If you are planning to start Kettlebell Workout Session at home, stop right there and read this article. There are a lot of things to know about kettlebell.

The kettlebell is one of such fitness equipment that helps you stay fit in more ways than one – you can build muscles, burn fat, and emerge as a complete badass! That’s the very reason why people from across the globe are very much inclined towards the kettlebell workout. It’s good for your health and mind. So, you don’t need to be worried about the cannonball with a handle. It will only explode your fitness.

Nevertheless, it’s quite possible to be intimidated by the kettlebell. And without the proper knowledge of use, it’ll just act as a doorstop! Moreover, even if we assume that you have the knowledge of using the kettlebell, you may not have the knowledge in depth.

By the lack of in-depth knowledge, we mean you may not know which kettlebell to buy and what the most lucrative brands of kettlebell are. So, we will unveil the secret hacks of the kettlebell with the process you need to follow to lose weight while doing the kettlebell exercise.

So, let’s get into the topic without further ado.


Have you made your mind to start exercising? Going to buy a kettlebell? But your lack of knowledge about the kettlebell can get you into trouble beyond imagination. These balls come with a range of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Now, it’s totally up to you which one you want to buy considering your budget and preference. However, we are still mentioning a few different factors of kettlebell workout which can help you take a decision.


At first, you need to recognize the difference between the standard kettlebell and the kettlebells used in the competitions.

The standard kettlebells are those which are used in the usual kettlebell workout. These are the cast irons and the dimensions of the balls go up with the increase in weight. For instance, the 5 KG (11 LBS) bell will be smaller in size than the 15 KG (34 LBS) bell.

Now, the story takes a U-turn when it comes to the competitive kettlebells! Regardless of the weight, the dimensions of all the kettlebells will be the same. So, whether it’s a 15 KG kettlebell or 5 KG kettlebell, the shape, base, and handle will be similar in size.


One mistake has been marked for the majority of the kettlebells – while buying the bell, users don’t pay much attention to the weight. Let us tell you that the weight will always play a pivotal role in a fruitful kettlebell exercise. If you want our opinion, we’ll advise you to pick a weight you feel comfortable with and with which you can complete your workout in good form.

If you are in doubt, you can start with the lighter weight and then go ahead with adding more weight in the future. Now, if you still want us to pick a weight knowing nothing about you, we’ll recommend starting with 16 KG for men and 8 KG for women.

It’s not a science. Everything is guesswork in this scenario. If you think you are stronger than the average person, you may go with a heavier weight and vice versa.


A little acquaintance of kettlebell workout is enough to know the terms – Ballistic and Grinding for the fast and slow movements respectively. While the grinding movements would be slow like the overhead press, the ballistic movements would be quick like the kettlebell swing.

You may want a lighter ball during the grinding movements to get control of it. And a heavier kettlebell will be a better choice for the ballistic movements in order to get help with the momentum. If you are a beginner, start with only one kettlebell, and with the advancement, you can branch out more!


As you are going to do repetitions with your kettlebell, here’s where the quality will matter more than anything else! Since you will repeat your moves while doing the kettlebell exercises, the handle with rough edges will make you feel each and every move scrap in your hands. That would not be a pleasant experience anyway! If you are planning for a fit body and doing a lot of kettlebell workout, the quality of the handle will be the only thing that can save you.

The general size of the handles is 35mm in terms of thickness. This measurement should be your baseline for differencing while comparing the different kettlebell grips.

These are the most crucial things to know about kettlebell while you are choosing one for your workout session! The kettlebell workout is one of such exercises which has become a true revolution in terms of health care and fitness. If you are truly inclined to shape your body into a whole new level, make sure that you are practicing the kettlebell exercises. The above points will assist you to choose the finest kettlebell.