push up is an important part of our weight-loss schedule and TRX bands allow you to complete this exercise in a better way to get much pressure on your fat areas. Atonic push-ups activate your full body and release stress from the muscles quickly. Your shoulder blades are much active during this exercise and you will notice the flexibility in arms and shoulders after a short time along with the flattened belly.

TRX Jump Squats

TRX Jump Squat


Well, if your dream is to get stronger hips, and you are disgusted with the squats and its variations, you can add suspension training with TRX in your workout session. You will be shocked by the results and after a few days, you will try to customize the squats. You may go through the following steps to do jump squats with TRX.

  • Stand facing the TRX system and hold one handle in each hand. Your feet will be kept shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, squat down folding your knees so that your knees and hips are in line. You can squat even deeper so that your butts can pass the knees.
  • At the time of going back to your initial position, jump in the air before landing on the floor.

Continue to do jump squats for 45 seconds and take a break of 15 seconds and repeat this cycle 3-4 times. Jump squats will shape up your butts and thighs. As you will be holding the TRX band with all your efforts, you can reduce the flabbiness from your arms too.

TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest Press

You can perform chest press by following the method given below:

  • Stand facing away from the middle point or the anchor.
  • Hold the handles (one in each hand) of TRX by extending your arms forward.
  • Now, walk backward to arrive in a high plank position (body to feet in a diagonal line).
  • Fold your hands from the elbow and lower your chest to the level of your elbow.
  • Push backward until your hands are completely extended.

Performing it 3 sets of 10 will be much effective for weight loss. Along with strengthening your chest, back, and spine, this exercise can tighten your core muscles because of the use of TRX. Also, it is an important exercise to keep your full body in coordination.

TRX Single Leg Lunge

TRX Single Leg Lunge

Go through the method given below to perform single leg lunge with the TRX:

  • Stand facing the anchor point of the TRX and hold the handles (one in each hand).
  • Fold your left leg from the knees.
  • Now lunge down so that your hips and knees are in one line and while doing this extend your right leg on the front side.
  • Try to come back in your initial position with the support of the foot of your folded leg.
  • Try to do 2-3 sets of 15 single-leg lunges with each leg.

It can reduce the flabbiness from your thighs and make your calves stronger. Your ankles will be more flexible after practicing this. Along with this, another benefit of this Lunge is it will reduce the joint pain too.

As you will be doing this with the TRX kit, your upper body will get a great stretch which can reduce the fat from biceps too.

TRX Lateral Lunges

TRX Lateral Lunges

If you feel that single-leg lunges are too easy and you are not at all feeling the pressure, you can try lateral Lunges with your TRX. The steps to complete this exercise are:

  • Face the anchor point and stand straight holding the handles in each hand.
  • Keep your feet widen while standing.
  • Now, fold the right leg from the knee and lower your hips keeping your body weight on your right heel.
  • Lower your hips as much as you can as there is no certain limit for this.
  • At the time of lowering your hips, stretch the left leg on the left side.
  • Immediately go back in the standing position and repeat this with the other leg.

Do it at a fast pace for 45 seconds and allow yourself to recover for 15 seconds and repeat this time cycle twice. It will create pressure hips, hip flexors and glutes much more than single leg lunge and it will help you to tone these areas. Plus, your calves, shins and ankles muscles will be stronger by shedding he bunches of fat from them. The pressure of TRX will shape up your chest too.

TRX Hamstring Curl

TRX Hamstring Curls

For this exercise, you will need to:

  • Lie down on your back while you will be facing the anchor point.
  • Now raise your leg and put your feet on the loops of the TRX system.
  • Now, lift your hips slightly to fold your legs from the knees and drag your heels towards your belly.
  • Do this for 3-4 minutes with a gap of 15 seconds after exercising for 45 seconds.

This exercise frees up your knee joints from all types of pain along with strengthening your hamstrings.  After doing this exercise for 15 days, you will be able to walk, run and jump with more ease. The additional resistance from the TRX system will engage your cores and glutes too which is an added advantage of this exercise.

TRX Bicep Curl

TRX Bicep Curl

For TRX Bicep Curl,

  • Stand facing the anchor point and extend your hands fully on the front side.
  • Hold one handle in each hand keeping the palms upwards.
  • Now, lean on the backside by making a diagonal line to the floor.
  • Push your body upwards while folding your hands from the elbows.
  • Again lower your body and immediately push your body upwards.
  • Do this for 2-3 minutes maintaining the gaps of 15 seconds after exercising for 45 seconds.

The TRX suspension band offers a great level of challenge to your biceps which helps you to release the fat. Toning is not just the advantage of this exercise; you will be able to build some muscles in your biceps too with this exercise.

What Else?

Now, you have probably understood that the TRX suspension training is that particular gym equipment that looks un-glamorized but has uncountable benefits in terms of weight reduction. Along with the exercises with TRX, you will need to maintain your diet and avoid junk foods. You may schedule your water drinking too during your workout session for better results.

It may look easy but you will need guidance for TRX suspension training and you can contact the best gym in Kolkata to know multiple other exercises with TRX system and lose some more fat. Indeed, TRX is the equipment, which remains unused by most of the fitness freaks but in reality, it can provide you twice results because of the extra resistance in it.

But you can be an exception to start TRX suspension training and motivate others to start adding this extremely beneficial equipment in their old exercises to get some variation and of course to arrive in better shape quickly along with other time efficient exercises.

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Zumba

Looking for an exercise that doesn’t feel like an exercise? Start Zumba classes today and enjoy these 14 health benefits in the most fun way!

Let’s begin with a confession! We all know that Zumba is a fun exercise, but deep inside we believe that an exercise has to be painful. And we also believe that if an exercise is considered more like a fun activity and less like an exercise, it is undoubtedly less effective.

Well, it’s time to come out of the box regarding Zumba, and this article is going to convey all the health benefits that Zumba brings! At the end of the article, we feel, you would understand why Zumba is considered to be an immensely effective workout despite being a fun exercise.

Zumba – A Killer Full-Body Workout

Yes, Zumba is a full-body workout, and that too equipment free one. It comes right after Swimming, and Walking-running in terms of activating more muscles with a single jerk. Zumba is equal to Results, Here is why…

What Muscles Does Zumba Target?

We are pretty sure that Zumba is a fun dance activity, but let it be cleared to those who doubt in its effectiveness that Zumba works on your core and abdominal muscles with each move. The structure and health of your upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back will be visibly improved with this workout.

Along with that, Zumba helps you to get a better buildup of upper body muscles like arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Plus, this dance exercise, which does not feel like exercise, can tone your lower body muscles. Your legs, hamstrings, calves, glutes – all will be in motion during this and you will notice a visible result shortly.

Top 14 Health Benefits of Zumba

Now you know that it targets all the large groups of muscles, but that’s not all! Besides, targeting so many muscles, Zumba can provide you with other health benefits too which can definitely convince you to start this fun dance activity ASAP. You may read the following to know that.

1. Improves Posture and Structure Really Fast

Being a full-body workout, Zumba works with almost all the muscles. Also, stress from the muscles will be reduced, due to which your long term pain from the muscles will be cured and it will result in the improvement of your posture. Due to the long hours of a desk job, we often develop a bent posture which will get much cured with the daily Zumba of merely 45 minutes.

It can burn your calories at a high rate and faster, and the best part of Zumba is that it gives quicker results in comparison to most other activities. So you don’t need to stay frustrated for the results when you are doing Zumba.

You will get an excellent result if your target is to lose some weight, and arrive in perfect shape or to tone the muscles.  It can structure your cores and obliques by burning the fat from these areas. You may enroll in the Zumba class in a multigym near you to experience such magical benefits of this dance cum exercise.

2. Improved Metabolism

By making your entire body active, it can boost up your metabolism and improve your blood circulation and a stronger immunity which helps you can stay energetic all day.

Due to this improved metabolism, you will be able to burn even more calories during your rest hours. May be your Zumba class is just for 30-45 minutes, but you can burn more calories after this time.

3. Better Coordination

During Zumba, you have to shake your whole body along with the beats which improves coordination in your body parts – most of the exercises do not allow this.

Take your treadmill workout as example where your feet are excessively active but your arms are not. For another instance, when you are exercising with dumbbells, your hands are active, but your cores, obliques, and lower body are mostly inactive. But during Zumba your upper and lower body will be equally active. Due to this Zumba is claimed to be one of the best exercises.

4. More Endurance

Zumba makes your muscles stronger; as a result, you don’t get injured that easily. Even though you get injured, your endurance to pain gets much improved if you are doing Zumba. You will be able to understand this if you continue to do a session of alternative push-ups along with Zumba.

Also, you will be able to do more counts in your bench-press and push-ups, if you have done Zumba for a short time before your bench-press session.

5. Great Heart Health

Your cardiovascular health will be much improved with Zumba. As it is like a dance, you will not have to control the pace of your breathing. Rather, you will need to breathe more because it is a high-energy dance workout. It will increase the level of oxygen in your body which will help you to stay more energetic.

6. Improved Blood Pressure

As the level of oxygen increases in the blood, the excess pressure is not created on the heart to pump the blood in other parts of the body. It is one of the greatest benefits of this activity.

So, if you want to have steady blood pressure, Zumba is mandatory, and you will get the additional gift of losing your body fat.

7. Body Awareness

Zumba teaches body awareness through functional movement, due to which you will be able to stay flexible all through. You are unable to move your hands or feet normally maybe it’s because of the joint pains or because of the muscle cramps.

Zumba with its smart movements will slowly remove the uneasiness from your muscles, and so that you can continue to have flexible and free movements. You will understand this difference shortly after starting Zumba.

8. Connects To a Larger Circle

During most of the workouts, you need to concentrate on your own schedule, and you are unable to communicate with others – but in Zumba, it is completely opposite. As you will dance during this workout in a group, you can easily communicate with group members. Not only that, you can help them to improve their performance.

In short, this exercise helps you to socialize yourself, and come out of a small circle in a larger one. It is undoubtedly a reason to stay happy and positive during Zumba.

9. Psychological Benefits

Zumba is a workout with physical and mental health benefits because it is a great way to relieve stress as Zumba makes you forget all your tensions for that time span. This is a workout that you enjoy, and any workout is more effective when you enjoy it.

It is mentioned earlier that this workout does not feel like a workout, and that is the reason, you will not have to push yourself to the gym every day which may cause mood swings later.

After Zumba, you will stay extremely energetic and positive, so you will get a lot of fresh ideas. Also, you will find that you are more confident towards your decisions which are also a result of your Zumba session. This is not the end of the benefits of Zumba! It can offer you a lot more…

10. Equal Treatment for Beginners and Experienced

The rule of Zumba is – the more you move, the more you will lose your fat. It means the more you will shake your body, the closer you will be to your fitness goal irrespective of the days you are in a Zumba class.

Unlike other exercises, you will hardly need to do keep dancing for less time just because you are new. For example, in the beginning, you will be instructed to sit-up for 8-10 counts or plank for 25-30 seconds; however, in Zumba, there are no such rules. If your body supports, you can continue dancing for 30-45 minutes on the first day.

This is why it is equally effective for the beginners and experienced and it is a mental satisfaction to all.

11. Customizable

You have hardly seen any exercise effective for the people of all ages and abilities – but Zumba can offer this to you. You can get customized classes as per your needs and fitness goals and you will be benefitted accordingly. What can be a greater advantage than this?

As it is pretty similar to other dance forms and you may think that it will not be suitable in old-ages. But, you are wrong – kids, seniors, and everyone willing can perform this because of the option of customization.

Recently, chair-based and water-based Zumba have come to limelight which encouraged almost everyone to show some concern to their body with Zumba.

12. Long-Term Engagement

Zumba is a workout that needs a long term engagement and it is an addictive workout too. It means even if you had planned to go for a short-termed class, you may have to extend it because you will quickly start experiencing its benefits. When you will find that this particular workout is allowing you to achieve your fitness goals, you will definitely try to continue it for further benefits.

It is seen that workaholics visit the gym just to attain the Zumba class and it literally supplies them energy for the works for the rest of the day. Also, it allows you to get a better sleep which means it is beneficial for your overall health.

13. Portability

It can be done anywhere which means you can practice it alone or with your bestie at home or in a group in gym. Maybe in winter, you are not willing to leave the cozy couch and blanket, but you are a fitness freak too. You can simply get a DVD of Zumba according to your need and practice it at home.

At present, multiple gyms offer the facility to hire the personal trainer, and arrange a class in your preferred location.

14. Cost-Effective

You may think that Zumba will be too costly because of its exceptional effectiveness.

Well! you need to correct this perception because it really does not take too much investment to get enrolled in a Zumba class. We, at Starmark Fitness Studio, provide the first-class Zumba classes at a very affordable price range, compared to the .

Most importantly, you will feel that you are sweating more than other exercises after a session of just 10 minutes. So you may cut other exercises and make Zumba your primary concentration.

Final Words

So are you still in doubt that Zumba is a fun activity which is least beneficial as exercise? Probably not! If yes, you have to give it a try because Zumba is painless equipment-less activity that helps in reaching a step closer to your fitness goal.

Most importantly, it will make you feel that you are rewarding your body. It means that every morning you will not have the conflict between your body and brain whether to go to the gym or not. Thus, it actually changes your lifestyle in a smarter way, and keeps you motivated. So, grab your sneakers, and head towards the Zumba class ASAP.