Learn about the best morning exercises to stay refreshed the whole day. Now, don’t get tired for workload or any pressure. These workouts are there with you

Morning shows the day and if you start the journey of fitness in the morning, the whole day is going to be super fit. We are going to describe the best morning exercises which are simple and intuitive at the same time. After doing these workouts, you will be energetic and a better friend, partner, or colleague for all day long. Moreover, if you are feeling depressed, the morning workouts can help you come out of the depression. You need to be regular and honest with your workouts. Let’s explore some of the simplest and best morning workouts for you.


Below are the easiest exercises to do in the morning. These will keep you energetic all day long. You can include them in your routine and practice at your home without even enrolling in a fitness center or gym.


Cat Camel Stretch is one of the best ways to stretch in the morning time. Stretching is the best way of muscle toning and preempting diseases like Arthritis. This kind of dynamic exercises also become useful during the daytime after a long period of inactivity.


  • Kneel Down on hands and legs.
  • Round your back like a camel so that your head tries to meet your pelvis.
  • Now, lower your back and lift your head so that your back creates an arch.
  • Repeat.


This is one of the most common yet the best morning exercises you’d find. The best option will be walking or running outside of your home so that you can get in touch with nature but if you can’t, a treadmill will also be a viable option. You can set a time and increase the length of the time along with the time and your efficiency.

Try to set goals. And achieve those. Don’t try to walk or run a long distance on the first day. Make short goals and stretch them with time. It will help you get stronger bones and manage your weight as well. Moreover, your heart and blood pressure will also be maintained. Thus, the regular morning walk or run would always be a great choice as a morning workout.


This particular morning workout not only includes the legs but your hips and knees will have a pivotal role to play in this exercise. It will help you with the knee stability and benefit your leg muscles such as hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.


  • Stand in a pose with your feet a little further out from your hips.
  • Keep your arms out in front of you.
  • Try to sit in that position till you reach 90° angle. You can lower yourself as well if you can.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Beginners should repeat this 15 times for 2 sets.


Morning exercise is extremely important as the beginning of your day would define the rest of the day. Make sure you are availing the above morning exercises and some more to keep yourself fit. If you want an expert help, contact Star Mark Fitness Studio for each kind of exercises and workouts.


Learn the most crucial fitness training tips you should follow while entering into a gym. These training tips are made to build your muscles and health.

Joining a gym for the first time is an exciting time with hopes to rebuild your body into great shape. Once you joined a gym, you are going to experience a range of new equipment, gears, gadgets, machines, and a group of people doing some pretty whacky stuff. It might be a completely strange world for you being a newbie. But you have to make your way through the unseen and achieve your goals. Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with the finest fitness training tips to train yourself in a gym.


It can be a bit of a culture shock for you when you will first enter into a gym in 2019. You should always keep one thing in mind – the gym is not a place for weightlifting competition, fashion show, or a bodybuilding stage. You are going there to learn and practice the most innovative and useful fitness training to lift up your health and fitness.

And that is something you should focus on rather than flaunting. A gym is a place where you can reduce your risk of injury and uplift your fitness. Now, if you are too eager to show off, you may end up hurting yourself on the gym! It’s like getting injured in a car accident while going for a driving school. You are entering into the gym to be fit, steady, functional outside. So, train yourself at the gym.


Planning is one of the most important fitness training tips, and is something that will always help you improve during the days of workout. Instead of a sudden entry to the gym and trying all the machines and equipment kept over the place, try to come with a plan for the best upgradation of yourself. The ‘just move’ mentality may not help you get a fruitful result.

In a nutshell, you need to come up with a proper plan to overload your body with intensity and volume by deploying different weight, rest time, sets, reps, tempo, etc. Also, it is advisable to train according to your goals. Unless you maintain consistency, you are going backward. The better plan you have, the better workouts you are going to do and better the results you will get.

Considering the fact that you are a newbie in the gym, it’s quite an impossible task to know the proper form of exercises, safe techniques, or the functions of particular muscles. But you need to do the workout for achieving your health goals. So, the only way out is finding a trainer who can offer you a personalized program with workout plans and diet plans according to your personal goals. The plans will be focused on your biomechanics. For achieving a proper result, you need a plan that works!

But if you are not comfortable spending a skyrocketing amount for the personal trainer, attend the group training class in a reputed gym. You will surely be helped.


If you are a newbie in the world of gymming and workout, you have a great opportunity to build a solid foundation as no bad habit has yet been able to creep in and invade. So, you should always work on the basics. And this way, mastering the basics becomes one of the most crucial fitness training tips.

Include both cardio and resistance training to your workout plan if you are focusing on health and fitness as your end goal. But don’t always opt for the fancy stuff at the very beginning. Stick to the main functional movements to get the best result.


Considering the risk-benefit ratio is highly important if you are entering into a gym for the first time. Most of the time, individuals get over enthusiastic and they practice such workouts that are pretty impossible to do for the amateurs. For example, people have been found repeatedly doing weighted squats balancing on the inflated fit-ball just to flaunt! Or even more, individuals have also been seen to do Olympic Lifts which are the exercises done by the pros. All these difficult workouts can end your career or dream to have a fit body since you can be injured worse than you can even think!

It’s wonderful that you have decided to get fit and welcome health. Getting a membership in a reputed fitness center is the first step to achieve your health goals and the above five fitness training tips will help you to reach your destination without any bumps. Want to get more tips regarding fitness and training? Come and join Starmark, the best multi gym in Kolkata, where a number of experienced and certified trainers will guide you throughout your training procedure.


Do you go through stress more often? Well, we have the best stress buster exercises that can end your stress and anxiety like magic. Read to know more!

Different individuals have different ways of dealing with stress! Some read book, some listen to music, some go for a trip and some find a friend to lean on. However, there’s another proven way of fighting your anxieties and stress and get the upper hand – Stress-Buster Exercises! Hitting a gym and involving yourself with exercises not only builds your body but makes you mentally stronger along with bringing you out of your stress and anxieties!

Well, we are not pitching for a gym admission! According to the researches done by Harvard Health have proven that daily exercise reduces the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the human body. Moreover, the endorphin produced by exercises gives a natural high to humans and distracts them from everything else that’s bothering them.

However, it’s wise to remember that not all workout will be able to match your expectations when it comes to reducing your stress. There are a few selected workouts which are crowned as the finest stress-busters of all time! In this article, we are going to discuss the best stress-buster exercises you can start practicing.


It is no surprise that Yoga is one of the best exercises for combatting your stress and anxieties. This ancient Hindu exercise is a mind-body exercise which involves postures and poses with control over the breathing and the right amount of relaxation. Apart from de-stressing our mind, Yoga comes in handy for helping us reduce the musculoskeletal tension and spasm which can grow in the key areas of our body such as shoulders, neck, face, back, fingers, jaw, and wrists. Therefore, Yoga becomes the most reliable exercise to lessen your anxiety and stress!


Have you ever felt that Feel-Good factor after a running session or a jogging session? Well, if not felt good, you must not also have felt stressed mentally! This is because running is an exercise that works great for reducing the stress since your heart rate is elevated and thus, the endorphins are released naturally by your brain. The endorphins are the feel-good neurotransmitters which reduce the perception of stress in your head and offers a sense of euphoria to you which is often called “runner’s high!”


While the above two exercises are very much known to everybody, Tai Chi can be a term which may lift your eyebrows a bit up! Well, Tai Chi was originally innovated by the Chinese (as you can already assume by the name) for the self-defense. The exercise contains a series of movements performed slowly and with the utmost focus with a controlled and deep breathing. Tai Chi does the same as Yoga with stretching, twisting, and rotating muscles which helps the muscles relax.


You must be surprised, even shocked and thinking about how is it possible! Well, let us tell you that your daily household chores like sweeping, mopping floors, raking leaves or snow shoveling are nothing less than effective stress buster exercises. They also have a similar physiological effect like running, swimming, dancing, or walking! Moreover, you get a de-stressing bonus as you have actually completed the household chores! Fairly a win-win situation, right?


Dancing is without any doubt one of the best stress-busters! Well, it has physical involvement as well as mental happiness during practice and later. Dancing is a cardiovascular activity which works the same as running does – it enhances your heart rate and keeps the endorphin flowing. Multiple studies have shown the fact that dancing not only helps you in reducing your stress but also helps you more than the other exercises or meditating alone. Dance forms like Zumba is available at the best gyms near you just like Starmark has the service to offer its members.


Have you ever felt punching somebody or something out of stress and anxiety? If it happens to you, kickboxing is an awesome activity which can take your anger out as well as offer you a relaxation that you have been looking for. Kickboxing is a form of martial arts which engage most of the muscles of your body and release the stress out of you! It not only makes you stronger mentally, but physically as well!


Pilates is a great stress-buster exercise since most of the exercise focuses on your breathing. Pilates let your muscles and your brain relax! Just like Yoga, Pilates will also serve you with an increased mental concentration which will let you focus on positive things and reduce your stress in a great way!

These are the 7 Stress-Buster Exercises you need to start practicing today for reducing your stress and anxiety! Anxiety often holds you back from achieving heights and you look for a way to diminish the stress you are going through. In that scenario, exercise is a great way to help and these seven are the finest of them all! If you need expert consultation, Starmark is there with all the expert trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists who can help you get healthy – both mentally and physically!


Know about the lifting facts for women you did not know before. Before you start your lifting sessions at your nearby gym, know these facts.

Weightlifting has earned a fair amount of popularity in the world of fitness for a long time as of now owing to the immense outcome and health benefits it serves. However, the women have been noticed not to participate in the weight lifting very much (a few exceptions are there though). Lifting weight is mainly considered to be the arena of the men. However, there are some facts about lifting which can leave you spellbound owing to the incredible health benefits it carries for the women! So, if you are a woman, you do not need to consider weight lifting out of your league as women can do everything a man is capable of. However, there’s a caution! If you are pregnant, skip the lifting as it may harm your health. In that situation, there are some safe pregnancy workouts you need to follow. So, let’s have a look at the 7 lifting facts for women.


Lifting will make you better at everything you do and want to do! This is not to say that the yoga, barre or the Zumba class you have been attending or the marathon you have been training for are wrong for your fitness or health! It’s just that there’re always 2 sides of a coin and the workouts we have mentioned are on just one side and the strength stays on the other one! When you add strength to these workouts, you become a better yogi or a runner, and a better athlete, in a nutshell. Lifting and Strength training is the missing element between the commoners and the winners.


Lifting will surely alter your mindset regarding foods and daily intakes. Basically, the strength and muscles take a ton of energy to build and maintain. What we mean to say is, you will get to eat more and you must eat more when you do the lifting and strength workouts. Rather than an issue that needs to be resolved, the foods become your friend that works as a positive force that moves you towards your goals.


This is one of the most surprising lifting facts for women. There is a hoard of an extraordinarily positive community of strong ladies waiting to be noticed and wowed! This can be a surprising (often shocking) fact for a range of women who have a bad experience regarding fitness and exercise from their adolescent years. But to be serious, it’s not like junior high anymore. However, if it still is like the junior high, your gym has an issue and you surely require joining a new gym near you. The female lifters can be encouraging and competitive at the same time in the best way possible. We, as the finest gym in Kolkata, always want the women to do better because it makes us better and makes us feel great to watch women getting stronger.


It’s no fact that lifting would make you bulky. Especially, when it comes to women, it’s not true at all! Basically, the hormonal profile of women is different than the men and that restricts the women to gain the muscles as the men do by accident. Unless you are a woman who is training and eating (particularly, eating) actively with the precise goal of getting larger (which is appreciated by Starmark), you are not going to see any excessive amount of weight gain.


The difficulty level of lifting would depend on how you want it to be! Let us make it clear that the lifting is not something you require living up to, it is an exercise which can meet you wherever you are at the moment. It’s okay not being able to lift a barbell over your head because there are more ways than you can imagine to build strong shoulders. If you are injured, do not think your strength workout has stopped as a dream, there are other ways of working around it. Even if you feel you have no capability of doing anything, a smart trainer will surely make you do the unimaginable things in the safest way possible and would prove you wrong.


The human body becomes more capable with the weight lifting. Many individuals often get obsessed with how ‘functional’ their training is but you don’t have to! Simply, lift steadily and gradually getting stronger trains your body to do more, be more, and to cross the old limitations. Whether it is changing the water cooler’s jug, moving the couch on your living room or something else from your daily jobs, these small but intuitive tasks would let you use your strength to take over the radar of your life.


One fact about lifting is quite certain – the longer your training is, the better results you get. For instance, the goals you set at the year of, say, 35 (with regular training in the past) would have left you stunned at the age of 25! One thing that you need to bear in mind is you need to be consistent and push yourself to be better every single day.

So, these are the lifting facts each and every woman should know. If you are serious about your fitness, then there’s way more to explore than the usual Yoga, running, and treadmills! Lifting can be an efficient workout for the women and being one of the best multi gyms for women in Kolkata, Starmark always persuades the women to achieve optimum fitness.


A realistic training plan is a fundamental necessity for any fitness goal; or else, you’ll give up in between. Know how to create realistic training plan!

Whether you are a newbie in the world of fitness and health or have already been trying to get in great shape for a while but failing miserably, you need an efficient training plan on your side in order to have the finest result. This will be applicable for all your needs – whether you want yourself to be marathon-ready or want to perk up the number of bench press! Thus, we are here to help you create a realistic training plan to meet your fitness goals and get the results you have been aiming at.


Being the largest multi gym in Kolkata, we have studied a number of individuals as well as observed their improvement with different training plans. After a day-to-day detailed observation, we have finally crafted the finest principles you need to follow in order to derive the finest outcome in terms of health and fitness.


“If you don’t know where you’re trying to get to, you’ll never arrive”. – this particular saying goes apt with what we want to convey! If you do not understand your fitness goals, you will never be able to structure a good training plan which will be productive and result-driven.

Fitness is a vast word indeed with multiple layers and different meanings for different people. Fitness may mean strength, flexibility, anaerobic conditioning, and more! During your gym session at any particular time, you are going to work on multiple aspects of the fitness equation. But all of them have one thing in common – the primary focus is essential to have.

Bodybuilders’ ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ cycles are performed differently at different times just because of the fact that losing fat and gaining muscles is far more manageable when they are performed separately rather than pursued at the same time.


Fitness world is a place where you will find almost an unlimited amount of complexities and anybody could be forgiven for a small break-down or giving up prior to even starting the training!

Thousands of articles and books are there which give us details about the best training process, principles, and training methodologies. Also, there can be many supplements and training tools found more than your imagination. In most of the cases, the training tools and fitness approaches would have a positive impact but no visible progress will never come out if you don’t focus.

Thus, structuring your training process and workout regime with simple fundamentals would be the best way to kickstart your training plan and have a realistic goal. Afterward, you can add in some complicated stuff but avoid the over-complications.

In a nutshell, remember one very important factor for success – consistency is the king! Start with small workouts, be consistent with it and proceed by adding up difficulties. Never miss a session – that’s the secret to create a realistic training plan and meet the fitness goals.


If you need to gain a good amount of muscle, you will surely need to eat at a caloric surplus. On the contrary, you need to eat at a caloric deficit in order to lose a considerable amount of fat from your body.

It’s not often possible by the people to calculate and estimate the accurate amount of food they are eating from one day to another. In that quest, you can track down your calories via intuitive tools like MyFitnessPal or something that works.

So, these are the three most considerable aspects to create a realistic training plan for meeting a fitness goal. If you want to get fit, the foremost activity you should do is to create a fitness goal that you want to achieve and plan your training accordingly. What we mean to say is that you should never make a training plan at the very beginning that is not possible for you to follow or pursue. Always remember, the success that sticks around comes gradually. So, you need to focus on sustainable development if you want your body to get fitter than ever. However, if you are not able to find the right regime for yourself, you can consult the most luxurious gym in Kolkata i.e. Starmark Fitness Studio.


Know about the safe exercises during pregnancy in our article. Each exercise is made for the fitness-loving women who are about to give birth to a new life.

It’s an established fact that the maintenance of fitness level during pregnancy is one of the most crucial aspects of any woman’s health. Not only the fitness exercises keep you healthy during your days of pregnancy but it also offers your body the strength to cope with labor! Apart from these benefits, certain safe exercises during pregnancy can help you regain your shape after giving birth to your child.

In contrast with the popular belief, doing exercise when you are pregnant is not fundamentally risky. Even NHS reports state the fact very clearly that women involved in exercises during their pregnancy are way less likely to experience issues after pregnancy and labor! However, what you need to keep in mind is that not every sort of exercise is safe and can offer you the benefits. In order to give you a better idea of the exercises you need to practice when you are pregnant, we have crafted a useful list of such workout programs.


The following exercises you will discover are specially crafted considering the safety of pregnant women. So, you will be able to perform these exercises despite your current health conditions.


Yoga is a multipurpose workout that offers a great deal of flexibility and helps in maintaining your muscle tone. Yoga is also a low-impact workout which makes it easily adjustable along with the progress of your pregnancy. Even if you have not done Yoga before, it is an exercise even the beginners would be able to catch up with and perform during their phases of pregnancy.


Swimming is apt for each stage of your pregnancy and one of the safe exercises to practice during pregnancy. Especially, during the third trimester, Swimming is an exercise that would help you relieve your stress as the water comes in handy for lightening your load by supporting your weight. If you perform light swimming for 30 minutes (maximum), nothing can be a better exercise than this. It will be the perfect exercise for all your muscle groups as well as your overall fitness while being safe for you and your baby at the same time!


Walking is an exceptionally effective daily-life exercise that keeps your blood circulation running and burns calories. Also, walking or brisk walking can be a risk-less exercise which will be immensely useful at each stage of your pregnancy as it will keep you fit and active. Include 30-minute walking into your daily pregnancy exercise plan as it is designed for your everyday exercise routine. Whether it’s an open-air walking or a treadmill, walking will matter if you are pregnant.


As you have already explored the safe exercises during pregnancy you need to perform each and every day, it’s time to know the exercises you need to avoid while you are about to give birth to a new life! If you are used to running, you may run at a low pace, that also after consulting with doctors and physicians. Here is the list of exercises which are a strict ‘NO’ for a pregnant lady.

  • Ball sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, etc. can be lethal for you since there is a huge risk of your bump being tackled or hit!
  • Risk sports like rock climbing, trekking, ice climbing, horse riding and more are never preferred if you are a pregnant woman as they are too physical and may result in a fall!
  • The body contact games like boxing, martial arts, or wrestling should not even be among your considerations as it can cause a serious injury for you and your baby!

In conclusion, you need to avoid the strenuous and exhausting exercises and should always go for the low-impact workouts which will keep you fit and fine without causing any injury or harm! It is always your responsibility to keep yourself and your baby harm-free so that you can live happily and healthily in the future as well! The above-mentioned safe exercises during pregnancy will be the ones you should opt for as they are the ones which will help you to be fit without any injury or harm!

Starmark has always been one of the pioneers where you will find all the exercises which are especially crafted for women. If you want to join a gym later your pregnancy for an improvement in your fitness, you can claim your place at our gym and get trained by the personal and group trainers along with the finest nutritionists and dietitians.